Thank you for those, Harlan.

I recently read an E-Book from which is entitled Good Question, Good Answer. I found some interesting things in there, including the different types of Buddhism, some of which I haven't heard of! (Pure Land Buddhism, Yogacara Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism) I didn't see 'Mahayana Buddhism' which I believe it is called. But I will still have to read some more E-books for definitions for the different types of Buddhism. Speaking of reading books, I recently bought a book that I saw on sale entitled 'A Buddhist Bible' by Dwight Goddard. So far, it is rather odd, but is describing the life of Suddharta Guatama. The problems with this are that it switches times and names of the Buddha and leave you confused (as you all know, the Buddha has many different titles). If any others happen to have this book, let me know.

Another thing, in the E-book I mentioned before, there was a passage from something that I wish to know its origin:


If a person suffering from a disease does not seek treatment even when there is a physician at hand, it is not the fault of that physician. In the same way, if a person is oppressed and tormented by the disease of the defilements but does not seek the help of the Buddha, that is not the Buddha's fault. JN 28-9

Did this come from some sort of bible? And speaking of bibles, are there any online bibles for Buddhism that one knows of? (A bible that is written like the Christian Bible.)

Thanks again to all...
~Yorik Kirmah The legacy will always live on... R.I.P. Jun Fan Lee