I'm a junior Kyu in Koei Kan.

we're from the Reformed branch of Koei Kan Karate-Do--Taroe Waza on broken glass is optional for us.

I have a job opportunity that would take me away from here, to the Grand Rapids area. That's a good five hour drive from the nearest affiliated dojo. A bit of a drive for work/school nights and all that.

So I'm faced with the prospect of changing styles.

That's not a huge deal--I've not that much to unlearn yet--but I'd like to find a similar style.

What styles are in the same vein? Which ones lean McD?

Unfortunately, the things that pop up when I google "Martial Arts Grand Rapids" all seem very McD to me, but I'm admittedly most everyone's Kohai, so I'm working from a position of ignorance beyond the vague notion that dojos with a big advertising budget are most likely dreadful.
Cue Guy