I have just purchased a book titled "How to survive anything, anywhere", edited by Chris McNab (http://www.mcgrawhill.ca/tpm/press+box/press+releases/_published/0071440534.php, http://www.fire-police-ems.com/books/bh8539.shtml) I believe it is an excellent book teaching survival in a very wide range of areas. It would make a decent summary for trained survivalists or a good introduction to wilderness survival, self defense and emergency procedures for a beginner or casual reader. The topics covered include basic survival psychology, wilderness survival, natural disaster survival, first aid, emergency signals, self defense, home and car protection, etc. The one area I have some disagreement with however, is the use of threats in self defense. The book suggests threatening your assailant that you will fight with them one on one, which imho is legally "shaky ground". Otherwise the self defense section is quite a good introduction/summary which will supplement SD/MA training well. I was particularly impressed with the introduction to the chapter which made the statement that fighting is to be used only as a last resort.

A good read for those concerned about their safety.
Self Defense
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