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#183908 - 11/13/05 01:31 PM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Bakerman]
Dereck Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 10417
Loc: Great White North

ORIGINAL POSTER: Bakerman - 09/05/05 12:26 PM:
Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take?

Instead of continuing this thread as it has been 2 months, Bakerman, what did you decide on?

#183909 - 11/15/05 07:44 PM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Bakerman]
SenseiMike Offline

Registered: 11/15/05
Posts: 7

basically both use the same princables of fighting including throws, locks, and cholks. Judo is japanese, jujitsu is brazillian both i think are used as sports but i just dont know which one i should take???....

Jujitsu is japanese too actually, it's the parent art of judo.

Brazillian/gracie juijitsu is what you are referring too, Helio Gracie learned Judo from a traveling Japanese diplomat, and made some modifications to the art.
drop me a line someone...

#183910 - 11/16/05 11:12 AM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: SenseiMike]
RobNus Offline

Registered: 10/20/05
Posts: 76
Loc: Dublin, Ireland
wow that was a nice repeat of someone elses post....
Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

#183911 - 11/22/05 02:12 AM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Bakerman]
fileboy2002 Offline

Registered: 11/13/05
Posts: 999
Loc: Chicago, IL
Judo. Although Juso dispenses with some of Jujitsu's more dangerous techniques, this enables practioners to go at each other full force. This kind of realistic experience is THE best thing a fighter can have.

#183912 - 04/26/06 03:23 AM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Leo_E_49]
Sensei Paul Hart Offline
Banned Member

Registered: 12/05/03
Posts: 279
Loc: Lehigh Acres, Florida
I will second that Leo san. Japanese Jujutsu, in its classical form is a very deadly art used on the battlefields sometimes agianst opponents armed with four foot long razor blades. Most systems used the H2H arts in addition to the weapons arts, as they were taught if one lost the weapon they were using or found himself without it. There are many old Ryu left if you can find a place that teaches the classical ryu. Be wary however, as many try to claim lineage to something that is not there. I understand that some Ryu that have been around for a while are in fact not from the battlefield and were invented by the founders who never were in battle. This does not make the style bad, as some have evolved into decent ways. just be cautious.
Paul Hart

#183913 - 04/28/06 06:49 PM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Sensei Paul Hart]
gus Offline

Registered: 06/06/02
Posts: 67
Loc: dixon calif.usa
Okay,here i go.everyone has an opinon.i started judo not knowing what to expect.judo i went along withe training consepts the falling .the yealdingthe moves.judo isnot a learn to work with each other .give and take.the same goes for thestreet give and take.judo is made up of three play,(sparing)kata preaarainged techniques.practiceing the dangerous kicks and blows .safely.contest It is not sport so much as testing your self against a stranger.not sparing .i am not a champion by no means.but i am a better man in and out of the dojo for haveing studying and continueing kodokan Judo

#183914 - 04/29/06 02:40 AM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: gus]
Taison Offline
The Forum Dragon
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 3629
Loc: BKK, Thailand
? ? ?

Doesn't make sense to me.

Let me try and rephrase this;

You studied Kodokan Judo, and you're the better man than those who didn't, as you studied Kodokan judo. You are not the champion but you studied Kodokan judo, which makes you a better man in and out of the dojo. Thus, someone who didn't study Kodokan Judo (me) is not a better man in or out of the dojo. Freaky logics I got.

Judo consist of three phases, Sparring, Kata and Contest. It is not a sport but is used to test your strength against a stranger. . .

My English may not be good, but yours worse. If I misinterpreted, just write it out in some understandable English.

I think there's more to Judo than just 3 phases.

Gatame-waza = Grappling techniques
Nage-waza = Throwing techniques
Atemi-waza = Striking techniques
Manner-waza = Learn how to behave. Spiritual thing which isn't taught but naturally picked up from the Sensei.

Then there's Randori, Nage-no-kata, Shiai(tourney) and Goshinjutsu(self-defense) in which all the categories of techniques are used in.

Judo was developed and is a sport. How you use it determines if it's a sport or not. Me, I don't like using judo for entertainment purposes like sports and thus is very different from 'sport' judo.

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!

#183915 - 05/07/06 02:37 PM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Taison]
Rhodes Offline

Registered: 05/07/06
Posts: 2
I'm a blue belt in Japanese Jujitsu, and I've been studying Brazilian Jujitsu for almost a year. Some of the information in this thread is not quite accurate, but rather than arguing various points I'll simply say the following:

Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu will give you a MUCH better workout than Japanese Jujitsu. If the only physical activity you do is the martial art itself, you'll be in far better shape after practicing Judo or BJJ.

Why? Because nearly every technique you will practice in Japanese Jujitsu is done from a static position. To do a hip throw, for example, you will calmly stand in front of your opponent, who is submissively awaiting being thrown. Once you learn how to take a fall and build some basic conditioning it's not terribly challenging physically. In my JJJ class there are many people who are overweight and not in very good shape after having practiced the art for years.

In contrast, in Brazilian Jujitsu, you train as you would if you were grappling with a an actual attacker. It's MUCH more physical. Your cardio will improve tremendously as a result, as will your overall physical fitness. In Judo they practice Randori, which is a type of "free sparing". This too is much more physical.

I believe that ones fitness level makes a huge difference in a real encounter. After a couple months of Brazilian Jujitsu I found my confidence level with regard to encountering an real attacker much higher then after three years of Japanese Jujitsu, simply because we are mimicking what a real live encounter would be like when a street fight goes to the ground. In my Japanese Jujitsu class it's all too controlled and predictable. In a street fight, nothing is predictable, so unless you train for that against someone who is not submissively accepting your technique you'll be woefully inadequate when the time comes.

That said, I still love Japanese Jujitsu and plan to continue in it, although, if Judo were available in my area I'd probably take it instead simply because they embrace sparing. People sometimes look down on Judo as an effective martial art, stating that it's a sport. I think the opposite is true. When you have to test yourself against someone who is trying to beat you, you become much stronger and more adept at dealing with a real encounter. The sport aspect of it is very underrated in my opinion, as a means to improve your abilities.

The other things I love about Brazilian Jujitsu is that they don't hand out belts unless you prove your deserve it by consistently beating people in your belt class. There is no timeline as to when you might advance. You have to earn it, and it's not easy. Also, BJJ is one of the few martial arts that practices without a gi, which I find makes it much more realistic with regard to a street encounter.

In my opinion, the best combination would be to learn Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu, with a little kick boxing thrown in. Judo will teach you throws, BJJ will teach you ground fighting, and Kick boxing will give you striking techniques. And all three will give you great physical fitness.

Let me also point out that in Mixed Martial Arts competitions, like UFC and Pride, you'll find people who come from Judo backgrounds and BJJ backgrounds, but rarely Japanese Jujitsu. Yoshida, for example, was an olympic Judo practitioner, and many, many fighters come from the world of BJJ. So the effectiveness of these martial arts has been tested at the highest levels.

#183916 - 05/07/06 05:18 PM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Rhodes]
Fletch1 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/21/04
Posts: 2218
Loc: Florida
My own experiences are similar. Important to remember however, that there are many, many schools of Traditional JJ. They are not all lacking in athleticism.

Some are however. For those that train in schools like that and are able, Judo is a wonderful experience that does not cause too much of a distraction from the Budo experience.

I think Wally Jay said a long time ago that "if your Judo is strong, then your jujitsu will be strong".

#183917 - 05/08/06 05:29 PM Re: Judo V.S Ju Jitsu. What should I take? [Re: Fletch1]
Sensei Paul Hart Offline
Banned Member

Registered: 12/05/03
Posts: 279
Loc: Lehigh Acres, Florida
The way it was taught to me, traditional Jujutsu that is, was when you began to work on new material, the opponent went with it. No resistance. As you built your skill, the opponent would also make it difficult to throw or lock him. This was in Taichi waza, as well as seiza waza. Ground fighting in our school did not come until much later and then it was met with resistance. It is bad to paint the whole picture of an art with the same color and brush. Sometimes, the art is much more bold and the stroke is different.

I really like Judo, personally, and would recommend it to someone wanting to get a good work out, or wanting to learn a more competition oriented style. But for combat, it does not stand with Jujutsu, but again, many different systems of Jujutsu exist, so that rule may not apply to all.
Paul Hart

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