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#183187 - 09/02/05 12:28 AM Being short is the pits....
PierrePressure Offline

Registered: 07/02/05
Posts: 173
Ok all.
I'm really sorry if this has been asked before (if it has, then just direct me to the old thread), but how do you deal with taller fighters when you're like 5'3/5'4? I asked my instructor what to do, and he said (basically) stay just out of their punching/kicking range (apparently, some people actually adjust to their PARTNER'S punching/kicking ranges instead of their own. And, from experience, I'd say that is true), and when you want to hit, don't telegraph that you're about to come in, and when you're "in range", throw your techniques and then quickly get out of the way. I'm very new to sparring (like, have only done it maybe 5 times), but I would love to hear tips and ideas. Just please try to keep it general (for example, don't tell me to try things that only your art teaches, or else I really won't know what you're talking about ). Thanks!
"If life gives you lemons, you blow those lemons to bits with your laser cannon!" - Brak

#183188 - 09/02/05 12:33 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: PierrePressure]
butterfly Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 3012
Loc: Torrance, CA
Problem with what your describing also mandates knowing what is allowed in the sparring you do.

If it is standup, are you allowed to throw? Can you grab? Can you push? Are low kicks allowed? How about face punches?

The reason I ask these things is that once you are given a set of allowables it is easier to make a decision for stategy.


#183189 - 09/02/05 02:43 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: butterfly]
PierrePressure Offline

Registered: 07/02/05
Posts: 173
Oh! Right. I should have clarified that.
It's standup, no throws or ground stuff (yet). You can "jam up" and techniques at the head (so long as it's not the face, although you can hit the forehead because it's padded) is allowed. Striking to the legs is alright, but really not preferred (main targets are either the head or abdomen, usually). Pushing is generally not accepted, mainly because it's just annoying, although alot of people tend to "push" with things like back kick and side kick (I try not to, however. I don't want to get into the habit of "pushing" rather than "snapping" my kicks). Also, we're padded on the lower arms, shins, head, hands and feet, in case you need to know. If I forgot to mention anything, let me know (btw, my art is karate, but it's a mixture of alot of things from alot of different arts).
I hope this helps! Thanks!

Edited by PierrePressure (09/02/05 02:47 PM)

#183190 - 09/02/05 03:42 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: PierrePressure]
butterfly Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 3012
Loc: Torrance, CA

Well, without seeing you practice it would be hard to gauge tehniques and specific training guidelines. However, as some generalities I would agree with your instructor and say stay away from your opponent's weapons. This means you have to find a way to get out of his range of strikes and be in close enough to counter.

Try to use parries and lateral movements so that you can capitalize on angles....this means, for example, slipping a punch and also jamming some of your opponent's techniques so that you are in closer proximity to attack, but your opponent still has to move to orient himself to attack back.

Lateral, circular (going around the opponent) and angled movement is the key. Don't just go straight back and forth.

Good luck.


#183191 - 09/02/05 04:08 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: PierrePressure]
Gula Offline

Registered: 10/18/04
Posts: 78
The all time favorite post =)
(not criticizing asked it have asked this my self too)

One good thing to not get your jab "telegraphed" is to tuck your elbows in. One good trick to remember to keep them in is to place your front arm's palm towards you and not to the side.

I must say it is very very hard to fight a taller opponent.
One trick I have found to work reasonably often is to crouch and then launching your self forward and somewhat underneath the opponents arms.

Allso dont keep your guard too high or else it will block your view. I used keep a high guard and I allways was told it is much more important to SEE what is happening not trying to cover everything.
No Brain, No Pain!

#183192 - 09/02/05 04:51 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: PierrePressure]
Neko456 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 01/18/05
Posts: 3260
Loc: Midwest City, Ok, USA
Brings to mind PeeWee we called him a student/fellow instructor about your same size 5'3 or 4" 145lbs he use to get trashed sparring this 5'11" 235lb TKD guy, Until he found out how, what he found was if he stayed out the guy could use his strength and power at will. But If he got within punching range of a guy that liked to kick. Peewee could kick and strike in combination at this range using his speed and combos to drive Lee out & devastate him, hitting or attacking him with 3 weapons in rapid combinations. He ended up being one of the most respected and skilled Instructors in our mixed dojo. Though bloodied mouth most of the time Peewee enjoyed sparring Lee. TKD Lee hated sparring Peewee, he said it was like sparring an Octopus.

The key is combos, timing & knowing when to get out and when to get back on him. You can make it work for you.

Edited by Neko456 (09/02/05 04:53 PM)

#183193 - 09/16/05 01:01 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: PierrePressure]
queenmedic Offline

Registered: 09/15/05
Posts: 9
I'm 5'2 and I understand where you are coming from. My intstructors told me that I have to move around my opponent and increase my speed. Also, he said to get in and out very quickly. This is easier said than done.

#183194 - 09/16/05 01:33 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: queenmedic]
Neko456 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 01/18/05
Posts: 3260
Loc: Midwest City, Ok, USA
Though bloodied mouth most of the time Peewee enjoyed sparring Lee. TKD Lee hated sparring Peewee, he said it was like sparring an Octopus

You gotta start thinking "You gotta bring some a$$ to get some"!

#183195 - 09/16/05 03:29 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: PierrePressure]
DragonDave3 Offline

Registered: 08/23/05
Posts: 2
Loc: Illinois
Assuming you are of equal or lesser strength than your opponent and ground fighting is not allowed . . .
Your offensive tactic should be in and out (hit and run) with indirect flank attacks. Stay out of his range and limit in-fighting to one fast flurry of strikes at a time. Don't let your opponent limit your mobility and defensive space. Use your mobility, traps and locks to get close and strike quickly before getting back out of his range. Try to get him to over extend and keep him off balance.

If you were stronger and ground fighting was allowed . . .
Your offensive tactic would be to get in close and stay there. Use unending offensive attacks (both direct and indirect). Stay out of opponent's range until ready to attack and limit his mobility by closing off his defensive space. Sidestep, counterattack or capture a limb to close the gap and in-fight or take him to the ground where his reach will no longer be an advantage.

#183196 - 09/16/05 10:39 PM Re: Being short is the pits.... [Re: DragonDave3]
paradoxbox Offline

Registered: 09/15/04
Posts: 590
Yup, you should use your speed and small size to maneuver around opponents. When they throw kicks at you, get inside or outside of them and go in for the throw. If they punch at your head, lower your body and counter while trapping / locking their arm.

I'm not sure of the art you study. But I am not all that tall and I find that getting tall people to over extend is great. Very tall people (I.e. 6'7) will try to manhandle someone who stands 5'8 and often lean over to fight you, take advantage of that fact.

Also important, develop explosive power in your legs as this will give you a lot of speed to move around and ram into your opponent.

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