you know I actually did not mind the later highlander series, the choreography was pretty good and the plots were if not original, were enthusiastic. And as for the movies, the original was a cult classic and stands by itself. The 2nd and third were atrocities, but the fourth had a fabulous fight scene between Donne Yen and Adrian paul. A fifth one might yield the same results.

guess I will continue to go ot to reply

what happend in the forth does not matter as it involves the tv series into(highlander, highlander the raven) the movie and did not follow the "rules", lambert knew this but decided to do the movie anyway

I will never see this movie again, the one who wrote were on drugs...
when did conner get a brother, lol, he was just spawned from the thin air ??? no this was a movie for the tv serie which both sucked




now also heard rumors that they bought 3 !!! new ones, which means highlander 5, 6 and 7 !!!, they wanna beat starwars or something ????
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