Do you want to help the growth of Taekwondo? Our agency, Tula Communications, is currently conducting a worldwide study that is focused on the international Taekwondo community. We will need feedback from Taekwondo practitioners of all levels as well as instructors. The study will be conducted between the months of June and September 2005. We invite you to participate in the study and to help us reach other Taekwondo practitioners and instructors. From the knowledge we gain from this study, we will be able to develop a coordinated marketing effort to heighten worldwide awareness and participation.

Please take the following survey if you are a taekwondo practitioner:
Taekwondo Survey

Please take this survey if you are a taekwondo instructor:
Taekwondo Instructor Survey

Thank you very much for your participation.

The official WTF notice about the study is here:
This survey was posted with the kind permission of Christopher Caile the webmaster.
If you have any questions about our study please feel free to email me at: