Due to family issues i am spending less time on the forum (and the net in general). I will be checking in on a regular basis but for the moment i will not have the time to thoroughly check each section as i generally would. As we all know there are those who thrive on ignoring the rules and showing blatant disregard for civil conversation. There are also those who come in for the purpose of just being disruptive for whatever reason. What i am asking is that instead of engaging in ignorance and inflaming the situation you notify me using the "notify moderator" icon at the bottom of each post in the "post extras" area. Feel free to notify me of anything you feel out of place or against the rules. This goes for blatant trolls, abusive posts, excessive profanity or posts that are off topic so i can move them or deal with the situation as needed.

I'm hoping i will be able to return to my normal activity very shortly but i will still be checking in at least daily. These notifications will go straight to my e-mail so they will not go days unnoticed.
Enjoy life while you can, you never know when things will change.