I deleted a number of threads when I came on tonight. Four I believe. Im not going to call anyone out today but let me remind you that this site, and especially this forum is not a place peddle products, idolize dead people, ask non martial arts related questions, or slander people. Three of those are direct rules violations while one is a personal preference.

The Bruce Lee thing. Lets go over it again. Keep it slander free and keep it scientific. Posts about who Bruce would or wouldnt beat up are not gonna fly. I didnt mind them but they end up as mud throwing, my dad could beat your dad type conversations. So they're out.

You want to talk about Bruce, here are the rules.

1. No trash talk. Show respect to the subject matter and to others on the board.

2. On the other side of the coin, no idol worship. Go to a fan site for that. Or a temple, wherever it is you guys go. Maybe they have conventions like Star trek? I dont care where you do it but not here.

3. No using his name for peddling products or for drawing attention to some asinine thread.

Things you can talk about concerning Bruce.

His combat ideas and philosophies

His workout or nutrition.

His techniques.

Any of his books.

Anything else is subject to deletion at my discretion. And probably will be. Try it on another forum. Maybe one of the other Mods dont mind but I doubt it.

Lastly, I shouldnt have had to post this. Or do all the deleting and rule laying I did today. You guys know the site rules and you also know what Im gonna look over and what Im not. Ive been here for a couple of years now. You know me. Those who dont, Im not so hard on. I realize there is a constant stream of newbies. In short, be respectful or dont be here. Follow the rules or leave, or be banned.
"When I let Go of who I am, I become who I might be."
Lao Tzu