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#165041 - 07/19/05 04:16 PM Re: What kicks? [Re: Victor Smith]
sweep the leg Offline

Registered: 10/12/04
Posts: 48

The problem isn't with the jumping kick(s) at the end of Kusanku(Kanku-Dai) but how you're viewing it.

yeah I think you touched on soemthing...

Remember the situations these kata were designed for / sprang from are not necessarily all tournaments or one on one competition sparring. Probably also for battlefield scenarios. Or more likely in relatively peaceful okinawa, confrontations between groups, more of a "street" scenario. In a crowded room, busy street, out in the country in the dirt & weeds etc. The confrontations were likely unannounced or unplanned. Maybe multiple oppenents, gangs. No polished even wood floors with one oppenent in front of you.

With this in mind, some practicality emerges from jumping techniques.

jumping over an obstacle to kick an oppenent or just to avoid attack. like if you were chased as a kid (and you knew you'd get caught)you instinctively got something solid between you and the persuer.

jumping down a short set of stairs to kick an opponent, bowl him over, clear out a crowded landing, clear a path.

jump through a doorway, over a wall... lots of scenarios. i think you just have to think more in the context of your everyday environment, not the competition ring.

#165042 - 08/23/05 12:52 AM Re: What kicks? [Re:]
Shotokan_Nut Offline

Registered: 08/22/05
Posts: 43
Loc: Liverpool, England
we dont do any jumping kicks in shotokan since balance is already reduced balancing on one foot
"There Are Many Imitations, But Only One Shotokan" Gichin Funakoshi

#165043 - 08/23/05 01:07 AM Re: What kicks? [Re: Shotokan_Nut]
Mark Hill Offline

Registered: 08/12/04
Posts: 1068
Loc: Australia
To be the devil's advocate, I have seen a very old article in Black Belt where Teruo Chinen (Goju Master) was practicing jumping back kicks and spinning kicks.

#165044 - 08/23/05 05:17 AM Re: What kicks? [Re: Mark Hill]
xamax Offline

Registered: 08/13/05
Posts: 15
the real shotokan only have 3 belts, white, brown and black. to be honest i only spent over 6 months of doing it. it was brutal 8,000 punches, 8000 kicks, 100 times of kata, under 1 freak hour. yes there are kick in shotokan. each moves each hand techniques, leg techniques are very dangerous. it comprises of power and speed. there are so much power in each movements that it is scary.. as for those people who u see doing ariel or jump side kick, Round house. those people are just bullshit. there are no such things in shotokan. there are step side kick (low kick) and side kick (it is the type of front kick that u turn to the side). i do respect those who trained or training in shotokan. it is one brutal art.

#165045 - 08/24/05 12:41 PM Re: What kicks? [Re:]
webby Offline

Registered: 02/13/05
Posts: 147
Loc: newton abbot devon
when i went for my sho-dan i did not need to do any "flashy kicks"! but now i do like to learn the more advance kicks!

#165046 - 08/28/05 12:54 AM Re: What kicks? [Re: Zombie Zero]
heikeshogun Offline

Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 23
we do, but they're pretty useful, I use spin kicks and junps alot in practice sparring, they're extremely effective and we are required to learn them
"Better to be a tiger for a day than a sheep for a lifetime." ~ Chinese Proverb

#165047 - 09/21/05 01:28 PM Re: What kicks? [Re: Zombie Zero]
roniwankan Offline

Registered: 08/31/05
Posts: 99
Loc: Brazil, Goias
Gichin Funakoshi (Shotokan's founder) told: Train kihon correctly, but in fight it is little different.
Hey, at least in Brasil, the black belt does not require exceptional things, they focus on kihon, it means, firm stance, chudan geri, if u think that high kicks are beatyfull the masters do not!!!

#165048 - 09/23/05 11:09 AM Re: What kicks? [Re: Shotokan_Nut]
sweep the leg Offline

Registered: 10/12/04
Posts: 48

we dont do any jumping kicks in shotokan since balance is already reduced balancing on one foot

yes you do,

jumping kicks: kanku dai, gankaku, unsu

jumping techniques: heian godan, kanku dai, kanku sho, empi, meikyo, unsu

#165049 - 09/27/05 08:43 PM Re: What kicks? [Re: Zombie Zero]
SenseiRob2004 Offline

Registered: 12/02/04
Posts: 34

It really boils down to your dojo. Some schools require useless kicks, some don't. I was taught a few pointless kicks, and had to perform them during my test but I wasn't graded poorly if I didn't perform them well. Personnally any kick requiring you to leave the ground or move your focus from your opponent are too risky for my blood. I rather kick no higher than the stomach.

In the TKD class I attended they required all those flashy kicks & board breaking. Even had them toss a board in the air & attempt to puch break it. Again to me....totally pointless. I'd rather have students break concrete...but oh each his own.


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