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#163410 - 07/10/05 08:57 AM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: Fletch1]
RangerG Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 04/18/05
Posts: 1026
Loc: Chester County, Pennsylvania
ESI looks like a class operation.

I would still wonder if there is an organization that rates these schools, and how the certifications are viewed in the business and private sector.
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#163411 - 08/18/05 09:20 AM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: Fletch1]
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
Well I had my first job interview with a bodyguard. Who also happens to be my Muay Thai instructor.

It's funny. Whenever I asked Roger about body guarding and the security he provides for the film industry. I always kind of got the brush off. As if I was just another guy who thinks it would be cool to be a body guard. Which was a little disheartening. Seeing as he is my best "in" to that line of work currently.

To show some initiative. I decided to approach him proffesionally. I put on a suit, along with grabbing a copy of my resume and I went down to the gym. I'm glad to say his response was a complete 180. He seemed very excited and told me he may have some big security contracts comming up in September.

I'm very excited and I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Rogers Muay Thai website ---->
To have all style is to have no style.

#163412 - 08/29/05 02:47 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: otobeawanker]
yourownsluth Offline

Registered: 08/29/05
Posts: 9
Hi There, I just signed on this site. Many great topics. here. I would say you are in the right direction. I have found in my life time that many who are teaching have not been in the field, and the ones who have the most paper are the ones who haven't done much in the way of reality. You are looking at a good school from what I;ve heard. The problem is that the mandate is not very consuming. Most anyone can get into this line of work, atleast here in Fl. A D license and you are on your way. Look out Barney Fife

If you are looking for some really good hands on training for getting the client in and out of the car and buildings, along with great tech. for guarding your client and not getting wrapped up in a brawl, contact Anthony THEDEADLYPUZZLE@NETZERO.COM this guy trains privately. He is not in it for the money end, he just loves to train. He very selective in who he trains, but I have been very satisfied.

#163413 - 09/28/05 08:28 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: otobeawanker]
devinw Offline

Registered: 06/11/05
Posts: 66
Loc: Utah
ESI is a great way to go! I am a graduated from ESI in 1991 became a Certified Protection Specialist(CPS) and a Certified Security Specialist(CSS) and it was the best move for my career.I have had the honor of working with some of the best people in the world(Most of the time)

The Executive Protection Details I have worked with in the past. Those who have went thru ESI most have been L.E.O , Ex-Military and Martial Artists .

They have all been professional the training was good tough, but worth it

My humble thoughts,
Devin Willis

#163414 - 10/02/05 03:20 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: otobeawanker]
PPST Offline

Registered: 05/07/05
Posts: 34
Loc: Alamogordo, NM

I am a Certified Protection Officer. Also I am a security team leader in a Hospital. I'm looking toward Executive protection as a career. In my research so far, the best school I've found is "Executive Security International" based out of Colorado.


This is one of the best schools available for learning Body Guarding in the private sector. It's a complete school that has programs for individuals with no training to individuals with moderate training to individuals with expert training.

I occasionally work in this field and was trained back in the late 80's before the government shut down the so called merk schools and I know several ESI graduates and they are top notch.

There are other schools that offer different types of Security & Body Guarding training and they are exceptional but they tend to lean more towards the in the line of fire jobs such as Iraq, Bosnia, Africa and etc. and at times are hard to get into because you may have to qualify.

Hope this helps you!

Teacher: Eddie Ivester
It's not alot, it's Silat!

#163415 - 10/02/05 03:59 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: globetrotter]
PPST Offline

Registered: 05/07/05
Posts: 34
Loc: Alamogordo, NM

just posting a questin here - how realistic is it for a private company to offer training that is serious enough to cover all the bases for somebody without LEO or military training? I would think that it would be almost impossible for a person without government sponsered training to get to the top of this field. what are your feelings on this?


Actually it's just the opposite! LEO & Military have no real training in Executive Protection.

Two exceptions would be: 1. Unless you consider the Secret Service as LEO, then them and 2. The Marine Corps protection unit, which are Body Guards for U.S. military dignitaries, Generals and etc.

That's why LEO & Military personnel who decide to go into this field must go to a school and learn it. Now their training may be a benefit. Such skills as firearms, driving, defensive-tactics and etc. but they are no better equipped for Executive Protection than anyone else.

Contrary to popular belief the Private Sector has routinely offered a higher quality of training than the military and before the early 90's when the government shut down many so called Merc Schools you could even get special forces training: Sniper, Survival, Demolitions and etc. that rivaled the military.

Now with all that said it depends on where you want to work and for whom! The government backed "Merc Schools" such as Black Water Op's only use and train Ex-Special Forces personnel because they do security work in places like the Middle East, Bosnia, Africa and etc. They want battle experienced individuals because they are at war not because they think they can body guard someone.

This type of security work is not typical of the main stream Executive Protection and usually only last a short period of time like days or weeks whereas more common Executive Protection can last months even years.

In closing let me just say that some of the highest respected Body Guards in Executive Protection came strictly from the Private Sector with no Military or Law Enforcement training!

Hope this helps you to better understand the Private Sector of training.

Teacher: Eddie Ivester
It's not alot, it's Silat!

#163416 - 10/03/05 12:06 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: PPST]
globetrotter Offline
does unto others before they do unto him

Registered: 01/10/05
Posts: 637
Loc: ny usa
thanks for your post. from my personal experience, it has been more or less the oposite of yours, not that mine is right, I just find the differences interesting.

I served in the an israeli military unit, a reconosance unit of the paratroopers. the vast majority of our training had no relevance to security, except for about 8 weeks or handgun and hand to hand combat, which also was not protection oriented, but attack oriented - our training was to go in and get people, not protect people, to simplify.

but, by the time I got out of the army, I had fired hundreds of thousands of live rounds, seen combat and led med in combat, been involved in dozens of contacts with shock weapons, used explosives and heavy weapons in real situations and extensive training operations, seen a hell of a lot of blood. I had also been on several hundred "missions" - where I needed to focus and keep track of details and keep an eye out for explosive danger coming unexpectedtly.

in israel, when you get out of the military from a good unit, you may be invited to join the unit that provides security for dimplomates and polititians, or an organization that trains forign allies, or the police, or the internal or external security forces. many of my friends joined the unit that provides security. I went into another, related, field, and then later, in university, worked as a bodyguard for a judge for a while while studying. nobody in israel would be considered for work in security if they hadn't been in an infantry unit for at least 3 years, mostly because it would be considered impossible to judge how they would react in a real combat situation, and to catch up on the firearms training - you can't teach a person 3 years of shooting in a few weeks.

granted, the vast majority of the actual security work - the day to day work and all the various tricks of the trade are not things that you can get in the infantry, but it is bordering on the impossible to teach the fundamentals of small arms combat and the basic "focus" for want of a better word, in a few weeks or training.

it could be that we are looking at the needs very differently - when I think of a bodyguard, I am thinking of somebody who could get through a firefight with 2-3 kidnappers, or get away from somebody who is trying to kill the principal. I am thinking of places like colombia, israel, mexico city. I am not thinking about protecting the principal from arguments or photographers, or randam muggers.

#163417 - 10/03/05 03:55 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: globetrotter]
PPST Offline

Registered: 05/07/05
Posts: 34
Loc: Alamogordo, NM

Yes I understand the military experience. You have seen combat and gained a lot but what about someone who did not see combat, they would be no better off than Joe civilian in Executive Protection.

Also just like any other occupation there is a level of proficiency hence why some Body Guards make $500 a week and others make $500 a day.

Just as the military teaches basics so does the security schools. It's the individual's job to acquire higher training and hone his skills to be better at his job.

I still think it is possible for Joe citizen to acquire the training and hone their skills in the field and be just as proficient as a Special Forces Combat Veteran at Executive Protection. Now for Joe citizen to reach the top they are going to have to do more than just the basic school. They are going to have to get lots of specialized training, practice, learn from experienced veterans and get field experience.

Combat experience may give some the edge in a real attack but maybe not. War combat and an assassination or kidnapping attempt may have similarities but are not the same thing. Just because one is good in military combat does not mean they will be good in a street shoot out.

But as I have said before some of the most respected Body Guards in the field were Private Sector trained!

Teacher: Eddie Ivester
It's not alot, it's Silat!

#163418 - 10/03/05 04:39 PM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: PPST]
globetrotter Offline
does unto others before they do unto him

Registered: 01/10/05
Posts: 637
Loc: ny usa

protection, like anything else, has a skill set that may be hard to define. if we say that it includes W+X+Y+Z, with W being a group of skills that are specific to protection that would be totally unknown to somebody from out side the field, and X are a set of skills that are things like being calm under fire and reacting well to combat, and Y are skills like shooting well, handling weapons well, handling communications well, and Z are a set of skills that are specific to protection like reading a crowd well and driving a car defensivly well (as well as others that I know nothing about).

the total is what makes agood operative. it would be very hard to say how important each section is. I still think that it is very hard to train somebody to use a fire arm as well in civillian life as in an infranty unit, just because of the cost and the time involved. but, it may be that I am hugely overestimating the importance of the value of being that good a shooter.

I think that it is hard to judge how well a man will react to combat until he has been in combat, but that, too may be over rated.

anyway, it was a purely intellectual excersize. peace

#163419 - 11/10/05 09:36 AM Re: Executive Protection Training. [Re: globetrotter]
Tolyn1007 Offline

Registered: 10/02/05
Posts: 113
Loc: SF Bay Area
I have a friend who is head of security for one of the major IT companies in the Silicon Valley. He's retired LE and does a lot of advanced work and executive protection for the CEO and Chairman of the Board. We've both been through the California POST EP school and he says that ESI offers top notch training, better then the POST training. You'd be hard pressed to do better unless you went through the Secret Service academy (which is where the Marines who guard Camp David, the White House, etc go as well) or joined the USMC, put in a few years and then go through the Embassy duty training.

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