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#160377 - 06/27/05 09:03 AM Re: Fighting [Re: MAGr]
Fisherman Offline

Registered: 07/16/03
Posts: 1656
Loc: Colorado, USA
To answer the original question...

When you fight are there rules,or do you fight for your life?

When sparring your goal is to win, when fighting your goal is to live.

When it comes down to it, your main goal in a confrontation should be to survive.

I surely hope that your martial arts training, whatever it may be and who ever you are, has tought you that there are more ways to survive conflict than fighting.

Fighting should be a last resort, especially if you have a higher skill level. With higher skill level the chances that you will cause your opponent serious harm will be greater.

Sure, it would be great if we could get the skill level good enough that we could dispatch our opponent without harming them. But the chances that there are many of us here with that sort of skill is doubtfull.

Street fights are wildly unpredictable. For anyone to say "I would punch that guy in the temple, fight over" is BS. What happens when the guy moves his head?

My point is; there is a tremendous differnce between fighting and sparring. Sparring is an excellent training tool. Training with others will definately give you an advantage in a street fight. The difference is, with a street fight, you should be fighting to survive.

In the course of a street fight if it comes to a point where you feel your life is threatened, then you need to have enough guts to do WHATEVER IT TAKES. This may require casing your opponent serious harm or even death.

Keep in mind, most street fights begin as shoving matches that escalate into wild hay-maker swings, almost always aimed at the head. Things usually go to the ground because one or both people loose balance and fall down.

The BIG question is; did you really have to fight in the first place?
Chris Haynes

#160378 - 06/27/05 03:10 PM Re: Fighting [Re: Fisherman]
Talimas Offline

Registered: 02/03/05
Posts: 131
Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
I could never kill someone on purpose, either, no matter how much I lost control or wanted to I wouldn't be able to bring myself to it. The thing that scares me is killing someone on accident, I have watched a good friend die from a very simple fall because the side of his head hit the concrete, a solid shot could easily put someone in that same position with 10x more force then he fell at. Things are to situational to say no one here could ever kill someone with their bare hands (& feet). The road is pretty hard compared to the human skull, anything can happen.
Some things move, most things breath, anything can be destroyed.

#160379 - 06/27/05 04:23 PM Re: Fighting [Re: Fangshendo]
BaguaMonk Offline

Registered: 12/18/04
Posts: 404
Fighting for your life, and fighting with rules are both pretty dumb unless for self development. Unless of course the situation is unavoidable (life or death) than cool. Sparring is just sparring, the best you can do is try to develop yourself the best you can, mentally, physically, hell even spiritually, and develop the skills/tools you need. When the time comes, you should be ready, as long as your thoughts are convulted, and you are calm and clear.
Truth comes from the absolute stillness of the mind...

#160380 - 06/30/05 08:56 PM Re: Fighting [Re: Fisherman]
Fangshendo Offline

Registered: 05/23/05
Posts: 26
Loc: Ottawa Ontario Canada
Of course my training teaches that it is preferable not to fight,but if there is no choice you must fight to win.In my style there are no "dirty" kicks, punches,chokes etc.We do not train to fight to impress,we train to fight to survive.This does not mean we fight to kill or maim,however we do fight in such a manner and style as to be the one who walks away.

#160381 - 07/01/05 01:28 PM Re: Fighting [Re: laf7773]
kilundo Offline

Registered: 07/01/05
Posts: 1

I don't think myself or ubermint was referring to anyone PHYSICAL ability to kill but more the ability to mentally go through with it. Anyone is capable of taking a life physically but fewer are able to make the conscious decision to kill someone and go through with it than they think. So many people are quick to say "i'd kill someone if they attacked me with a knife" when in all actuality they would most likely freeze up and do nothing. I wasn't arguing ubermint's point because he is right. I was making a point that there is no way he could know something about people he has never met that they themselves don't know and that the tone of his post was uncalled for.

I agree his tone was inappropriate. As a side note, I am a low ranking Wing Chun student and I have had knives and shives pulled on me. During those times my training has always kicked in, I quickly disarm the attacker and neutralize the situation. Killing them is an option but rarely is such an option the first choice, and that is as it should be.

If someone pulls a gun I believe that they have decided that my life is expendable, as such it is my life I must defend. If it means their death then so be it, they made their choice and they must suffer the consequences of that choice, just as I will have to do as well. Would I feel badly for killing them in that senario, no, not at all, if it is me or them I will always choose me, as I have far too much to live for to be plagued with self doubt on such an issue.

This is an interesting thread, thank you for the reading material.

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