I believe the key is to fight with passion and control your anger until contact is made, then you put the extra Ummp in your technique.

Fighting totally in control sometimes lack passion and you can be caught cold, trying to stop the attacker instead of meeting and disolving his attacks or motion can leave U in a disadvantage. Sometimes even sparring if a persons really starts aggressive and you are not ready for it, U can get caught cold and they can hurt you before you can raise to the challenge.

Thats one thing sparring has taught me, No Matter how small or slight of size if they get in the square its all out not power but techniques until I'm in control and meet his challenge, if he's caught cold then it's his lesson to learn. And since he or she is my partner I'll point it out, but I won't slack up after we have broke it down and devised a defense. They have to stop the technique or attack on their own. It doesn't help them to slack up and make them think they can stop it if they can't. I'm talking equal rank or level, not teaching students. But at a certain level even students.

You have to fight with passion in each technique, in order to meet a aggressive person fury, if not you will be absorbed and overwhealmed even if he or she is a lot smaller. NEVER TAKE ANYONE FOR GRANTED.

How amny Bouncer/Security or Cop have been overwhealmed by this little spit fire woman 5'1 102lbs giving it all she have.

You grab in a bear hug thinking that will stop her, she bites you in the chest and knees you in the balls and pushes you down, now she on top of you wailing away or trying to Get Your Gun!!!

You should have body slamed her!!! You got to meet her fury.

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