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#150940 - 05/30/05 04:08 PM If you would be so kind...
Toubabo Koomi Offline

Registered: 04/29/05
Posts: 8
Let me start off by apologizing if I have aggravated anyone already. Now, to the matter at hand: I would appreciate it deeply if someone with Shaolin Kung Fu experience would take a look at the link to a site I am posting and give me an opinion of whether or not it is a money scam or not. Having no experience with this branch of Martial arts, I cannot determine myself. Any help is appreciated. thank you in advance. Here is the link:

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#150941 - 05/30/05 05:48 PM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: Toubabo Koomi]
DefenselessChild Offline

Registered: 03/16/05
Posts: 103
I can't really tell if it's a money scam from their website. One would have to observe a class to see how it really is. The site itself is very presentable though.

The only thing I could find that was strange was the fact that it's Chinese Kung-Fu and TaiChi but it used some Japanese terminology. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Edit: Alright after reading the story of their grandmasters I'm way more skeptical. Seems like McDojo theory and farie tales in some places.

Edited by DefenselessChild (05/30/05 05:51 PM)

#150942 - 05/30/05 10:13 PM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: DefenselessChild]
imcrazy Offline
cereal killer

Registered: 04/12/05
Posts: 492
Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
One word... "testimonials". Whenever I see that word I immediatly think McDojo. If the school was a good school there would be no need for them. Its only when a school feels they need to draw more people, and hence make more money, by convincing the public that this place "changed my life", or "now I can see again!". These are over exagerations, but you get the point.

Also this statement, right on their front page screams McDojo:

We'll make you a deal
You take care of the Food, Drink and Procreation and Shaolin-Do will help you with the rest. You start by learning self-defense, facing personal fears and feeling stronger mentally and physically. As a Shaolin-Do student you will automatically earn the respect of hundreds of your fellow classmates and the others in your life that witness your transformation. By reaching for and achieving goals you never thought possible your self-esteem will soar. Finally, you will carry the power you feel as a martial artist to every segment of your life. You will be a Shaolin-Do black belt 24/7. It will be the strength that defines your life and determines your success in all of life's arenas.

Right from the start they are promising a black belt, this = very bad. Also I find it kinda funny that they appear to use gloves when sparring, or at least during tournamants. I don't take shaolin kung fu, but I would think that it would be very difficult to preform many of the attacks (especially open hand ones) with these.

Also yet another thing:

1. Hunger, Thirst, Procreation
2. Safety & Security = Shaolin-Do
3. Community, Belonging, Being Loved = Shaolin-Do
4. Self-Esteem = Shaolin-Do
5. Self-Actualizing (discovering your identity and purpose in the world) = Shaolin-Do

They seem to be saying that only "Shaolin-do" is the answer to all of these (except #1). Sorry but they are obviously trying to convince people that their MA can only do this. Not any martial art in general. In other words they want your money.

There are other things, but I'm tired of typing.

Basically check out the school for yourself, ask them good questions when you are their, and observe how the classes go. Don't completely rule them out, be I would be skeptical.
The greatest learning and understanding is found in hardship.

#150943 - 05/30/05 10:29 PM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: imcrazy]
Toubabo Koomi Offline

Registered: 04/29/05
Posts: 8
You both have been extremely helpful. I thank you both for your considerate advice. I will keep it in mind when I am checking this place out. Thank you again.

#150944 - 05/30/05 11:59 PM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: Toubabo Koomi]
Bushi_no_ki Offline

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 1669
Loc: POM, Monterey CA
That place is screaming mcdojo. As was pointed out, the use of Japanese terminology, the mixing of Chinese and Japanese in the name (as far as I can tell), the use of Japanese Gi, the whole thing is a money scam.

#150945 - 05/31/05 05:38 AM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: Toubabo Koomi]
SANCHIN31 Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 12/26/04
Posts: 3783
Loc: Arkansas, U.S.
If you take a look at the instructors page they are all 1st black or less.The most experienced is a mega 6yr veteran! Some three yrs or less,pathetic,they haven't learned the basics yet but already instruct. MCDOJO!!!
Skinny,Bald,and Handsome! Fightingarts Warrior of the year

#150946 - 05/31/05 09:32 AM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: SANCHIN31]
MattJ Offline
Free Rhinoplasty!

Registered: 11/25/04
Posts: 15634
Loc: York PA. USA
Shaolin-do is a well known McDojo.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin

#150947 - 05/31/05 10:26 AM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: MattJ]
Toubabo Koomi Offline

Registered: 04/29/05
Posts: 8
Thank you all for your kind advice.

Okay, I have found another site and have taken into consideration all that you have said. Upon looking over this site, I could not find any of the giveaways that were apparently so obvious in the last school. However, I still trust more experienced martial artist in this subject matter. So, if you would be so kind once more. I am terribly sorry if this is violating any of the forum rules. Just tell me and I shall never do it again. In ignorance, here is the link:

Edited by Toubabo Koomi (05/31/05 11:00 AM)

#150948 - 05/31/05 04:45 PM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: Toubabo Koomi]
DefenselessChild Offline

Registered: 03/16/05
Posts: 103
Don't worry so much about offending everyone. What your asking is perfectly alright.

This site looks a lot more credible than the other one. The master's credentials are a lot more realistic and believable than the other one's while still remaining impressive. This place doesn't use Japanese terminology or equipment either. All the healing and fighting arts seem to be strictly Chinese. I would definitely check out this place over the other one. But, to truely determine whether or not to go there I'd have to attend a class.

#150949 - 06/01/05 12:45 AM Re: If you would be so kind... [Re: Toubabo Koomi]
Bushi_no_ki Offline

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 1669
Loc: POM, Monterey CA
Most of us are happy to answer such questions when asked properly.

As to the second school, I recommend checking it out. It still looks like it adheres to the "mcbusiness model", but if the prices are decent, and the arts are taught properly, and you like it, it's still a good school, just the master and instructors are trying to make a few bucks teaching. And the masters credentials are awesome.

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