A small taste of enlightenment that will remain for all to read. I've had about enough of these chi ball/radki discussions. Hopefully this will explain some things to those who like to spout off ignorance as fact.


Originally posted by Kempoman: Let's say that you are feeling something (I think that anyone who has ever tried this exersize has) let's say that it feels like a ball or pressure in the space between your hands the registers on your palms.

Now you are thinking "Wow, what is this feeling? Is this qi?". I think we've all been down this path and asked these questions.

The one question that we need to ask is "If it is then what do I do with it?". I mean really isn't qi better off
inside the body?

What is most likely happening is that you are learning how to direct your focus/attention/yi to your hands. This causes an increase in bloodflow to the area and the hands feel different than normal. Many descriptions and feelings have been expoused by many qigong(kiko) practicioners many times before. They run the gambit from sensations of heat, cold, heaviness, lightness, red palms, splotchy palms, white palms. This feeling after a while can even be felt in the forearms, then eventually the entire body. Perhaps it is just you learning to listen and become more aware of what is going on inside you.

Is there some actual ball of energy (whatever that means) bewteen your palms, probably not. Can there be sensations and changes in feeling from qigong work? Sure, all the time. Still, my question remains. What do you do with the ball if it is there? I think that we have shown over and over and over that you can't throw it and hit someone with it. Healing? Perhaps I have seen some very cool things done by qigong and reiki masters.

The practice of qigong is to increase the health of the indiviual and it has little martial benefit.

Martial gongs are entirely different that those that you are doing for health (and you can not learn them from a book or video, they must be learned by direct transmission only). Even the Zhuan Zhuang (Post, Standing Stake) if not done correctly will not yield any martial benefits, only health (which aint a bad thing).

What most of you out there are looking for is down another path. You are doing gongs for health whether you know it or not. These are relativly simple exersizes that can ususally be learned from a book. However, most of you who keep wanting the 'chi-balls' to be real are looking for some
mystical martial power that you think 1) your teacher has 2) you've seen on Saturday morning Kung-Fu theater or 3) seen on dragonball-z.

You are mistaken, plain and simple. The martial power that you are looking for has its basis in Internal Martial Arts like Xingyiquan, BaguaZhang and Taijiquan. Masters of these arts can do things to you that will seem like they have a mystical martial power that you are looking for, when in reality they have the following:

1) They have placed 'gong' into their body. This means that they have conditioned their muscle, tendons and sinews using their respective system's gong building methods.

2) They have learned to move in a connected/whole-body/internal fashion. Chi-balls are stupid compared to this kind of movement.

3) They practice this stuff regularly, instead of writing about it on a message board.

So you feel a little heat, pressure, tingling between your palms? So what? It means little or nothing in the
context of martial power.

Kempo(100% chi-ball free)man

Enjoy life while you can, you never know when things will change.