They matched up black belt karatekas against scrawny, beginner kung fu students.

The question has to be asked why would they do that, unless it was to preserve style superiority. If they beat our juniors so what it wasn't our best. If our jrs. beat them, then we were right we are superior.

That was a shamble attempt, The Kyoshi-kia guys are serious and though they don't punch to the head they knock the hell out ya with everything else.

I got a tape of Kyoshin tournament where Wing Chun guys exchange body punches with the Karate guys. And it was pitiful they barelly shucked Karate guy and the Karate guy hit them like side kicks, folding them or knocking them out the square.

Of course these were chubby or skinning WC guys, non of them built Jimmi Lee, William Chen, Charles Duboiea' or Marice Lemons. The Hong Kongs WC guys just practicing their technique looked weak.

I've seen and been hit by some strong WC practictioners a reverse punch (too long a punch) ain't gonna hit them first, unless you're blazing fast. They hit hard, but they can be beat. But not easy like that, pitiful.