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#147147 - 05/20/05 11:26 PM why study energy arts so deeply?
DINAMO788 Offline

Registered: 05/07/05
Posts: 41
Loc: body in US, heart in USSR
i am not trying to sound ignorant but i dont really underatand what learning about enrgy arts can really give you if you can't really use it. i'm probably juss lacking knowledge about it but from what i'm hearing you cannot really do use your chi for anything noticable asnd i know it is interesting to many people and it is good to understand how ki and chi work but what can it actually give you. weith msot martiala rts you get somethnig out of it liek the ability to defend yourself. i mean i guess you can improve meditiation and get in touch with what your body is capable fo but what is the reaosn people devout their time to this is there is no real noticable payoff?

i nkow i'm missing the big picture or something so maybe you guys could fill me in
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#147148 - 05/20/05 11:35 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: DINAMO788]
Tsurugi_Oni Offline

Registered: 05/12/05
Posts: 15
What if you could feel sensation stronger than the effect of any drug you can take? Or exploring a whole new world that you never realized existed, but is right in front of your eyes? This is one of the reasons i do this stuff. There are great payoffs for it. What if u could get utter bliss by just meditating, i mean 100x better than the happiest you've been in your life? Or if u can heal people, or do amazing feats (with alot of training of course). There is a lot of payoff, it just depends on the person and what they are seeking.
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#147149 - 05/21/05 12:03 AM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: DINAMO788]
BaguaMonk Offline

Registered: 12/18/04
Posts: 404
...yes you definitely are missing the bigger picture. The true aim of internal arts, and meditation, is to discover what is really important in this world. If you see it as no pay off, then you are too concerned with the superficial things in this world. Just as people say they use "god," well the inner strength derived from the training can be used to do conquer all sorts of obstacles. In martial arts, there is a huge pay off. Barely any of my friends can tumble me, or beat me if I get serious. The way you move, think, your focus (which is increased), your peripheal vision, your hearing, your agility, your awareness, everything is enhanced. You know how martial arts formalize all these "one inch" techniques, and ways of moving..? Well through internal study these can be achieved almost naturally, without constant muscle memory practice (but thats still important). Also the ability of self control is greater, so you don't over do it, people who are trying to hurt you don't always deserve to be beaten, they need help.

By the way, I'm very young, regardless of how I might talk (and know), perhaps younger than you are. But spiritually, I am not, it is normal once you get to a certain point in life, to seek out answers to life's questions. And being tough, strong, rich, or have a pretty wife is not the way.
Truth comes from the absolute stillness of the mind...

#147150 - 05/22/05 06:54 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: BaguaMonk]
Tsurugi_Oni Offline

Registered: 05/12/05
Posts: 15
I couldn't of said it better. I'm extremely spiritual and yong too. There's a certain point in your life where you realize that superficial things mean nothing, and that there is a whole new world right under our noses that most people do not even know exists. It's quite sad actually, how people are trapped in this illusion they call "life". Social status, reputations... all man-made. Get rid of those things, and what is left? Your true self....
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#147151 - 05/23/05 06:37 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: Tsurugi_Oni]
BaguaMonk Offline

Registered: 12/18/04
Posts: 404
Very true. The worst thing is, that kind of superficiality has developed to such a point where it is a sound and structured system. In the US, we are taught, go to school, get an education, go to college, and work the rest of your life, have a family, and settle down. Education and family are great things, and never hurt, but not everyone will truly break free from the bonds that restrain us. I think people are scared to venture out beyond their comfort zones, and it applies differently to each person. For example, spiritually, I am not afraid, but superficially, in somethings I am. In particular, afraid of failing.
Truth comes from the absolute stillness of the mind...

#147152 - 05/24/05 02:48 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: BaguaMonk]
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
"In particular, afraid of failing"

That's just your Ego, don't worry about is, you'll get over it with age

#147153 - 05/24/05 02:56 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: DINAMO788]
Kintama Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/17/05
Posts: 2724
Loc: Massachusetts
I think there is merit in discovering the truth for ourselves.

#147154 - 05/26/05 05:41 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: Kintama]
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX
Oh, I just wanted to beng quan someone through a wall. I guess I'm just shallow.
Yeah, if you want to get dry-humped and dookie-licked.

#147155 - 05/26/05 06:25 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: DINAMO788]
DBZInspired Offline

Registered: 05/16/05
Posts: 10
Loc: United States, Georgia, Atlant...
Energy arts are not as developed to the human senses like other arts until you get involved and practice your self.
To practice something that you never sensed before and it has never been proven to you before, is a leap of faith.
Faith in energy arts is essential, expect a change to happen with your energy, believe it.

All of us here has been inspired in some way to practice energy art and as you can tell by my username it was dragon ball Z. Mind you I did't go around practicing Kamehameha all over the place. What happend was I saw this particular episode where some of the characters were learning to fly. The steps to flight was to find your energy untill you feel a pull in your stomach then push that energy to the ground. Believe me that don't work I know from a few wasted weeks of practice. I may have been gullable then but that practice made me feel something different within me. I was able to make my feet feel pain with just thougt. That right there, was enough to really do my research into energy arts and what they are all about.
I was completely amazed to find out human beings can make a change within their body just by thinking it. Well what else can we do? What else can a human beings do.

If your lucky enough your body will last 80+ years in existance. And to have such a gift and not unwrap it is a waste of a life. Human beings can only use what one third of thier mind or something like that and just that much makes us the most powerfull species on the face of the planet. Just think if we unlock that other 2 thirds. Humans can only see a small gamut of light in the spectrum, can only hear just so much. There is a whole world out there that we dont realize and it sits under our noses. What would happen if we could see infrared rays or ultraviolet light. Not saying energy arts would lead to that but it's a metaphor to show that we as human being are dominantly focused on the material of what our five senses can detect. Naturally we are made to adapt to our environment. If our environment requires us to lift heavy objects all the time we get stronger muscles. If it requires us to run long distance we get a stronger heart. If we lost our sight our hearing develops more. If we had to endure heat we would adjust. So what would happen if we meditated more, practice more energy arts. Why dont you take a guess......

The world is greater that what we can see hear touch taste and smell. Greater than money, sex, violence, greater than wealth, glamor, war or how much you weigh, how much you pay, how much you fail. All of this is distraction, rip it all away from you to find out who you really are. Because we can detect these distraction with our five senses these distraction create desire within us to take actions which generate more distractions. we are building monuments of nothing ness.
If you hear your favorite TV show you'll go watch it. You watching it supports the progam so they can get money and there for make more of your TV shows. If you see a woman with a nice shape and go talk to her. She go to tell her girlfreinds, now thier wearing the same dress or try to get into the weight class she is in. This attract more guys and the loop go over again and again. Not say it just to attract somebody, not saying attracting some one is wrong.
But the after effects of that. Next thing you know you have a standard of beuty and some on caring about who Brad Pitt is dating. I mean come on... Wasting your life woring about some one else success and love life when you need to wory about your own. But that's a whole nother can of worms.
I could go through touch and taste, but you get the picture.
To remove that, eliminate your senses. I not saying go blind or cut your ears off. Just find a quiet, spot blind fold your self, put on ear muffs, and focus within breath in deeply and out, show some patients and unwrap your gift.

This goes even deeper than that. Because humans change over time and after generations of passing down traditions and traits. We evolve. I beleive eventually somewhen passed down to our decendants, they will develop abilities we cant even imagine, because we practice energy arts today. They will perfect what we try so hard to develop. They will stand on our sholders and prove cinics and critics what we could not. And Engineer to a science what energy arts really can do. We must make a path today so thay can walk upon it tommorow. We must be better then we were yesterday not just for us but for all that came before us and youth that will come after we are long gone. This is why I practice, This is why I go on, This why I wake in the morning, This desire to impove my self, improve the use of my time, to learn more, for me, my family, my ancestors, my descendant, your ancestors, your descendant, for you, for them, for all, forever. This is why I believe, I have faith, what I am, and what I plan to become. Not just for enery arts but in all things.
Thats why I study the energy arts so deeply.
Hope I was able to help.

#147156 - 05/26/05 10:39 PM Re: why study energy arts so deeply? [Re: DBZInspired]
JoelM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/26/04
Posts: 6355
Loc: Georgia, USA
Wow, DBZ, that was a heck of a post and a heck of an inspiration. Much respect to you and best of luck with your future endeavours in all that you do.

Although not to rain on your parade, but the whole using 1/3 of our brain is a myth, check this out:

Other than that, I loved your post.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.

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