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#139248 - 05/06/05 02:45 PM Three pp's = knockout?
SANCHIN31 Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 12/26/04
Posts: 3783
Loc: Arkansas, U.S.
I've read about pressure points,seen demos,watched videos,and experimented with them. I've heard several people say and even demonstrate that three corresponding points mean a ko.I've found this not to be the case in many instances.Not everyone is equal in this area.Musclemass and body structure makes for a big difference.Some people even seem to be immune to them. So are pressure points worth the study? What have you found in your study of them?

#139249 - 05/06/05 05:11 PM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: SANCHIN31]
Sanchin Offline

Registered: 03/20/05
Posts: 174
what are the chances of actually being able to hit pressure points in a real life - GROSS motor skill situation?
"Everything is already, and always will be given" - Our New Pope. B

#139250 - 05/06/05 06:42 PM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: Sanchin]
SANCHIN31 Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 12/26/04
Posts: 3783
Loc: Arkansas, U.S.
Instead of answering a question you add another to it. Thanks.
There's over 700 pressure points in the body,the chances of you hitting them in an actual fight are quite good.
If I made 700 circles on you with a marker don't you think you could hit at least a few properly?

#139251 - 05/06/05 10:34 PM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: SANCHIN31]
eyrie Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 12/28/04
Posts: 3106
Loc: QLD, Australia
Absolutely hogwash. It's a marketing ploy designed to make you ask, "which 3", or "which 5" to kill.

We know from TCM that pressure points affect the meridian energy flow, and the associated internal organs. Which in practical MA and SD terms is somewhat limited in its application, although it is useful for understanding the Eastern perspective of the human system from a holistic perspective.

From a practical perspective, you want one of 4 things (in order of severity) to happen:
1. Instant pain
2. Involuntary muscle contraction or extension (so you can apply a joint lock/takedown/limb destruction)
3. Neurological shutdown (i.e. KO)
4. Cardio/respiratory arrest (clinical death)

If you create enough of a sensory overload, you can cause a neurological shutdown, which could put the person into a state of shock which could lead to cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Pressure points are simply a way of indicating where on the body one can access baroreceptors, pain receptors and (peripheral) nerves, and in some cases, underlying veins and arteries.

Affecting the peripheral nervous system directly can affect the autonomic nervous system. Imagine the body like a complex machine, and the circulatory/nervous systems like an array of electrical wiring connected to a computer (the brain). Short-circuit an electrical pathway and the computer shuts down (KO!) as a protection mechanism.

Also, if you hit an artery correctly and compress it in the right place, or cause plague to dislodge and clog the artery, what do you think will happen? If you have done a St John's Ambulance Senior 1st Aid or advanced 1st Aid, you'll know that "pressure points" are used in places to slow down the rate of arterial/venous bleeding.

I'm not denigrating PP theory. I think it's useful for understanding how the body works from a holistic perspective, and where the access points are to affect the internals, but for a more practical aplication perspective, I feel, it is also necessary to understand the MWM perspective as well.

#139252 - 05/07/05 04:40 AM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: eyrie]
SANCHIN31 Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 12/26/04
Posts: 3783
Loc: Arkansas, U.S.
Skinny,Bald,and Handsome! Fightingarts Warrior of the year

#139253 - 05/07/05 06:03 AM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: SANCHIN31]
eyrie Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 12/28/04
Posts: 3106
Loc: QLD, Australia
TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine
MWM = Modern Western Medicine

#139254 - 05/09/05 12:28 PM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: eyrie]
BuDoc Offline
The doctor will see you now

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 1067
Loc: USA and Abroad
I love that guy ^

Medical Advisor for the Somolian National Sumo Team

#139255 - 05/09/05 09:59 PM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: BuDoc]
eyrie Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 12/28/04
Posts: 3106
Loc: QLD, Australia
The feeling's mutual????

#139256 - 05/19/05 12:42 AM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: SANCHIN31]
Demonologist437 Offline

Registered: 03/03/05
Posts: 159
Loc: Hodunk, Illinios
Basically, what eyrie(I am SO sorry if I misspelled your name, I can't see your posts in this screen) said is true, but you can kill with five strikes. Essentially what you are doing though, is causing and overload and shutting down vital organs, which as we know, are definetly needed to keep breathing. We obviously don't test this all the time,
but we have come close and have seen how the body reacts from there. Also, the likelyhood of actually hitting five points in the exact perfect fashion are not only unesscary(misspelled that too but, meh..) but difficult to do. Usually, if you follow your techniques properly, three solid hits should be all you need to put them down long enough to get out of that situation, four if you thought you didn't get a good reaction on the last hit. So yes, 5 solid strikes can mean death and 3 can certainly cause knockout, but don't expect to be Dim-Making' everything in sight.
"Success is a process, not a destination. Have faith in your ability."~Bruce Lee

#139257 - 05/23/05 09:04 PM Re: Three pp's = knockout? [Re: SANCHIN31]
Kintama Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/17/05
Posts: 2724
Loc: Massachusetts
I don't know about 3 pp's -
but I saw 2 tt's before that were a knockout!

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