Hi Chris san,

Love what you did with the web site....nice improvement.

I'm enclosing a copy of my seminar itinerary for this summer in the USA & Canada for anyone interested to learn more about my approach to kata application. The theme of the summer seminars will be "Fighting from the Kata;" Application practices based on my HAPV-theory and two-person drills.


11/12 June Comox Valley BC c/o Rob McMath teresaandrob@shaw.ca
17/19 June Lebanon, PA C/O John Devine jad1222@aol.com
25/26 June Denver c/o John Holwager John@AmericanIsshinryuKarate.com
2/3 July Calgary c/o Dudley Driscoll catspaw@telusplanet.net
7 July Queens c/o Lou D'Agostino loudag@modernsamurai.com
8/10 July Queens c/o Michael Calandra oikddojo@aol.com
11 July Long Island c/o Mike Rosati RSMA1982@msn.com
13-15 July Toronto KU Gasshuku c/o Richard Ouellette sensei@karatejutsu.ca
16/17 July Toronto c/o Richard Ouellette sensei@karatejutsu.ca
20/21 July Virginia Beach c/o Ron Smith ronaldbsmith@cox.net
23/24 July Richmond VA c/o Bobby Whittemore b_whittemore@yahoo.com
25 July Ron McCloskey ronmc@andrew.cmu.edu
30/31 July NJ c/o Paul Lopresti Phooey3587@aol.com
2 Aug Frederick MD c/o Charles Radi dalong65@hotmail.com
3 Aug Fairfax VA c/o Darrin Johnson darrin1969@hotmail.com
6/7 Aug Kentucky c/o Jim Davenport KYCHITORYU@aol.com
9 Aug Kentucky Eric Myers myersdojo@yahoo.com
12 Aug Atlanta Tim Kelley tkelley@blueskyexhibits.com

BTW, we've just revamped our web site, too. Please drop by for a visit if you're in the neighborhood; www.koryu-uchinadi.com

Thanks for letting me post my itinerary, and the shameless plug, too ";-)

Kind regards,

Patrick McCarthy
Hanshi 8th Dan
International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
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