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#13761 - 02/08/05 02:00 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by middleway:
Black Mask,

My friend mentioning Mr Finn will hold little to no weight with me i am afraid. Lets look at Mr Finns Credentials - he has the most black belts of anyone on the planet. Fine. But having a shodan in Japan can be likened to being a low kyu grade over here. He has very very few grades above sandan and i think that really - among Koryu practitioners around the world he is not all that respected as a technical expert or master of any style.

I somehow doubt that!

[QUOTE] can you please tell me how you middleway knew that pete delane was a stage hypnotist. [/QUOTE] Please Ask him. although if he feels he needs to change his name to varify his 'master' position then i doubt he will be to honest with you about this! I know a number of ex members - they were there are the beginning and know a lot more regarding the'development & Creation' of his martial history than you appear too.

[QUOTE] Master chusan was known as shudin in the early 80's. and recently changed his name to chusan.[/QUOTE] You didnt think to ask why????

a guy that has changed his name 3 times so far generally has something in his life to hide or hide from!

[QUOTE] he went to japan on and off yes and he travelled there once a month for a lesson apparently, for that time period.[/QUOTE] Man o man the guy must have been totally loaded prior to starting Bushido.

But bearing in mind you said he was a session guitarist - who dont generally earn too much - the facts dont really add up now do they!

Happy training my friend i do not wish to slight your organisation - but mierly wish to open your heart and mind to what is right infront of your face.

9 years without all the answers regarding history!!! n you dont think somethings wrong!!!!!

Changed his name 3 times?? Well, 4 times, to be precise. Master Chusan, AKA: Shudin, AKA: Pete Delane was born Peter McDougal in Gloucester in the early fifties to parents: Royston and Phyllis McDougal. Pete Delane became his stage-name when he was touring as a session guitarist.

He is a talented jazz guitarist and, although the "stage-hypnotist" bit is news to me, it doesn't surprise me.

I haven't seen him for decades now so, to be fair, he may have become enlightened since I last saw him. However, my recollections of him is as a self-inventing, self-glorifying, arrogant and less-than-truthful individual.

There is no doubt that he is good at what he does; whether it be music, martial arts, performing or making money. If the only criteria for a good teacher is to be good at what one teaches, then all else is irrelevant.

If, however, integrity is a vital element, then proceed with caution.... or proceed elsewhere.

#13762 - 02/08/05 02:26 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by JonRobbie:
And just as a sidenote, sonnyjim, its ridiculous to compare martial arts knowledge to tv soaps[/QUOTE]

JonRobbie - have a re-read of my post because I didn't "compare MA knowledge to TV soaps". I compared one form of persuasion to another which is quite different.

[This message has been edited by sonnyjim (edited 02-08-2005).]

#13763 - 02/08/05 04:03 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

Your absolutely right sonnyJim you did, but its still daft, I dont want my teacher holding back on information i dont need no edge of your seat
cliffhanger every time i ask a question. I certainly wouldnt want my teacher telling me "one day my young student all shall be revealed just spend a few thousand per year and a few years from now the question u asked shall be answered" thats just plain daft and silly
If I wanted a cliffhanger id watch some stupid silly soaps
But please dont take this the wrong way I respect your candid nature and the fact your willing to come on here to provide information, I just dont see how leaving students hanging by a thread could benefit anyone but the organization collecting all the quid
Its got nothing to do with martial arts and all to do with $$$

#13764 - 02/08/05 04:48 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

I am a current member of the BAMA and have no complaints (so far) about my training, I am a more senior grade but not yet a Black belt.

I don’t think this “Thread” should close, as I would like to see where it would lead, but please do stick to the facts!

I will try to clear up a few things and answer some of the questions, I do this not to defend the BAMA but so that there will be some facts on this site that are current and up to date.

The training so far has been great.

The instructors are great and approachable.

When I first started the cost was £15 per hour for one to one training.

Now I have moved up the grades I have been given the choice to train in small classes up to 4 or 5 students of higher grades, these lesson could go on for two hours or more (I could stay on past the first hour and was encouraged to do so) these lesson cost £15. I was told that if at anytime I wanted to go back to the one to one lesson I could do so, I have opted to stay in the small classes but I know of one person who has gone back to a one to one class that was his choice. I chose to stay to the small group.

Yes you do have to go to Seminars in order to progress through the grades; the cost is between £15 and £30 pound for the ones that I have attended so far. Each seminar is entered into you licence, you have to do around two seminars per grade but a lot more for your Black belt, this seems okay to me but you can make you own mind up. In any event I knew about having to attend the seminars when I first started as they are written up in your licence under the heading “Mandatory Seminars”.

I have never been pushed into a grading and feel that I have progressed at my own pace.

The grading a hard but seem to be fair and yes I have seen people fail! So not everyone passes.

As for PD I can offer no help there! But with an organisation as big as the BAMA I think you could not help but make money from it, and in any event what is wrong with making money? It’s a business like any other.

I cannot say what happen the Delane Academy as I am not a Black belt and do not attend, I would be grateful is someone who is currently at the Delane Academy would answer the questions that have been asked i.e. where is it? What are the costs? Etc? Please do tell as I would like to know.

One question for any ex-member of BAMA (of high-grade) who has left and gone to another MA, how useful was your BAMA training in your new MA? (Just in case I don’t like the Delane Academy once I get there [IMG][/IMG]

#13765 - 02/08/05 05:19 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

JonRobbie - I absolutely agree with you. I wasn't trying to defend BAMA, merely state the facts as I see them. Maybe I wasn't writing very clearly, but I, like you, think it's wrong.

#13766 - 02/08/05 10:56 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

In answer to your question re transfering skills from BAMA to another style, I think a lot depends on what style you move to. If you stay with karate in some form I think the foundation in stances, breathing,movement (eg. in kata), flexibility and stamina will be very useful. Chinese arts I have no experience in, but fitness, balance and flexibility seem to feature strongly in ALL arts so development in these areas will do you good.
I have gone to a style that is 'looser' and has more grappling, so i am having to unlearn much of what BAMA taught me.
With regards to the 'Ken Kai Ryu' syllabus, there is much evidence to suggest that the Iaito on offer bares little or no resemblance to any recognised sword teachings. This has been the most dissapointing aspect for me, as i had just finished a year of live blade training with the School,finding out that you have put that effort into doing something incorrectly is most frustrating [IMG][/IMG]
I was told that the Delane academy involved a lot more full contact training, 'advanced' weapon work, including live Tanto sparring drills at 2nd dan and above, the techniques having been learnt from top special forces advisors by PD (my sensei's words).There is a Delane academy in Birmingham, My instructor attended twice a month.
Snooze, If you have doubts about the academy, think hard on whether you want to invest the dedication and time in reaching it. Reaching black belt should be a joyful experience, not one that fills you with trepidation. Find happiness in all you do [IMG][/IMG]

#13767 - 02/08/05 12:48 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)


2nd reply to your question about transferrable skills. As far as Aikido is concerned (that is as far as I am concerned!)aikido-te would be useless.

I regard Aikido as a subtle art - from what I have seen, aikido-te is as subtle as a turd in a swimming pool.

What do I mean by subtle/unsubtle, if you live near Glos I will be happy to demonstrate -freely

[This message has been edited by skiggsy (edited 02-08-2005).]

#13768 - 02/08/05 01:34 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

Skiggsy I totally agree having had a bash at Aikido-Te with the Bushido bunch it has no relevance to the Aikido I now do at my new Dojo.....which I have to say is a lot nicer, they work you harder, but its more fun, and I am learning a lot quicker, in fact my new dojo is everything I had hoped martial arts would be and that Mr Delanes Acadamy is not. Nuff said me thinks.

#13769 - 02/09/05 12:52 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)


A bit of a retorical question session for you. When PD departed from ZZK (God that was so tempting to write ZZ-TOP) on unsubstanciated accusations, why did you lot go with him?

Did anyone think to check if the facts bore out the accusation? Was JA contacted for his side of the story? After all he was the head of the school as it stood. Cause from what I've been able to establish there was not a shred of truth in PD's story apart from JA giving him a good smacking, which I understand PD virtually asked for.



[This message has been edited by Midnightcrawler (edited 02-09-2005).]

#13770 - 02/09/05 03:58 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)


Interesting question, one which I will answer by first saying that I certainly did not check this out with JA - I can not speak for other people.

This answer may also sound like self-justification - but that was then. You are right to assume that for me this was a one sided story but as I was not there when the incident took place and to the best of my knowledge the only other people who were there was Lynn; Pete's wife and a young lady JA had brought with him - therefore the odds were even in getting a balanced if biased view and one on which I was not prepared to play judge.

Our links (Gloucester clubs, Cheltenham clubs and Bristol) were with PD and not JA, who was a somewhat remote London figure. We had perhaps always been out on a limb.

I can not say that I believed PD in his story but at that time the level of his personality disorder(?) was not so evident. It meant that several clubs could unify under one banner with what was initially proposed as a committee lead style with PD as its figurehead.

I take ownership, if not pride in my decision, which for some considerable time had no detrimental effect on my training, my club, or the growth of the style locally.

With the benefit of hindsight I may well have taken a different route but some 20+ years down the road I continue to make errors of judgement, hopefully not the same ones twice and less often.

Is there something you wish to add that will give readers greater insight into the events than your current posting;
"Cause from what I've been able to establish there was not a shred of truth in PD's story apart from JA giving him a good smacking, which I understand PD virtually asked for."

Finally to add, that while I did not contact JA I am unaware whether JA attempted to or succeded in contacting any of the local high grades, for whom, as cheif instructor of the style he should have held personal details.

Your input in this would be greatly appreciated by me and hopefully others.

[This message has been edited by skiggsy (edited 02-09-2005).]

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