First, i want to say greetings to everyone, this being my first post.

i have been studying Kendo for ten years now, and i thought you guys would be interested in some basic advantage/disadvantage list of weapons and stuff.

Kendo - Shinai, Daito, and Katana. all of which are formidable tools of the art. they are all quite capable, but when faced against a nine foot bo-staff... it just doesnt work out all that well... trust me, thats from experience.

Shaolin - where i learned of the nine-food bo -staff. suprisingly light, and when you strike the ground just right, the bamboo splits and becomes very sharp.

the first time i was defeated in Kendo was when i faced this weapon. i became facinated by it, and decided to look more into it. i've been studying Shaolin for eight years, and i now teach it to students around here in my hometown.

but anyways, i have a question actually.

is there a Kendo form developed spesifically with the nine-foot bo-staff in mind? ive done my end of research for awhile now, and found nothing.

if there isn't, then i have a new mission. to create an anti-weapon kendo form.