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You guys all have listed weapons that are illigal to have in your car/person. I have modified several weapons training and put them to use with a basaball bat. I personally like the smaller aluminum bats, (but to each his own)it is just as effective
as a short staff minus the criminal record. If you have weapons training then I suggest you try it, you would be suprised how nicely weighted and balenced it is.

A bat used against someone will get you just as much jail time as anything else. ANYTHING that is used as a weapon regardless of it's original purpose is illegal, even a pen. We just had a guy sent to the brig for swinging a pen at one of our officers. Deadly force, escalation of force and the seven reasons for deadly force is something everyone should learn and understand. Just because an item wasn't designed as a weapon doesn't mean your not going to do jail time for using it.