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#136347 - 02/05/05 02:35 PM Re: a view on Ninjitsu

so is stealth really nesecery in this day and age, i look at weapons as more of an art form. i mean do we walk around the streets with a katana, i guess each to there own, i just cant take ninjitsu seriously. and there you said it after he lost the fight he had to change his way of fighting, introduce new ideas, break away from tradition.

#136348 - 02/05/05 10:00 PM Re: a view on Ninjitsu
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
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I think stealth is important to any martial artist. Why? One day you will meet your match. It may be one guy or ten. If you intend to get away you better be slippery.

Also, what if late at night a guy with a flashlight breaks into your house and he has a gun? Theres still merit for it.

#136349 - 02/23/05 08:03 PM Re: a view on Ninjitsu

That weapon fighting and stealth tecniques as well as other forms of moving and fighting hold great value. What other school teaches the old true budo of the ancient Japan to such an extent? The value is historical and cultural. Soke Masaaki Hatsumi was the only pupil of Sensei Takamatsu, the last combat ninja, who is said to be the last practicioner of many of the Japanese war arts. And now those arts are being taught worldwide giving us a glimpse of what the systems of the ancient have been like.

Studying (I haven't practiced it myself) this Bujinkan Taijutsu (including some ninjutsu) I've found out that it's core is much deeper than just self defence. Read what the Soke Masaaki Hatsumi thinks in some of the interviews published in the web and you know what I mean.

I don't know how the system is applied in the streets and don't know how they apply that or do they even train for those situations. Now the JKD, I suppose, stresses that in particular. But it may be that in bujinkan they don't since the system holds so much depth and aspects within itself which are valuable and philosophical on their own. On the other hand, if they didn't I suppose they would say that out loud and a black belt had never entered UFC.

I saw that UFC-video five years ago. I thought it was a dumb move for the Taijutsu guy to rush on a guy bigger than himself like that. It's hard to evaluate the system according to that short scene. It would have been nice to see his first mach where he was successful.

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#136350 - 02/23/05 08:32 PM Re: a view on Ninjitsu

i guess if i needed anyone assassinated i would call on the assassin sect.

#136351 - 02/24/05 05:13 AM Re: a view on Ninjitsu

Just a thought on stealth; The idea of blending in with your surrroundings can be much larger, and much more subtle than just hiding in the bushes or some such nonsense.
Go to the clubs on any friday/saturday night. You'll see guys here dressed in their flashiest clothes, with their biggest gold chains and watches and most expensive shoes. Theyre trying to impress the girls. But when these guys leave, if they didnt come and go with a group, its not uncommon that they get robbed by the time they get to their cars.


First because they stood out. They wanted attention. Not only that, but they werent subtle in their means of attaining it.
Then they were appealing. Someone looked at that fat chain and fresh pair of kicks and said "bingo"

Take our theoretical ninja for counterpoint.
Lets say that, for whatever reasons, he went to the same club, on the same night. Lets say that he also wouldnt mind getting the attentions of an interesting member of the opposite sex. Because for me, it would be more fun than saying that he wanted the attention of someone of the same sex.

So ok, the difference between our young Mr Flash and our badass shinobi dude, is that one is living his life in a helter skelter, whither thou wilt fashion. And one is, well he's a ninja. His life is strategic. He applies the art of stealth to all of his comings and goings. So he'll probably present himself in a manner that is outwardly , but one that is more function than face. His shoes are what protect his feet from the glass and rocks on the ground. His watch is what he uses to keep track of time. He might have a drink or two, cause thats what you do in a club, but he's not going to get drunk. Its hard to be indescreet when you're tripping over everybody right?

Basically, he's not going to project a "hey look at me" image. If he WANTS you to look at him, he will find a way to get your attention. Otherwise....

Anyways, I'm not a ninja and i dont study ninjutsu. Im just a guy who likes the martial arts, and enjoys posting long, silly threads on internet forums.

[This message has been edited by ChooseURbattles (edited 02-24-2005).]

#136352 - 02/28/05 02:04 AM Re: a view on Ninjitsu

Ninjitsu is the study of invisibility and stealth. THe fighting art of the ninja was called taijutsu. Modern schools who train ninjitsu are are mostly commercial places who sell the mystique of the ninja. THe truth is, the ninja disappeared a long time ago and not a lot is known about their training methods. Schools that call what they teach 'ninjutsu' today are probably just teaching jujitsu/karate.

#136353 - 02/28/05 11:15 AM Re: a view on Ninjitsu

Buddhabong, I'm sorry but you're way off the mark here. Ninjutsu, as taught by the Soke and Shidoshi's of the Bujinkan is MUCH more than invisibility and stealth. However, you are correct in that they are core skills that give the art it's definition as opposed to Bushido. It's the art of survival of understanding the universe, of dealing with danger and yes, also of stealth. And as chooseurbattles said it so well, stealth has many, many modern day applications. Also, Taijutsu is the unarmed part of combat skills in Ninjutsu, not the entire art of combat. It is very true that Samurai no longer roam the streets or fight for control of provinces whilst destroying innocent villages in their wake. However, an authentic Ninpo school will teach you a thousand wonderful ways to apply the ancient skills and beliefs to modern day survival and safety. If I were confronted by an angry mob of doped up gang members on a city street, I would want to be able to "disappear" too. That being said, I will acknowledge that JKD is also a fine art in my opinion and it is just as worthy in a tourney ring or in the street. Chen Zen also brings up excellent points. Stealth has very real applications in todays violent world, like house break-ins or attempted abductions (escape and evasion is what the Air Force survival school calls it, and Navy SEALS use stealth more than there firearms) and yes, nobody walks into a wal-mart with a katana looking to duel the town-champ, however, what you learn with the katana or Ninja-Ken can be very easily translated to a baseball bat defense against a home invasion or a pool cue against a bar room brawl. Get it?

[This message has been edited by Cavscout (edited 02-28-2005).]

[This message has been edited by Cavscout (edited 02-28-2005).]

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