Id like to start by saying that I am pleased with the New JKD forum. All of the regulars here have contributed regularly and respectfully, and there has been very few problems. Also the temperment here is of the best on this site. For this I thank all of you. I now ask this: Since it is my job to eliminate trolling; I ask that you do not respond to these posters or their posts. Most times I eliminate them on sight. Some of them (Razwell) seems to be content logging in a different account every-other day. So be it. Simply keep in mind that these posts will not see much time on this forum. No more than a day. If any of my respected regulars see a post that has gone missed by longer than a day simply notify me by email or post and I will react accordingly. Thank you all loyal and respectful contributors. To all else- beware, I am watching you and I have no mercy.