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#135688 - 11/18/04 08:27 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.
loki Offline

Registered: 04/11/04
Posts: 844
Dr B.

I find it increadible that you are actually on this web site. I agree, many martial artist have been arguing about styles & ranks. Some spend so much time in the forum, I often wonder about their training. Joe Lewis is a great teacher,and a superb fighter. If people want to talk, let them...

When I first join the forum people asked so many specifics,then asked to email ranks. Its like a jealous bunch of women gossiping about which style is better. The truth in combat, lies in who has the edge for that precise moment in time.

Kobun Out

#135689 - 11/19/04 10:01 AM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

Honestly I have spent too much time visiting forums. I wanted to get a feel for what members were talking about. I agree with you there is still too much griping.
Although I am not a JKD instructor,no JKD school/class etc I find that I am mentioned on several threads, and not always in a friendly way.
I just visited the website of Michael Krivka the guy that started the public Paula Inosanto controversy. First Krivka claims to have been a Tanemura "ninja" then a Bruce Lee devotee now he claims to be the master of "Kane Fu" and Tai Chi Feely"! There are pictures of him with his whip. Another picture shows him holding a gun pointed at the viewer.Having made the case that I have been singled out by an idiot I am not free to go back to work.

Michael Krivka is attempting to attract attention by posting his reviews of JKD instructors.
If the subject comes back up Ioki please send me an e-mail. I have tried to engage Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto in discussion but they shy away from public debate.

#135690 - 11/19/04 11:08 AM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

It seems to me, Dr. Beasley that this Krivka character is using the old ploy of hitching his wagon to a star. Sad, really, that he can't stand on his own two feet and must resort to name dropping to gain attention. Your credentials speak for themselves. Krivka obviously has no balance in his life proving that he needs to empty his cup and try softer.

#135691 - 11/19/04 04:48 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

I agree. That is exactly what Kirvka is doing. He is attracting atention. When people read his bio it sounds like he wants to associate his name with established names but without the work. Claim to fame? Creator of "Kane Fu" and "Tai Chi Feely". He can't be serious.

#135692 - 11/19/04 09:56 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

Perhaps Krivka should go into advertising. Creating a buzz is what it's all about. I'm sure if he were to read our dialog it would be a major boost to his ego. I'm reminded of something Joe Hyams once said..."What stands in the way of effortless effort is caring, or a conscious attempt to do well." Poor Krivka would do well to return to some basics.

#135693 - 11/20/04 01:00 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

Since Mr.Krivka refuses to respond ( and he was contacted) I will say in his defense he may feel that he is being in some way loyal to Paula. And, in Paula's defense she may have felt that my efforts back in the 80's-early 1990's to support the OJKD movement by hiring OJKD instructors and offering OJKD camps, were counterproductive to her attempt to promote her husband and their method of JKDC. My role was that of a promoter and writer not as a teacher of JKD. This subject should be water under the bridge but Mr. Krivka insists on bringing up a decade old controversy for self advancement.
I think that there is room for both sides. Although I am neither OJKD nor JKDC I beleive we are better off with two points of view.
What do you think?

#135694 - 11/26/04 07:37 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

This is a note to 'AIKIA'. I want to tell you that what the Insanto's think is totally irrelevent. I know of you and have studied your tapes. I regret that I've never trained with you or at your camp, considering I live within a 2 hr. drive. I don't know what it is about the JKD people I meet but most are down right snobby about their art, style, and self. This all seems to contradict Lee's basic aims and principles in my opinion. Two years ago I met a knife maker who also practiced JKD {which he proudly claimed and quickly let it be known that all other styles were inferior}. I began my training in TKD but now practice American Freestyle. As I described my style to him a certain understanding did seem to cross his narrow mind, especially when I put it to him like this: What if Bruce Lee began with karate or TKD? What if he had been Jap-American or Korean-American or not raised in Asia but had stayed in California? Give Lee the same physical and mental attributes but different environment and background would JKD be radically different or much the same? After pondering these questions, he bagan to see that American Freestyle Karate had much more in common with JKD. He thought we were just sport karate, but I told him while some leaned that way more that I did not. I got my first taste of JKD in the early '80's while serving in the Marines. Oddly enough it was from a student of Dan Inasanto who also was a H.S. friend of his daughter Diana. In the early '90's I briefly hooked up with a practioner at VT but he left after that semester. This is one of those times I should have come to Radford to see you, but alas I didn't; however I can't complain about the training I received from Mr.Ed Hampton. Anyhow I've rambled enough, as I said I know you are a Master instructor and practitioner of multiple disciplines and your JKD whether you claim it or not is as good as the next Master's in my book.

#135695 - 11/27/04 01:56 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

Thanks for the comments. I am glad that my kickboxing video series labeled as JKD: Scientific Streetfighting has been used by a variety of martial artists that wanted to improve their sparring methods. The best students are always those that seek functional knowledge and not identification with a name or style. I teach the same method to TKD and karate schools.
I often refer to Bruce Lee or JKD to give credit to that and other lines of influence. But in the end I don't know of anyone that has taken a class from me and concluded that they had been taught the art of JKD. That has not been my intent, and here's why.
You mentioned American Freestyle. One of the facts that I identified was that Bruce was creating his JKD/non-classical gung fu with the same concept as the champion Krate fighters of his day. The seeds of American Freestyle were planted by fighters that discovered the limitations of using only one style and often abandoned traditions in favor of using what worked. Bruce learned boxing methods along with Joe Lewis, kicking skills from Chuck Norris and Jhoon Rhee. Jhoon Rhee taught Bruce the speed break and several spinning kicks. Bruce took a lot of the "use what works" theory developed by the tournament fighters and incorporated this information in to his personal training.
American Freestyle tournaments evolved from strict non-contact( there was a period from 1970-72 in which Joe Lewis created the JKD inspired kickboxing) to light contact with padding (circa 1973) to full contact (1974) to kickboxing and now UFC/NHB/MMA style fighting. Bruce Lee did not live to see the changes but he would have been impressed with the advanced "use what works" mentality.
Bruce's arena was not the tournament/competitive field but the streetfight. It may be logically argued that JKD is the "use what works" philosophy applied to street fighting. In the big picture JKD is a philosophy that was co-developed at the same time as American Freestyle ( i.e., 1960's/1970's). Bruce influenced American stylists but the Americans influenced Bruce as well.
Some would argue that the new MMA concept is actually an advancement over the original JKD. But Bruce was a movie star and a lot of people will want to identify with Bruce Lee first and his art of JKD second. Those are the types, (like Krivka) that do the most complaining and tend to get upset when someone uses the name.

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