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#135678 - 11/12/04 12:28 PM An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

In 1988 I published the first book on the JKD concepts method. I published numerous articles promoting Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell and other JKDC instructors. I was at the 1988 photo shoot with Dan and Paula near the lake in NC which is used on their web page. From 1983-1988 I trained at perhaps a dozen Inosanto seminars/camps and received certificates attesting to my training. As I learned more about the JKDC method I concluded that there must have been additional JKD methods that were not offered in the seminars. I began to write articles about what I called the "Original" JKD. In retaliation Paula Inosanto wrote a hateful letter (1993) which called me a fraud. Apparently they were upset. I have published the details of my response and subsequent legal actions at (click on the JKD logo). The incident would have been forgotten except for a JKD/Kali student in Maryland by the name of Michael Krivka. Krivka had visited my area in 1994 and managed to knock himself out with a whip while performing an exersise. I made sport of his misfortune and apparently he has not forgotten the incident. Recently I have discovered that he has published a newsletter filled with libel. Now here is the important part.
I do not teach a system/concept/art and call it JKD. I have no interest in being known as an instructor of JKD. I have never owned a JKD school. JKD is certainly a subject that I have lectured about at the university and at seminars. I am a writer/researcher who has in the past published much about JKD. However my teaching /performing market is in karate/TKD/kickboxing etc. So why the attempt to discredit my name? Here's my question.
Does anyone know why Michael Krivka continues to promote a 10 year old letter? And why would Paula Inosanto support this action? Is this not a cheap way to gain recognition?
What gives?
Jerry Beasley Ed.D.

#135679 - 11/12/04 12:40 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
Who knows Dr, Beasley. Sounds like sour grapes to me and just more political garbage that tends to run amock in the JKD world. Some things NEVER change.


By the way, Jerry - I LIVE in North Carolina. What lake was it that was used for their backdrop?



#135680 - 11/12/04 02:20 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

The 1987 Great Smokey Mt. JKD camp was held in Brasstown NC. Seems like we drove for some time south of the town to get to the lake. One of the photos from the shoot was used on the now controversial 1988 JKD Experience book cover. I received a private e-mail from a member ( thanks) who informs me that he had heard that the Inosantos were displeased with a photo caption claiming that Dan was "The Pope of JKD". I remember hearing others refer to him by that title at the time and thought he liked the idea. I removed the reference from the 2nd edition. The book was dedicated to Dan and he endorsed the book on the back cover. Dan and Paula received a complete, from the publisher, review copy so they could have made any changes. She wouldn't let me talk to him after the book came out in '88 so I never knew what the gripe was about. I was pretty suprised she decided to call me a fake and fraud in her 1993 letter which IKF magazine refused to publish. All of my information was quoted and I proabably still have the tapes! I enjoyed training with Dan in the 80's. I spent a lot of extra time with him at the seminars until about 1987 when Paula came on the scene. A lot of people had a hard time adjusting to the changes.

#135681 - 11/13/04 07:34 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.
loki Offline

Registered: 04/11/04
Posts: 844
Good day Dr. Beasley:

I have asked a question,and it seems that none can answer. As Bruce Lee trained Joe Lewis in the art of JKD,did Bruce teach the Bil Gee to Mr.Lewis.

The reason I ask; I see many Wing Chun moves in the SSF series 1998,by Panther.

Also,the 8 degree BB given to you by Joe Lewis.What was the discipline? As the article seems to suggest it as being JKD?

Could you please clarify...


#135682 - 11/13/04 09:26 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

Joe told me that Bruce tried to teach him the gung fu system but he had an interest only in the JKD principles for improving his sparring. Joe would listen to Bruce and observe the wing chun skills but in the end retained primarily the actual JKD. I wrote an article for Black Belt a few years ago and the copy editor listed "8th dan in JKD". Their error. It should have stated 8th dan in the Joe Lewis karate/kickboxing system. In 1993 Joe issued a letter designating me as a JKD instructor under him. Terms like rank or degree have never applied to JKD. I have never taught an art/system/style/concept/program and called it JKD. I teach and write about the philosophy of fighting espoused by Bruce Lee along with other arts.

#135683 - 11/13/04 09:35 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

Didn't answer your complete question. My 1998 series for Panther productions was intended to demonstrate the full contact fighting method that Joe learned from Bruce and developed into the sport of Kickboxing in 1970. The producer wanted more info about JKD so I supplied it. The series was eventually entitled "JKD:Scientific Streetfighting" even though there was very little if any mention of "streetfighting". Panther owns all rights to my series and the JKD series taught by Paul Vunak. We make no income from the sale of the tapes.

#135684 - 11/15/04 07:59 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.
loki Offline

Registered: 04/11/04
Posts: 844
Thanks: Actually in the advertsement,March 1999BLACK BELT. It does not say what 8 degree.
It simply states "... the coveted 8 th degree BB from his mentor- Joe Lewis."

I am now informed,the rank is in fact in Joe Lewis style of Karate.

Many of the images seem to imploy a extension of Larp soa/Bil Gee .

Did you study Wing Chun?If not where do these movement come from. The reason I ask, is that Bruce Lee wanted to expand the Larp Sao. His interpretation of this movement became JKD. (Some believe) It freed him from the limitations of a classical style. The whole then become a "way."


#135685 - 11/16/04 01:18 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

I did take the wing chun "concepts" classes at the JKDC seminars at which I trained in the mid 1980's with Dan Inosanto and Francis Fong. I also trained for 6 months in classical wing chun at VA Tech. I simply preferred the western boxing over the wing chun and as a result concentrated on skill in boxing.
You may be refering to the promo shots for the tape series in which I posed for the standard "JKD" type trap/strike technique.
After two books, tape series and lots of articles I can see why people assume that my art is JKD. I teach JKD as a subject matter but not as an art/system etc. I like what Joe Lewis has done with his system of kickboxing/martial arts grappling.

#135686 - 11/16/04 08:53 PM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.
loki Offline

Registered: 04/11/04
Posts: 844
Thanks, Dr, your information has been appreaciated.
Kobun Out

#135687 - 11/17/04 10:54 AM Re: An open Request to Michael Krivka and Paula Inosanto.

My attention was drawn to a forum at another site in which members have apparently been debating for over 10 months whether or not I am "certified" to teach JKD. That is a lot of time for such a senseless subject. Some of the members must have been real fans because not only did they know some facts but they made up their own to add spice to an otherwise boring subject.
My 9th degree black belt certificate was issued to me in 1999 by GM Michael De Pasquale Sr. and Professor Wally Jay. Professor Wally Jay was one of Bruce Lee's instructors. Let's see, I get promoted by one of Bruce Lee's instructors and some non-black belt martial artists argue if they think I am certified? Well, in 1993 Joe Lewis issued a letter certifying me to teach the JKD strategy that Bruce taught him. This was after 10 years of training with Joe Lewis! Now they attack Joe and question how much he was taught by BL. What does it matter? I do not teach JKD as an art/style/system etc. Joe Lewis does not teach JKD as a style/art/system etc. I (we) just don't care about the infighting in JKD. We will not take a side, OJKD v. JKDC. I will continue to write about the subject of JKD and teach the subject as well. If JKD "certification" is the target then forget it ever happened. I have.
This thread has everything to do with libel that is currently being passes from one "gossip" to another. Cyber bullies can attack your reputation and unless you respond others may assume you have done something wrong.
Dr. Beasley
Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame
Instructor of the Year 2000

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