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#135470 - 12/12/04 11:54 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

[QUOTE]Originally posted by MegaPower16V:
There's no "Gifted" he just trained harder and better than everybody else. And that site has nothing to do with anything. his Training isn't for maximum power and HUGEness in the gym, it's for Speed, he purposly stays low on the weights.and as far as being an average runner thats probably because he STopped after 3 miles and road a Bike for a few more miles and did Jump roping. Fast twitch and slow twitch don't have anything to do with it, there are different amounts in different people, but it doesn't REALLY affect you, thats just an excuse to be a lazy poop face and say "oh's genetics i can't do anything about it" People are about 2% different from a MONKEY, so people to people are like .1% difference...we are practically clones...The amount of fast and slow doesn't matter, it's your training that matters.[/QUOTE]

some of the stuff that they said about his training might have been more of a guess, but that doesnt change the fact that the "best of martial arts" wasnt that great of a person, for god sakes man he died in the apartment of a women that he was having an affair with, and they could have done thousands of autopsies on his body and found MARIJUANA in it every time, most martial artist dont take drugs obviously because it messes up your skills and lungs if its smoking somthing, i think the "best" would have known that and shouldnt use marijuana, lol maybe it helped his speed.

oh and the 2 percent difference with monkeys isnt true its primapes, monkeys are different , and that 2 percent could make a big difference because if your saying monkeys then a baboon would only have a 2 percent difference even though baboons are about 7 times stronger then any human, nomatter how gifted or how much they trained.

[This message has been edited by Rokujimaru (edited 12-13-2004).]

#135471 - 12/13/04 04:31 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

FOOL, i mean chimps not just MONkies in general gosh...HELLO! and he only took drugs for the last 3 years of his life because it helped him relax...but him having an affair and dying there is completley irrelivant to the level of his skills. And it was like the freakin' 30's or whatever... the dangers of drugs were not known then...

#135472 - 12/14/04 02:42 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

I think the ganja probably helped to calm him down if anything. It was well known that Bruce was prone to getting extremely angry at the slightest provocation. All you have to do is read some biographies and black belt articles to see what kind of major tude he had.

In a biography by Bruce Thomas it says that after one of Bruce's students got in a lucky punch during a sparring match, he savagely beat the guy to the ground. When he was moving into a house in So. Cal., Linda said that he got so frustrated with a bed that he was trying to put together that he "drove the bed through the wall." (temper temper) For some reason or another, he also tried to kill Wong Jack Man by trying to gouge his eyes out during their match.

If you ask me, most of Bruce's credibility is because of his movie stardom. If it hadn't been him it would have been someone else who would've shined a light on gung fu.

#135473 - 12/14/04 09:08 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

what does bruces temper have to do with his credibility? that doesn't make any sense thats like saying he's only known for his skills because his eyes are green.

#135474 - 12/17/04 03:17 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

A man's disposition is important in a real fight. Being prone to getting angry during a conflict can be just as much of a handicap as getting nervous or fearful. A good enough fighter can use that anger against you. Just like Jack Man Wong in their bout almost 40 years ago. According to eye witnesses Bruce charged Wong "like a mad bull" intent upon doing him harm. The more reserved Wong just waited until he tired himself out. Of course, Wong could have finished him off at any time but the whole thing was so effortless for him he held off on landing a finishing blow (he also may not have known how to finish it off without possibly killing Lee).

#135475 - 12/17/04 08:41 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

oh please dont act like you were there haha

#135476 - 12/17/04 11:12 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation
Stampede Offline
Lord of the Kazoo

Registered: 04/08/04
Posts: 967
Loc: El Dorado, AR
[QUOTE]Originally posted by MegaPower16V:

. . . Was something said about Florida and tropical conditions?

#135477 - 12/18/04 10:12 AM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

Don't waste your post about someones grammar...

#135478 - 12/23/04 03:55 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bandit Killer:
Damn right he lost. Although neither Bruce or WJM were really injured at all after the fight. It actually ended after Bruce couldn't go on with his futile attacks any longer. Supposedly he was "unusually winded." Of course, it was after the fight that Bruce decided that Wing Chun was incomplete and he began to develope his own style. Linda Lee's bunk story about the fight came out well after Bruce's death. She spread a false story about the reason for the fight (the right to teach the quilo) and made up some crap about why Bruce decided to renounce his style. Jack Man Wong tried to defend himself in court for defamation of character but he lost since he was supposedly a "public figure."

Bruce actually never talked about this fight while he was alive. He made a vague reference to some "kung fu cat" he had fought in San Francisco. Everyone in Chinatown thought he was referring to WJM since it was well known that they had fought. Wong then challenged Bruce to a public match. Bruce Lee, remained silent to this challenge. He was probably afraid of being humiliated like he was in the first fight. After all, Wong managed to lock his head under his left arm three times.

If they had fought 5 years later the result would have been no different (the only difference might have been that Wong would've accidentally killed him). Wong grew in power and skill at just as fast a pace as Lee after their first encounter. He excelled in Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, and Tai Chi. He probably still would have won if he had used his Norhern Shaolin (he was a Bak Siu Lum grandmaster).

As far as Lee's supposedly superior physique, you might want to check out this link...

i tink the link is quite unfair in its reasoning.bruce lee's training purposes maybe wasnt using heavy wts in the first place.juz becos he use wts doesnt means he wants to be arnold,juz becos he cycles doesnt means he wants to be lance armstrong right?his purpose was to be an efficient fighter in ways tat he tinks would make him so...

#135479 - 12/23/04 03:56 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

[QUOTE]Originally posted by DragonFire1134:
I agree with that, (Wongs "defenses" being running around trying to evade Bruce's ruthless attacks). Caused Bruce to start thinking about what works best for him in the combat situation. He decided a lot of wing chun was useless/ineffective for him.
He was type imo to do whatever it took, you know.

If it wasn't for this confrontation, It might have prolonged Bruces rise to fame, who knows?

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