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differences between shaolin and wing chun ?
by liangxiaoyu123
04/28/20 01:05 AM
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differences between shaolin and wing chun ?
by liangxiaoyu123
04/28/20 01:05 AM
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#135450 - 10/09/04 12:20 PM The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and am glad to see that there is actually a specific JKD forum on this site, unlike many others. I have read many accounts of the WJM confrontation outcome, and I was wondering what the true story is? What is the most accurate information as to what went on? Thank You.


#135451 - 10/09/04 02:04 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
Who really knows what happened. Both sides have spun it so much that there's no way to get the truth. They wanted to keep the fight secretive just for that reason.

I doubt we'll ever know what really happened.


#135452 - 10/09/04 07:41 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
Ah the fabled match of the century. Maybe one of the last fights between "Master" in the classical sense of the word.

Personally I believe Bruce lost. He only completed two thirds of Wing Chun. Since he had never looked outside of Wing Chun he only knew two thirds of an incomplete system. Compared to the knowledge of a Grand Master it wasnt much to afford Bruce many weapons. Here was a man that told the world that he could beat any man on the planet. Then after he supposedly beat a man the man comes back and calls him out publicly and he declines. Bruce knew that it was too soon and that he would be outclassed. I also believe that the Wong account is accurate. At least on the demeanor of the fight. Bruce often talked of finishing the fight as quickly as possible. He also appeared to fight with much anger and was known also to be quick tempered. Bruce probably was out to take Wong's life.

However, I do believe that the fight would have gone differently say five years down the road. Had Bruces training evolved into what it did he would have beaten Wong. However had the fight with Wong not happened JKD might not ever have been created, so maybe we are in just as much debt to Wong as we are to Bruce.

#135453 - 12/03/04 09:47 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

Damn right he lost. Although neither Bruce or WJM were really injured at all after the fight. It actually ended after Bruce couldn't go on with his futile attacks any longer. Supposedly he was "unusually winded." Of course, it was after the fight that Bruce decided that Wing Chun was incomplete and he began to develope his own style. Linda Lee's bunk story about the fight came out well after Bruce's death. She spread a false story about the reason for the fight (the right to teach the quilo) and made up some crap about why Bruce decided to renounce his style. Jack Man Wong tried to defend himself in court for defamation of character but he lost since he was supposedly a "public figure."

Bruce actually never talked about this fight while he was alive. He made a vague reference to some "kung fu cat" he had fought in San Francisco. Everyone in Chinatown thought he was referring to WJM since it was well known that they had fought. Wong then challenged Bruce to a public match. Bruce Lee, remained silent to this challenge. He was probably afraid of being humiliated like he was in the first fight. After all, Wong managed to lock his head under his left arm three times.

If they had fought 5 years later the result would have been no different (the only difference might have been that Wong would've accidentally killed him). Wong grew in power and skill at just as fast a pace as Lee after their first encounter. He excelled in Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, and Tai Chi. He probably still would have won if he had used his Norhern Shaolin (he was a Bak Siu Lum grandmaster).

As far as Lee's supposedly superior physique, you might want to check out this link...

#135454 - 12/04/04 03:47 AM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation
Dfox Offline

Registered: 02/06/03
Posts: 38
Loc: place,colorado,usa
masters fighting? you make it sound like sound like some one picked a fight? who is wong jack man and was he figting to fight or to prove bruce lees theory wrong?

#135455 - 12/05/04 10:23 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

That site is BS Bruce lee didn't train with HIGh weight on Squats because he didn't want to become to bulky it doesn't matter if he only squated 95 pounds the Speed of his kick creates more force, bruce lee could of been a HUge hulking mass of MUSCLE! but he wasn't, it doesn't mean he's not good at martial arts, It's not the strength that he used or developed through lifting weights but how he applied his SKills in fighting. You have obviously been swayed by that site to think that bruce lee, after developing JEET KUNE DO can't defeat wong jack man. The first ANYTHING wong jack man tried against bruce lee would of resulted in DEATH bruce would kick his booty!! :P

#135456 - 12/06/04 04:57 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

So, let me get this straight MegaP, are you saying JKD is a superior fighting art to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi, and Hsing Yi? Cause if you are, you better do some research my friend. Unlike all of the above mentioned arts, I don't think I've ever seen JKD as stringently tested in any competitive type arena or real combat situations. I don't need any article or single person influencing me to know that those other arts are, on the whole, superior to JKD. Maybe when some other strictly JKD guy comes forward and shows that he's a true bad-ass who can consistently dominate martial arts competitions, I'll change my mind. For now, it's safe to say that even Benny "The Jet" Urquidez probably could've have whooped Bruce's ass.

#135457 - 12/06/04 06:38 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

i'm not saying that the art it self is superior to those other arts, all have their good qualities, but how bruce used it it could very possible be enough to defeat him. It's not enough to be well rounded in many arts, a couch potatoe could learn bruces skills and wong jacks skills then wouldn't mean he can't be beaten. and you shouldn't base your thoughts about jeet kune do being effective when some guy comes and does it, how about we get someone else other than wong jack man to demontrate the martial arts he's not the same thing. You can't really know because bruce is dead. And jeet kune do is different for everybody... nobody is going to do it like conclusion..bruce would kick his booty hah

#135458 - 12/06/04 09:26 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

Welcome to the forum. It appears that you are a bruce fan. I will look forward to your future contributions. You might consider a name change though, maybe something like,


oldman [IMG][/IMG]

#135459 - 12/06/04 09:32 PM Re: The Wong Jack Man Confrontation

Thanks, but ...i don't get the name thing..what do you mean ? with things like,emphasizer and all that "jazz" ?

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