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For Immediate Release

“Dragon & Tiger, The Oakland JKD Years”

While the martial arts world can do without another recycled Bruce Lee story, martial arts literary agent Robert Alsted is very pleased to announce that he has recently placed the highly anticipated and extensive work of karate pioneer Sid Campbell and JKD exponent Greglon Lee

“Dragon & Tiger, The Oakland JKD Years”

with the martial arts publishing house of North Atlantic Books / Frog, Inc. for publishing and release in the fall of this year.

Most martial artists will align “Dragon” as Bruce Lee’s most famous handle and now, thanks to Messer’s Campbell and Lee’s 3,000 page labor of love martial artist will not only be introduced to Bruce Lee’s mentor James Yimm Lee (“Tiger”) but will be able for the very first time to understand the lives and energy that went into not only the development and finalization of JKD but of greater importance to the world – the evolution of Bruce Lee and the many and timely events that lead to his becoming the martial arts “cultural” icon that even today influences hundreds of thousands of martial artists each year.

“Dragon & Tiger, The Oakland JKD Years brings forth never before seen facts and photos detailing the initial Seattle years of Bruce, his little known New York period and his landing in Oakland, California – 1962 to 1966 and how the “Oakland Years” were THE formative years in both of Bruce’s famous martial arts system development and the real reason why Hollywood came knocking.

Soke Sid Campbell, recently recognized by most of the nations leading martial artists as the official martial arts historian due to his martial arts photo depository and library from his almost 40 years of teaching, branching out from his home base in Oakland, California through over 45 schools globally, the publishing of over 20 plus martial arts books and videos was the natural choice of alignment for Greglon Lee, son of the late James Yimm Lee and a neighbor of fellow martial artist Campbell.


Greglon Lee enjoys the enviable position as the glue for the various global JKD factions and interpretations. With his position as son to James Yimm Lee, mentor and with his wife housing host of Bruce and Linda Lee during their formative JKD and personal growth years Greglon brings to this final and heretofore overlooked chapter, memories, letters and photos never before heard or seen in ANY other publication. Even today, 41 years since sitting on “uncle” and “auntie’s” (Bruce and Linda Lee) laps, Greglon can vividly recall the seemingly endless workout sessions that his father and Bruce would put themselves through and continues the original teachings to his core group of dedicated students that he still trains at his Berkeley, California home. When asked what he thinks about all of the various interpretations of JKD that have risen since the untimely death of Bruce Lee, Greglon only smiles and then reminds the caller that originality and creativity were the cornerstones of the system that Bruce and his father, James Yimm Lee developed for the worlds martial artists to use as they see fit. After all, not only did James Yimm Lee suggest, build and co-train with all of the unique training machines Bruce would incorporate into his JKD James Yimm Lee was one, if not the first to not only master the use of “free weight” training but to incorporate it into his many tips that Bruce came to rely on as he completed and polished his JKD.

Why Oakland?

Why not as most would challenge. Not only known for its hot bed of actors, from the likes of Tom Hanks to Danny Glover Oakland, California was also a leader in weight lifting and body building thanks to another of its famous sons, Jack LaLane and his still very active health crusade.

The work itself will be a 5-volume release so no turn or important aspect has been overlooked including many side stories from those that knew Bruce and James in these early years including a cross section of the original Oakland and Seattle JKD students.

To get to Oakland from his birth in San Francisco Campbell not only traces the worn and often told stories from Hong Kong and Seattle but due to his unique and respected position in the martial arts, Sid has been privy to many new and revolutionary tidbits and realities with photo and document support that will give the reader new and never before told aspects that played pivotal roles in the birth of one of the martial arts most profound styles.

Alsted predicts that this new work will not only bring together a number of loose ends and will become the last significant biography for the Bruce Lee story but even more importantly, will share with the world the relationship between Bruce and his closest confidant, James Yimm Lee.