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#134700 - 03/20/05 09:25 AM Tardiness

I am a 16 yr old black belt in Shorin Ryu karate. For the last 8 months I have been assisting my Sensei with teaching the kids' class. I supervise, offer help, and take class when Sensei is unable to make it. One of the students has been getting progressively later and later; it's now to the point that she is coming in 20 minutes late for an hour long class! I understand that this is not necessarily my position to act seeing as Sensei is the teacher of the class, but when he's absent and I'm in charge, how should I deal with this situation? To other teachers out there, what is your policy on tardiness?

#134701 - 03/20/05 10:00 AM Re: Tardiness

I do nothing for tardiness because its their lost, they are payign the money and not getting most out of it and she won't be able to advance. I would either ignore her and let her train but not let her advance then she will realize she needs to come to class on time. Another method i have seen used is having them do crunches and push ups for punishment but i don't see the usefulness in doing that.

#134702 - 03/20/05 10:42 AM Re: Tardiness

Reishiki (ceremonial manners - etiquette) are a vital part of traditional martial arts training. If a student is late for class they are to sit (seiza, on knees) and wait for the instructor to invite them to join the class.

Well, that's the traditional way, anyhow. I realize that many dojo do not have the same rules that I am accustomed to.

I think the underlying problem is the fact that a student is also a paying customer. They are paying for the training so it's their loss if they're late. You can't very well be too hard on your more casual students or else you won't have enough students to keep the doors open. Oh well, it's the society we live in.

Given the fact that I couldn't tell the student that it is exceptionally rude and disrespectful to show up late for class repeatedly, and tell them to either show up on time or not at all - I'd try to talk to the person. Maybe they have a scheduling conflict with class or work, and need to look at changing their schedule. If it's just that they are chronically late for no reason other than sloth then I'd ask them to try to get to class on time because they are missing out on warm ups ect. that are important.

Talk about it with your sensei first before doing anything, though. They are, afterall, his students.

In the end you can't really force someone to get there on time. All you can do is encourage them.


#134703 - 03/20/05 12:57 PM Re: Tardiness

Well what we used to do for people who were late in my Doujang was give them 15 rounds of the basketball court to run and then 20 push ups every five rounds. On top of this we'd get right into something interesting which they couldn't participate in until they finished their rounds.

I had this happen to me on more than one occasion. (Doing this is torture while watching everyone else doing some *really cool* drills)

It's really their loss if they miss part of the lesson, my instructor tried to emphasise this to them by making them miss more of the lesson so they got more of what they *wanted*. After a while I learned to turn up a good 15 minutes early.

If money's really an issue with regard to teaching a student in your Dojo, however, then I wouldn't follow this course of action. My Doujang was a non-profit community group activity, so we had enough drop-outs who couldn't cope with the discipline and focus on respect and obedience. To be honest, my instructor was a drill instructor in the army so he ran his Doujang the same way. No talking or moving when called to attention unless told we could be "at ease". He did this even with little children (as I was when I started studying TKD), often with much success. Looking back on it, I reckon the general idea was:

If you don't like it, take a hike.

[This message has been edited by Leo_E_49 (edited 03-20-2005).]

#134704 - 03/20/05 08:31 PM Re: Tardiness

While I agree that its their loss if they miss the class, for me it is more what their lateness demonstrates, and that is a lack of respect for the isntructor and the other students.

At the school I teach, first three times late its push ups and a stern warning.

After the third time, I make it very clear. Late again, and you will not be allowed to train in that class.



#134705 - 03/22/05 11:18 AM Re: Tardiness

is it the student's fault that they are late, or are they reliant on a lazy mom or dad to get up off the couch and take them to class?

I wouldn't punish the student if they are genuinely interested in the class and can't control the circumstances of their transportation.

but, if they either have their license, or just aren't interested, then i'd let them sit and watch a few times. You're here on time, or you're not here at all.

#134706 - 03/22/05 07:01 PM Re: Tardiness
JohnL Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/24/03
Posts: 4309
Loc: NY, NY, USA
When I teach, be the session for an hour 1 1/2 hours 2 hours, whatever, I construct the lesson principles beforehand.

I expect the students to warm themselves up prior to the lesson and be ready to train hard.

If they miss the first ten minutes of the lesson they will have not heard the intent of the lesson which I explain at the begining, together with principles we are going to work on.

If they're late, go home. I'm not interupting the class to repeat what all the other students heard because they had the courtesy to be on time.

I understand that accidents happen etc. but if it's a consistent problem explain that it's unacceptable and if they're going to be late, turn round and don't bother.


(A self confessed time freak)

#134707 - 03/23/05 04:53 AM Re: Tardiness
ken harding Offline

Registered: 04/21/04
Posts: 721
Loc: UK
With children reliant on parents it's best to have a word with mum or dad if they are consistently late. Sometimes however mum or dad are doing what they can and have lives to live too. That said late arrivals do disrupt things and it can be an awkward issue. I tend to remind the late comers that they are missing out and it seems to have worked.

#134708 - 03/23/05 01:29 PM Re: Tardiness
Ironfoot Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/10/04
Posts: 2682
Loc: St. Clair Shores, MI USA
As OneHeartWay first pointed out, it may be there's circumstances beyond her control - but I doubt it, if the lateness keeps increasing.

Talk to her (yes, it IS your place. You're a BB now, and should be expected to reinforce the rules) and ask her for her reasons. However, it is NOT your place to tell her to take a hike. That's up to your sensei - she's his student (and customer).

#134709 - 03/24/05 04:41 AM Re: Tardiness

We give ten pushups for every minute late.
We also tell the class if one goes down we all do. Builds teamwork and discipline. All are adults so eventually everyone is a little late. The most we had everyone do was 300 throughout the 2hr class. We also do it with them.
I wouldn't do this to kids,it's most likely the parents fault.

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