Reading some of the other postings in the different forums I began reflecting on some lessons I was fortunate enough to learn in the martial arts. Although just my opinion, maybe some of these things may offer encouragement. First, don't expect your training to be of much benefit until you've been training on a daily basis for at least a year. the skill you will find you have developed the most is the art of haVING YOUR butt kicked, if you think those blocks and punches you've learned are some magical way to win a fight. But don't be discouraged, you will improve, and later when your skills are necessary, you will be able to approach the situation as a trained fighter, which few people really are, and protect yourself and your loved ones. You will also gain the ability to size up a situation immediately, as well as threats, and find your thoughts are free to look for weapons, an escape route, are the immediate danger posed by a threat. The fighting aspect will be second nature. You will also gain a level of self awareness, where you not be so easily drawn into violence, keeping a cool head, being able to choose when to act when you want to, not when you are encouraged to. I really becomes part of your daily approach to life, with the fighting just a small part. In all confidence I can say studying martial arts, whatever the system will provide you benefits far more diverse that you can imagine the first few years of study. I've see some pretty intelligent post from other members, anyone else want to add their thoughts, agree disagree etc.?