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#13351 - 08/26/04 10:02 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

Black mask,

Yes i have heard this - the Kamakura Buddha is 'apparently' the birthplace of your style, with Mr Dalane finding a secret little room under the Buddha where the heirlooms of the school were found - unfortunately I have been to Kamakura - to the great Buddha there. Guess what - it is hollow - it has a Pepsi machine inside!! it is big tourist spot - surrounded by big buildings etc. No where for secret rooms - no little martial schools in the region other than the regular Judo, Kendo and aikido schools! believe me I looked.

Mr Dalane - studied in Japan for 2 years?? wow - how could that have got him a lineage in so many arts?? I donít know of any aikido ka even receiving first Dan after 2 years let alone becoming a grand master - so if Dalane claims to have got his knowledge from this mythical teacher - how does the timeline add up! Funnily enough I have heard that he trained exclusively with John Alexander this is where his knowledge originates.

If this is wrong what was the name of this school he trained at Ė the teachers lineage Ė his arts name even! I am sure it wasnít Ken Kai Ryu as this name makes no sense in Japanese (sword school school/tradition?????)

also if his sword style is from Japan - Why then is it completely different in application and style to EVERY, i repeat EVERY other traditional Japanese sword school in existence. Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu, Muso Shinden ryu, Enshin ryu, Katori Shinto ryu Ė not similar in any way Ė ok styles differ Ė all these styles do Ė but some key principles are present in ALL - that are not bushido - the Grip on the sword being the most obvious and blatantly disadvantageous difference!

I am aware that the Bushido school teaches what you posted - i was assuming you were asking if any other schools display these traits or if there is any history of the use of these methods in other arts.

Hence my responce - NO.

Now there could be a couple of reasons for this.

1) mr dalane has had the secret transmittion of an art developed completely independently of any other lineages of Japanese Martial arts - This is actually virtually impossible if you look at the historical development of Japanese systems- look into any martial art and lineages will cross pollinate.

2) Mr dalane has set up a pyramid selling system and has marketed himself using intelligent selling methods, also with his background as a stage hypnotist - well its pretty easy to control someone if you know how. look at Derran Brown. hence the various styles - the use of the name 'master Chusan' (an area of china by the way!!) etc etc.

Now i have no doubt that Mr Dalane is a skilled Karateka - but as for the rest - he is just making a bunch of money.

Maybe you should keep digging - head for Kurama my friend you will be sorely disappointed with the problems apparent in your lineage.

Any guy that sits on a throne with a gong - plays tapes of himself to prospective students, gets people teaching as soon as they barely grasp the basics and makes an absolute PACKET out of it all - is no master in my book. All masters I have met are humble, often poor, kind, generous people. They donít copy zen verses from dead masters palming them off as their own, they donít use false names, they donít teach arts they have no experience of and they donít charge a fortune.

That is not the way of martial arts.
happy training - i hope you find what you are looking for. But I somehow doubt you will!

#13352 - 08/26/04 10:13 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

Just to add to the above stated, I have never heard of a "Great Master" MartialArts teacher who has a flipping helicopter!

Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Abramovich & the President have helicopters not martialart teachers!

#13353 - 08/26/04 10:23 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

By the way - ever though that Master USAKA is actually a name made up by Dalane - bearing in mind he went to the US and due to his links with Alexander sensei - trained in the U.S.A.K.A - United States of America Karate Association????

jeez - just gets better doesnt it!

Unless you are talking of Osaka Sensei Of aikido but he didnt even get shodan till 1984

how about Shihan Toshio Osaka?? course he isnt from Kurama - and is strictley a Karateka.

Yoshiharu Osaka - Japanese Karate Association?? again - what about the Kung fu - aikido - Ken Kai Ryu

hmm - Usaka?? strange japanese name!

#13354 - 08/26/04 10:54 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

I am at BAMA and have been for several years.I have never trained in any other martial art.

Middleway the information you posted has been first class. None of this information I was aware of.

Black-Mask you are asking people to comment on teachings that are unique to the school.

** not relevant

The actual Kata that we learn are a combination of Kungfu Karate and Akido morphed into a unique style. However alot of the moves and stances are standard shotokai and are named the same.

The costs and money ARE an important issue to BAMA i know that for sure.

It is hard because one side you are learning something that is really pretty good, but on the other hand you have that nagging doubt in your mind that its all a big CON.

The average cost per year to me is around... £ 800. At black belt based on what I know I would guess at a cost of about £ 1000


[This message has been edited by BrainyBloke (edited 08-26-2004).]

#13355 - 08/26/04 11:17 AM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)


That is your assumption

[This message has been edited by BrainyBloke (edited 08-28-2004).]

#13356 - 08/26/04 12:39 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

Hi Guys,

As i have said before i have been with the school for 9 years now, i don't claim to have all the answers but would like to find out the truth.
I have much more info on the school but hey
we are all lost souls searching for somthing. Con man or not people that have been apart of bushido have been taught great things if they want to admit it or not. why some of you are being hostile towards what i have written is beyond me as any of the members of bushido on this forum will know what i have written is fact or what fact mr chusan wants us to know.

I'am not for or against i only want help to understand, and help you people along the way.

some of the things posted i was not aware of and so i now have some more questions.
can you please tell me how you middleway knew that pete delane was a stage hypnotist. ( have you any proof)and it is delane not dalane.
also some of his history in kamakura.
i would be greatful.

brainybloke please tell me your grade and how you came by some of your info.
please enlighten me to the origins of
the seven animals, shoguy, etc etc.

Master chusan was known as shudin in the early 80's. and recently changed his name to chusan.
chusan trained in japan for several years, i meant he went there sometime between the ages of. he went to japan on and off yes and he travelled there once a month for a lesson apparently, for that time period.

middleway have you trained at BAMA?

guy's if we all pull together i think we may crack it.

i do think that however if you taught derren brown martial arts as well that would be worth seeing.


#13357 - 08/26/04 12:55 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

I would just like to ask if anyone saw master chusan recently in a copy of combat magazine stateside.
if so can you get any pic's and the article.

can anyone also fillout anymore history of his stateside activities.

Just as a reply to middleway chusan trained with mike finn sensei in go ju ryu in london, he only got the said philosophy and sword from kamakura.
and i promise if you speak to mike finn he may have somthing interesting to tell you.
please keep us informed.


#13358 - 08/26/04 03:03 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)
JohnL Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/24/03
Posts: 4309
Loc: NY, NY, USA
Hi Black-Mask:

As you have been with the group for about 9 years or so, it is reasonable to expect you to have knowlege of what this group does.

Some members have come on the forum to say how pleased they are with the raining they get and they have been treated with every courtesy by other forum members.

Please just answer the original questions that were asked. If you've been training with Bushido for 9 years you should know the answers. To say that people have to exchange information before you will divulge the secrets is a waste of space at best.


#13359 - 08/26/04 03:13 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)
JohnL Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/24/03
Posts: 4309
Loc: NY, NY, USA
Hi BrainyBloke

It was interesting that you state that your training costs you about 1200 pounds a year.

Given that the lessons are 15 an hour,, training once a week for 1 hour would cost about 800 of that. The other 400 could get you another 1/2 hour a week or some of their seminars which presumably you attend.

As such, the amount of training you are getting for your money appears incredibly expensive. In addition, if you are only training 1 - 1 1/2 hours a week, you might as well not bother, with that little training, you're not going to improve.

I would also ask that, as you have been with the organisation for a number of years, can you answer the questions that have been asked.

And if not, why not?

Best of luck


#13360 - 08/26/04 04:08 PM Re: Bushido Acadamy of Martial Arts (UK)

Hi Johnl,
I'm sorry you feel that what i have given in return for a little info is a waste of space.
I can give you info that would blow your mind.
i have so much that the small amount i have already given is nothing.
but as i have said before i don't have to give you guys any info at all and i have the added fact that i have to train with master chusan and master shugosan which makes it alot harder for me.
i unlike thetruth am not swade by the line in the sand crap. i will keep my word if you guys help me. a full history as the school teaches and any other answers you want.

to move on i have had an insite and think the 7 animal concept maybe american indian philosophy?


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