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#133312 - 05/25/04 05:52 AM creating/inventing a system

What should be included to get the system that really works for everyone and is very realistic.
any opinions?

#133313 - 05/25/04 06:08 AM Re: creating/inventing a system
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
Well Any good martial artist knows that you can't concern yourself with one style alone and expect to triumph. I'd reccomend five or more styles incorperated into your own.

Muay Thai - Hardcore traditionl Muay Thai, only full contact will do

Brazillian Ju Jit Su - I am a striker at heart but one must master these skills to be well rounded as a fighter. I use my extensive knowledge of BJJ to keep a grappler on his feat, not to take people down.

Jeet Kune Do - Bruce Lee has put togeather a great system but every school will tach it a little differently, it is great for applyable theory and technique emphasis

Fillipino arts - They have alot of good hand trapping techniques, plus the stick fighting tranfers to sword exactly the same.

Russian Sambo - This alot of stand up grappeling, good for street applications, cause who wants to take a guy to the ground with needles lying about. (it was called freestyle grappeling, but it was mostly sambo)

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#133314 - 05/25/04 03:13 PM Re: creating/inventing a system
still wadowoman Offline
Improved beefier techno-prat

Registered: 04/10/04
Posts: 3420
Loc: Residence:UK- Heart:Md, USA
Hi otobeawanker

I read in your posts that you train 40 hours a week.

When do you have time to eat/sleep/work/have a life?

Most of the best martial artists I know train in more than one art, usually a mix of striking and grappling arts, or one art that comprises of both. Not many people have the time to train to a good standard in five of them.

Do you realise that the term "pyjama arts" could be deemed deliberately offensive? (not to me, I couldn't give a monkey's bottom, but we have some more sensative souls here [IMG][/IMG] )

Are you being deliberately offensive?

Nice name BTW.

#133315 - 05/25/04 08:12 PM Re: creating/inventing a system
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
Well I can apriciate the rooted systems for their teachings. The history and culture I really do enjoy. I do hold an orange in Karate, but would never use the techniques pratically. I just think alot of people have the misconception that arts like karate, tae qwon do, akito and such. Will work in real life situations. Against an untrained foe perhaps they would.

I know pajama arts is offencive to some people, I picked it up from one of my teachers. I use that term because there are many people that have false confidences about their system. If you take an art for the art then that is great, I respect that. But I think many people take certain arts because they think it will teach them to fight for real. It just isn't so. So I use the term to wake some people up to the fact they may be training a certain style for the wrong reasons.

My training level is about twenty hours a week at present. But A few years ago for a period of just over a year I trained forty hours a week at three different schools. It left me with no life for a time. I trained so hard at the time because that was what my teacher said I had to do to be at a UFC level. But I have many other talents in, broadcasting, standup comedy, and acting. I realized that thes talents will be more finnancially viable than fighting. I enjoy all art forms not just the Marial ones. My one sensai even comes to Yuk Yuks to watch me do standup. He is very supportive. I have been training for over ten years now, and am exploring Krav Maga at the moment. I find it a very interesting system, I guess I would like to know all the arts if I could. That way I would be the most complete fighter in history, but there is only so much time. Plus I play paintball semi proffesionally, I like comabt in any shape or form.

I know I come of harsh and perhaps biased to the more mainstream, gui arts. But I'm just trying to illustrate that one should not put complete faith in one system. That the Martial arts are to be explored thouroghly. Sometimes it takes a slap to wake people up.
To get them to think outside the box.

In karate if I questioned the technique and offered a sugestion, I would be be-littled. In hybrid arts my teacher realizes that one can learn from a beginner student because a beginer is going to do something different and is aproaching martial arts with fresh eyes. For example in one class we were learning a new technique from Cfu Burton. One of the beginer students said. " Sir if I do this I can avoid the lock/break." He stopped the class and practiced the techniquie with the student note'ing the beginers technique. Then he came up with a way to counter the beginers move right on the spot. Then we incorperated the beginers technique into our training right there that day. So if he avoids it like this here is your next option to succesfully deafeat your opponent.

That is what Martial Arts is about to me. But everyone is in it for a different reason


[This message has been edited by otobeawanker (edited 05-26-2004).]

#133316 - 05/27/04 07:01 AM Re: creating/inventing a system
still wadowoman Offline
Improved beefier techno-prat

Registered: 04/10/04
Posts: 3420
Loc: Residence:UK- Heart:Md, USA
I think it is unfortunate that the karate dojo you trained in had this attitude.

The people I train with welcome questions/input from students (as long as it does not hold up the class). I can see from this why you did not continue training there.

It is a shame, but not all karate instructors have this attitude.

#133317 - 05/27/04 10:51 AM Re: creating/inventing a system
SOKE Offline

Registered: 05/03/04
Posts: 132
You need a style,that incorporates striking,grappling,groundwork,weapons,sparring,reality fighting,just about everything you can think of.mass attack defense,weapon defense,jud about anything you know,and at least four or more styles,into our own.and it's going to take along time to get your style where you want it.

#133318 - 05/27/04 01:08 PM Re: creating/inventing a system

Dear MarbeTheMan,
I guess it would depend on how you would
define realistic. Statistically you or I are more likely to fall victim to a heart attack than an attacker. If ask myself how many times I might encounter random acts of aggression in the future
I dont know if I could, in reality make an accurate
estimate. I could prepare for many types of attacks but I cant imagine all of them. If did encounter violence (and I have) I cannot honestly
predict how I might respond.
A person might want to choose a style that would protect you from being robbed at gunpoint.
most of us will lose more money in ugly divorces and custody battles than could ever be taken from
us. It might be a wise investment to find a style and teacher that can help us improve our ability to respect others, espeically people we dont agree
with. Realistically, stuff happens . I think it happens more often to people who make situations worse rather than better.
About that, I mean making a situation better, wherever you go and whatever you learn give something back. I dont mean teach. Wash a mat,
take out the trash.Train in mutual friendship. Find a style and teacher that teaches you to perciever.
That way you will learn how to do things you dont want to do. If a person trains that way they will become strong enough and corageous enough to do what they want to do.
If by realistic you would like to find a style or create to protect yourself in every situation ,you won't find it. Thats not realistic.
As I wrote earlier I have expierienced random violence and assault. I have managed to get through each of them. You could say I won.It could just as easily have ended with me dead on
the pavement. It might be a good idea to find an art, style, or teacher who can prepare you for that.

#133319 - 06/16/04 02:59 PM Re: creating/inventing a system

I also trained approx 40 hrs a week for about a year and a half in addition to having a full time job. I learned KungFu(General Northern & Souther&weapons) and Tai Chi(barehand and weapons)& Sparring.
The motive for me was healing from an injury. I realized that the same movements for healing are the same for destroying. This made me a decent combatant. I would not call myself a fighter per se . . . But my in depth study of the internal Martial arts now over six years (TaiChi, BaGua, LiuHeBaFa, ChiGong . . .) has left me in a better place. I think the biggest foe we face is ultimately ourselves. I believe if you were to create/ invent a system it must be compatible w/ contemporary issues. Face it, we nolonger need to protect our village from invading troops, guns make all this lethal force negligible. I feel that compassion is lacking in the Martial Arts world and many younger students of these ancient "War Arts" are getting caught up in their fantasies.
Any thoughts?


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