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#133151 - 04/29/04 10:14 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

I agree that a can of pepper spray can be a great deterrent.

#133152 - 05/22/04 02:01 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.


The guys here have stated their points suffieciently and yet I understand where you come from.

I was picked on myself when I was younger and saw martial artists from the movies as an inspiration.

But the more i learned, the more i realized that the movie moves are coreographed scenarios and sadly so are dojo scenarios.

But not to be disillusioned from the martial artists I saw the principles in them even from the movies. For example, even Jackie chan's charcters see the difficulty of height and strength differences. Old masters in the movies (Miyagi of the Karate Kid for example) keep their MA edge by concealing their skill until the last moment.

To publicize your daughter's training would make the bullies aware of their inadequacies and compensate by fighting dirty.

Again don't take her out of training. The martial arts are more than moves. It is a way of thinking. As stated earlier one may simply walk away from a fight or avoiding places where violence is most likely to occur. Part of the MA is situation appraisal. Part is knowing yourself and your enemy (by Sun Tzu).

Better than giving her a weapon, she must learn to see weapons in everything her books, her pen, her umbrella, her watch etc. In other words presence of mind and ingenuity.

And more i agree that you musn't let your fear deprive her of her childhood. Read on the lives of Martial artists and soldiers, right when they were at the peak of their skills is when they learned that violence was never the way. To engage in a fight was to them a personal failure to control the outcome of the situation.

the link is a guide to how martial artists must live. read "knight" as martial artist.

#133153 - 05/22/04 02:13 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.

By the way I do believe in walking away but giving the wallet or phone to the mugger is no guarantee of staying alive. Don't give it, he'll stab you to get it. Give it, he'll stab you to keep you from reporting him. That's the reality of life where I come from.

Once threatened with death my philosophy is injure, don't hurt. Hurts increase rage and adrenaline, injury incapacitates.

But after such confrontations (i've lived through my fair share) I think of how to avoid it not how to bust them up better next time. Next time they'd know i can fight next time I could get killed.

#133154 - 05/31/04 03:05 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.

I have 3 children - all in MA. My older son holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is currently studying with a new karate dojo at college. My daughter has recently started karate, and my younger son studies jujitsu. I believe the greatest skills MA teaches is that of self-respect, self-confidence, and self-awareness. It is often said that attackers look for easy prey. Those who have studied MA generally carry themselves in a manner that communicates to others that they are NOT an easy target.

My daughter is 14 and has started a part-time job. I know too that she will date some day (even though her father wishes that that could wait until college!). She has already learned many escape techniques from her younger brother, and I feel confident that if a romantic encounter became uncomfortable for her, she could back up her "no" with a pressure point move. However, we (her parents) are placing a great deal of emphasis on making smart choices long before things reach that point - who are you hanging out with? are others with you? where will you be going? when will you be home? Of course, these are the same questions we asked our older son each time he went out as well.

MA is a great thing for anyone to learn. It's also important for us as parents to remember that our past is our past, not our child's future. I hope your daughter continues with her training as a means of self-discipline and self-awareness. To learn MA for any other reason is counter-productive.

If you want to find an appropriate gift for her when she earns her black belt, maybe a cell phone would be best (get the pay as you go kind so that she knows she can't just use it to talk to her friends!). Let her know how much she means to you and that you want her to call you whenever she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. I think she will find it a very adult gift, and carrying that around in her pocket might be a constant reminder for her to avoid bad situations.

Good luck to you!

#133155 - 06/01/04 10:20 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Thanks for all of the input. I respect where you are all coming from, and I value your suggestions. Ihave already implemented some of them (such as teaching my daughter to be aware of her surroundings) and will probably implement more, as she grows older (such as advising her to not make friends with drug addicts).

#133156 - 06/08/04 11:23 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
One of the objections I have heard, in ergard to training as a fighter, is that all dojo scenarios are artificial and require compliance. I agree. But I feel that it is impossible to TRAIN anyone in anything other than controlled conditions. Does that mean that all training in all fields is basically useless, as it is done under controlled conditions and not in real-life scenarios? For instance, in the armed forces, soldiers are trained to shoot at targets not at living people. True, actuall battle experiences are invaluable. But, would one want to TRAIN soldiers by having them just go out and get shot? Wouldn't they need to be trained under conditions that are artificial and where there is compliance?

#133157 - 06/11/04 12:32 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
DragonFire1134 Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 08/25/03
Posts: 1479
Loc: Theodore (mobile), Alabama
They have all kinds of differant shapes and sizes in regard to nunchucku. I've seen a light weight metal pair once, the chucks were very small, I'd say about 6 or 7 inches with the diameter being about 1/2 inch, the chain was 8 inches. Which you can adjust the length to whatever you want.
Onc of the chucks were hollow and the chain could fit inside you could screw the chucks together and it made a solid club. You could easily hide it just about anywhere.

Personally I like the idea of women carrying mace. Not in a purse though because it would take to long to get to know what I mean. Spray in the eyes, kick to the nuts, and run like hell in case of any trouble.

#133158 - 06/11/04 01:42 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Yojimbo558 Offline

Registered: 08/18/00
Posts: 253
Loc: Marina, Ca. USA

What I find amusing is your repeated statements of I'm against violence...when the truth of the matter is that your posts reveal that your only against it because you view yourself as being untrained & out of shape. You remind me of a kid who went from being bullied to the mindset of "Now it's my turn." And what's sad is that you fail to see that.

Your movie scenario is ridiculous. I took my wife to see the movie "Troy" a few weeks ago, in our row was an inconsiderate ass who was making noises and distracting us and others. It was not my Martial Art training nor my years in the Marines that prompted me to go over and tell him to be was my desire to enjoy the movie with my wife. Had he not complied, I would not have beaten the crap out of him...I would have gotten the Usher and management would have presented him with the option of either being considerate or tossing him out of the theatre.

When a girl was molested in a massage class that I attended, I detained the pervert until the police showed up to take him away...certain situations are appropriate & others are not.

I've said it before & I'll say it an encounter, you've no idea who you're facing. It could be a Golden Gloves Boxer, a Division 1 Wrestler, someone who's proficient in Martial Arts or someon who's drug enhanced.

There's also the matter of not knowing whether the person who's annoying you has a gun or knife that you don't know about.

Others have mentioned that were your daughter to pull nunchuck's or another weapon, that her opponent might repond inkind with a gun.

The other scenario that no-one has mentioned that if a cop were to pull over your daughter for something and discovered that she had a weapon that she was attempting to conceal...she would find herself facing the officer at gun point.

The Officer would have no way of knowing that the weapon was there because you gave it to her for protection. All they would no is that someone they pulled over has a weapon, was attempting to conceal it and if she's smart and doesn't panic...she'll avoid getting shot.

Whereupon you'll be getting a call from her from prison asking you to post bail for her both having a felony weapon & her trying to have concealed it.


#133159 - 06/15/04 12:17 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Dragon Fire, thanks for your suggestions, in regard to the nunchuks.

Yojimbo, I suggest that you read what I have actually written, rather than jumping to conclusions on the basis of what you have read in posts by other people. I am tired of addressing the same (non) issues over and over again. I prefer to respond to people who can actually READ.

#133160 - 06/17/04 02:21 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions. However, I've found another board on this forum that addresses my needs more precisely and with less anger than I have found here.

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