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#133141 - 04/26/04 09:44 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
As to the whole thing about grabbing the cell-phone, it was theoretical, to start with. But, from what I am hearing, anytime someone's girlfriend/boyfriend snatches away the other person's phone, they will go to prison, for robbery, perhaps even armed robbery, if they are carrying a pen-knife or a sharp toothpick. Same thing with touching. If you are touched by someone standing in line behind you, in a movie theatre box office, as long as you FEEL threatened, you can send the other person to jail. Yeh. Sure.

#133142 - 04/26/04 10:31 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
CanuckMA Offline

Registered: 11/06/03
Posts: 570
Loc: Toronto, ON, Canada
Running away from a physical confrontation is NOT cowardice. I am sorry that you seem to misunderstand us. Your posts have always revolved around options for physical confrontation, we are stating that unless your life is threatened or you are assaulted, you walk away.

And yes, a stranger might very well lay charges in that incident. I would.

Some of us here train to be professional fighters, some are LEOs or work in the security industry. Some of us train for the enjoyment. ALL of us will avoid a confrontation like the plague.

#133143 - 04/26/04 11:24 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Obviously, everyone AVOIDS confrontation. My question has always been, what to do when the confrontation cannot be avoided. The responses I have gotten mostly say to either let the pther person get away with whatever it is, or to shoot the other person. I find neither option acceptable.

#133144 - 04/26/04 12:40 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Yoseikan Student Offline

Registered: 05/02/03
Posts: 1166
Loc: UK
Bollocks. I give up.

Mate, you dunno what you are talking about.

#133145 - 04/26/04 04:38 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
javaman Offline

Registered: 07/04/03
Posts: 179
Loc: calgary, alberta, canada
The bottom line is this;
Martial Arts training will teach you how to fight, but having training is no excuse or reason to fight.

And what this all comes down to, is that you were asking advice on how to best construct an illegal, concealable, deadly weapon; for a child to carry!

That is ridiculous and I hope for her safety and for everyone around her, you do not do that.

If you still insist she needs a weapon, give her a kubotan, and a cell-phone. A cell phone can be used to call for police, ambulance ECT. And yes I know it won't work in all situations, probably in most situations, but it couldn't hurt. Even calling for help after a situation has ended is always a good idea. If she does end up hurting anyone seriously, ever, for any reason, legitimate or not, always make sure help arrives; After looking after her own safety of course. That is just the decent human being thing to do. It would probably be a good idea to call a lawyer at that point too.

#133146 - 04/27/04 10:47 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Giving her a cell-phone is a very practical suggestion, in its way, but not really possible. Her school does not make it illegal to carry pictures of guns and/or dead people shot by guns (a boy in her first grade class used to bring such pictures to school almost every day). However, it IS illegal to carry a cell-phone, even on a field trip, even when it is programmed only to call 911 and the parents, and blocked from receiving any calls from anyone except the parents.

As to the whole non-violence thing I am not only tired of the advice but I find it insulting and arrogant. Why do you assume that you alone are aware of the principles of non-violence, especially when I have said again and again that I am a non-violent person? Why do you feel that you have the right to preach to me, especially when I have said repeatedly I don't want or need to learn about non-violence, especially as I am already leading a very non-violent life?

I only asked a qusetion about designing nunchuks. When I realized it was illegal, I said I would not do it. Is this, to you, the behavior of a violent person? Do you think I know nothing about the history and/or use of the martial arts, when it was invented in my country of origin, where I was born and brought up? Are you so arrogant as to believe that you have the right to tell me not to defend myself and/or my daughter? One person said that it was illegal to provoke a person and/or his/her spouse? So, am I to understand it is legal to provoke a daughter, a friend, a grandparent, or anyone else I love? I should stand by and whistle, while someone I love is being attacked or provoked? I have asked repeatedly if anyone has ever, in actual fact, backed down from a situation where they felt they were physically more powerful than the provoker, and nobody has responded to it.

The bottom line, then, is that you probably have no experience of being victimized, and that is why it is so easy to advise someone else to allow themselves to be victimised.

As to martial arts, remember that it is not simply an art, but a MARTIAL art. The word martial comes from Mars, god of war. It was originally designed to be used by unarmed Buddhist monks to physically overcome bandits. Bandits are usually not polite enough to attack one at a time. Therefore, if someone has become a martial arts expert and is unable to defend himself/herself against multiple attackers, ON THE STREET, then that person has only learned the moves, not the art itself. This is similar to having learned the steps to a dance without ever having danced. A good dancer can dance with more than one partner at a time, and a good martial artist can deal with more than one attacker at a time. The martial arts are INTENDED to be used in war. There is no such thing as a totally defensive weapon or training. Anything that can be used defensively can also be used offensively.

Perhaps some of you need to be aware of the history, applications, and purposes of MA training. I am myself perfectly well aware of it, and of many other facts pertaining to the martial arts and also the history and applications of the principles of non-violence. I live in a country that is home to Martin Luther King, Jr. I am intimately familiar with the lives of Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Socrates, and many other men of peace and wisdom.

The violence with which people have addressed me, on this board has convinced me that few, if any of them, are truly non-violent in their day-to-day behavior and attitudes. It is simply a politically-correct stance they wish to put on display. I exclude from consideration javaman, JohnL and wadwoman, who have been consistently polite, helpful, and non-aggressive in their responses to me.

#133147 - 04/27/04 05:44 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
smgj Offline

Registered: 04/27/04
Posts: 4
If I may jump in with my 2 cents.
I have 11 year and 7 year old daughters who are learning martial arts, and I started taking classes a year ago as an overweight 39 year old mom who had never been able to defend myself and wouldn't have had the courage to even try. I think that the martial arts can be very useful just by enhancing kids' physical self confidence.

My older daughter is now in middle school. I'm not concerned about bullies at school, she'd probably be expelled if she hit them. Not worried about the guy with the cell phone at the movies. She can just put up with it. But now that she walks home alone from her school bus stop, I do worry about kidnapping. If you look at recent news articles on kidnapping attempts, you see that often kids who do *something* do manage to escape. One of the reasons I want my girls to learn Martial Arts is so that hopefully they won't freeze in such a situation--if they don't manage to run away first. That *something* probably won't include taking the kidnapper down, but may include kicking, biting, windmilling the arms, things like that. The physical self confidence that MA brings might help.

The second situation she may encounter in a few years is one that, again, she probably can't walk away from. That is date rape. Chances are, any guy trying this isn't a hardened criminal out to kill her, just an insensitive, overly hormonal teenager or young adult. If she is able to get a punch or kick in, it may just bring home the message that she is serious about saying NO and stop the attempt in its tracks.

Neither of my girls are going to go around being agressive, fighting, etc. But because they know they could defend themselves, at least they won't feel quite so vulnerable and scared all the time. Aware and cautious, yes. But fearful, no.

#133148 - 04/27/04 10:36 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
CanuckMA Offline

Registered: 11/06/03
Posts: 570
Loc: Toronto, ON, Canada

The width of the gulf between provocation and violence is so wide, you could pass the 7th fleet through. It is perhaps a failure of the medium of communication, but the overwhelming impression I, and it seems many others, are getting is that you see violence as an adequate response to what is perceived as provocation (some anyoing jerk, an insult, etc). We kept trying to tell you that that is not what we study MA for. Until you are in a situation where violence has started, you always look for a non-violent way out. I'm 43, I've resorted to my training ONCE in my life, I've walked away from situations more times than I care to remember.

#133149 - 04/28/04 03:11 PM Re: Designing nunchuks.
Anpadh Offline

Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 162
Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Common sense should tell you that if I were a truly violent person at heart, I would not be spending my time DISCUSSING it, but doing it and would be probably in jail or even in the electric chair, by now.

If you want to know what my take on violence is, here it is. I feel that to respond to violence by increasing security, building more bombs, etc. is completely wrong, on an individual as at a governmental level. The only real way of decreasing violence is to respond by attempting to remove the reason for violence. For instance, if people are being robbed all the time, it is usually because the robbers are financially insecure. The solution would be to make sure that most people have jobs that provide them with enough income to lead a decent life. There would still be people who would rob for the thrill or the fun of it, but that would be a relatively small number, compared to those who rob to survive. So, the only way to combat violence in an effective way, really, is to create a world in which it is not only unnecessary, but counter-productive.

So long as this state of affairs does not exist, however, I believe one must be prepared to defend oneself. To be always afraid of the criminal, in my opinion, is a bad idea. Such an attitude not only encourages criminal behavior but simultaneously DISCOURAGES law-abiding citizens from helping each other. Look around you. All the images and symbols you see are of vigilantes. Whether it is on TV, in movies, or in real life, the people who are admired and who are role models to the general public are individuals who take charge of their own lives and make their own decisions and defend themselves to the end, right or wrong. Ask yourself whom most people admire more -- the Justice Department, for going after Bill Gates, or Bill Gates, for defending himself against the Justice Department, successfully. On TV, you have Angel, Charmed, Buffy, Xena, and Hercules on the one hand, and shows like Law and Order and NYPD Blue on the other hand. In all of these shows it is the individuals who take risks and put their careers on the line, who are admired, not the ones who push paper and blindly follow every rule. From Superman to Batman to the X-Men to the Punisher, the most popular heroes are always vigilantes.

I have never advocated violence and I never will. I don't feel that violence is a solution to the problems of the world. Yet, I do feel that there are times when a violent response is not only an appropriate one but even the best one. I think that, to believe that one must either build nuclear bombs or simply accept one's fate, are both extremist views.

#133150 - 04/29/04 09:58 AM Re: Designing nunchuks.

Registered: 04/28/03
Posts: 68
if giving your daughter a weapon is that important to u when she is old enough buy her a can of mace or pepper spray. (nice and simple)

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