I know everyone says that fighting is bad and shouldent be done but it is really only an opinion...

i used to fight alot and still do occasionally.. i just challenge people , and have had people challenge me.. but this is a street fight..whatever goes.... broken bones and all...i feel this is the only way to truly test your skill and it is the only way to become a better fighter.. really... if you spar alot you'll end up being a great fighter, when it comes to sparring, but real fist fighting with no protection and only your honor...that not only enhances your skill, but it also, atleast for me, i am not sure how to say it.. it makes me feel great.. it's such a rush for me..just fighting.. i would have to say that i trully do love it.. i Spar with my students.. but occasionally i would really fight them. obviously not to beat them in anyway, they are my students and i would not want anything bad to happen to them but i hit them hard and let them hit me hard..and most of them enjoy it as much as i do.. the rest leave... thats fine with me..

You say that. oh look what happened to ALI.. his brain is like jello now.. yes.. but i will gaurentee that he would make the same choice if he could go back in time and choose to fight again or not...for fighters it's everything.....i don't go out and pick fights.. even though i have...but i do street fight.. thats what i am a fighter

certain people may become offended with this post and telme i am an idiot or whatever but if you havent ever fought like that just because.. then you don't know what your talking about, those who have and still want to argue.. i will listen , but my choice will be fighting