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#131619 - 03/31/05 08:18 PM MMA or NHB fighting

Alright I'm starting this thread to hear some stories of either MMA events (that you have witnessed or participated in) or Training.

Last week I was sparring with one of my sparring partners (who is more freestyle fighting than anything) I was concentrating on my ground game so I wasn't allowed to throw ANY strikes (which is hard for me) Well That means I took a few jabs, nothing serious. I got into the insideand grabbed him by the hips with my neck in his armpit, performed my sweep and got him on the ground. And just my luck too, we landed with me in the PERFECT side mount.

He still had my head pinned, but I was tight to him so he couldn't do much with it, no play at all between us. I had to distract him, so I landed a couple hard elbows to his gut, which got him trying to scwirm and lift me off of him. PERFECT!!! My head is free and so is his arm, I grabbed him by the wrist TIGHT (and at this point he thinks I'm trying to get into the mount) I slip my right arm under his left and BAM Kimura, he was doing the tap dance with his hand!!

We took a rest and I taught him the kimura so he wouldn't get caught with it so easily next time.

Round two was alot of the same,took a kick to my leg and side, got him down with the sweep BUT thi time, he wasn't going to let me get the kimura (good, I'm thinking, I've improved his game so now he can help me more with mine) I gave him a shot to the head, then an elbow to the gut. He was pounding on me some hard at this point! I had to do something. so I went forward as if to go for the Kimura again but this time I was sneaky, I went alittle TOO far and took my left leg over his body SNAGGING the full mount!! WOOT WOOT That was easy and nicely done! Now he's prepparing to block some blows from above, so I reach up to give him a blast and what does he do?? He prepares for the blow!!! sticking his right arm out too far!!!

Time freeze: for those of you who don't know subs that well, he just invited me to give him an armbar!!!!!!!!!

I take his wrist, quickly whip my right leg over him and BAM tap city again!! I was in my glory!

Thrid go at the guantlet, This time he's learned my sweep, so I have to try a shoot. Which is in-effective, he got out of the takedown and then got behind me, kick to the rear of the knee and I am forced to the ground....with him on top, not a place where I want to be.

Re-cap: I went for a takedown and he ended up behind me, forced me onto the ground and now he has my back so guess what comes next.....

REAR NAKED CHOKE!!!! Fortunately for me, he was too excited to get it in nice and tight, BUT I did coach him into sinking it in deeper and actually making me tap. Good for him, he learned and I learned good experience!!

#131620 - 03/31/05 08:25 PM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

My older bro wants to do NHB. I let him trian against me, he's nothing short of phenomenal. He's also like six something, like he's past 6'5'' I believe.

#131621 - 03/31/05 08:28 PM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

Well If you train with him why don't you do a write up of your experience in MMA training like I did?

Seriously folks this is a SERIOUS thread for MMA experience.

I don't want to read about peoples intents on joining an MMA event or simular things.

#131622 - 03/31/05 08:47 PM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

Oh, sorry. Well he knows a lot of different styles, not as much as me and for the most part the only empty hand styles he knows are Hawaiian ones, they're not any LESS effective, just not many people use those as Karate or Muay Thai. My cousin uses Muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling, Vale Tudo, and shoot fighting, now THAT'S NHB stuff.

Anyway the thing about MMA is it's just that, MMA, MIXED Martial Arts. I can't say as I've seen any Pride FC fighters mix their arts. I for one don't really know any martial arts that are alredy mixed, but I can mix them if that would satisfy you.
You can easily mix Tae Kwan Do and Karate, BAM! You got a mixed martial art.
And I think it was the late, GREAT Bruce Lee who created or rather suggested 'mixing' them. He even mixed his Jun Fan (not to be confused with JKD) with other things like wrestling, I'm pretty sure he knew how to wrestle too, he frequently uses leg locks and stuff like that.

#131623 - 03/31/05 08:56 PM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

I'm sorry.......

But is this your pathetic way of TROLLING my thread?

My lord!!!

"Anyway the thing about MMA is it's just that, MMA, MIXED Martial Arts. I can't say as I've seen any Pride FC fighters mix their arts. I for one don't really know any martial arts that are alredy mixed, but I can mix them if that would satisfy you."

Read that to yourself and ask yourself if it even pertains to the thread.

Now ask yourself this, did I name the sport for what it is? No. Is there a REASON for why its called MIXED MARTIAL ARTS?? Yes. Who pioneered it and why? F'd if I know.

Do I care if you hate the sport for whichever reason you might have? No.

Quit being a fricken Troll.

[This message has been edited by Dreadnought (edited 03-31-2005).]

#131624 - 03/31/05 09:29 PM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

I don't hate it, and why are you calling me a troll? Hmm, I can only guess who's influence caused this. Either that or you should watch your temper.

Okay, listen please, I'd appreciate it if you calm down. Look, see? I'm begging you, is that good enough?

The mods tend to be a little intollerant only at times, but they've locked threads that others (with good intent) started because of one person. Now if we can get along they won't do that. If I have to sound selfish about it so I seem 'tough' then think of it as not attributing a locked thread to me, okay? Peace.

#131625 - 04/01/05 01:05 AM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

Man Whatever..........I really don't get your point in all this, you throw useless trash in my thread and then backpedal as if I was the one who flammed you.

If a mod comes by this could he/she please clean this thread from everything except the first post??

#131626 - 04/06/05 07:38 AM Re: MMA or NHB fighting

I have learn some techniques from people (my grandpa and his friends) who are in Judo, Ju-jitsu, karate, and tae kwon do because I enjoy learning martial arts. but my friends disliked martial arts a lot, they liked street boxing. so one day, I asked them to fight,(with gloves on). so the three of us, got together and fought on the grass. I went against the stronger one of us three. he went for punches, I had something different in mind. I picked up my right foot,went for a high kick, he ducked, thinking that he's got a perfect position for a punch,so he moves in, then BOOM.the back of my right calf strikes the side of his head(close to the neck)[note:I didn't expect to do it, it just happened all the sudden] and he gets knocked down to the floor, he wasn't hurt or anything, it was more like a shove in a way. anyways, he gets up, throws a few punch to my guts, almost knocking my wind out, and I caught his hand, applied a wrist lock, put his hand over my shoulder, and elbowed him in the gut. knocking his wind out in the process. anyways, I showed him that you don't always have to throw a punch to win a fight, or always strike to win a fight. and he respected that, so now I am teaching how to grapple, do joint locks, throw, and takedown people. while he's teaching me how to build strength and a stonger chest. anyways, it was a great experience, and I used the techniques for the first time, and I used them efficiently.

by the way, does NHB stand for No Holds Bar or something?

looking forward to your reply and comments


#131627 - 04/15/05 01:11 AM Re: MMA or NHB fighting
mikelw Offline

Registered: 11/15/02
Posts: 1031
Loc: Bothell, Washington (not DC), ...
I train in mma weekly and have given and received injuries. Black eyes, fat lips and tissue swelling, the works. The worst I ever did was hit a guy with an uppercut and cut him below his eye socket - he needed 5 stitches.


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