so im a 14 year old yellow belt atm, way too advanced for my belt according to my master.

its not really my first tournament beacause i used to compete at a state level and i just have an ability to pick stuff up really easily and well, which led me to martial arts.

anyway. so i get out of the car and im thinking about whats going to happen out there, as i walk into the dojang im nervous, im greeted by my friends who are already there. everyone starts kicking pads and streching but i already streched at home and im super anxious. after a while i spot one of my friends and i start kicking the pads with him, the master calls everyone out to the marshling area and everyone goes outside and is paired up.

im paired up with a greenbelt and this guy is huge (a little fat), hes bigger than me by a little and im a white belt. anyway we are the third fight in ring b so we go and sit down and start getting ready, im really nervous but i dont let this show, i dont want to make him fell anymore secure than me.

our fight was called, i went totally blank, i wasnt nervous anymore, the ref started us up and my oponenet tried to lead leg sidekick me which i promptly dodged and kicked in the side, he came at me with a backkick and then reverse turning kick, dodged again couldnt counter him he gathered himself up too quickly, he expected me to dodge, i put out some kicks turning kick and a jumping backkick, both landed and hes on the floor, im pumped now, we get up and he charges me, i smother him and kick him and step away from him in one motion, then a roundhouse to head and sidekick to chest.

the rest of the round he tries to avoid me and is throwing out kicks and all im doing is steeping out of their way and countering. hes getting tired.

my coach is a world champion (nation champ, gold at 6th korean open and many more), he tells me all i need to do now is fight more agressivly and he will have no chance and to watch him and contiue going how i am.

round 2 starts, i go all out and get him on the floor, i landed a kick to his jaw, and i thought i knocked him out at one point. then the round ended, as the ref was standing between us on the floor i was filled with fear and anxiousness even though i knew i had won, when i saw all three flags up in the air i was filled with euphoria.

thats amatuer sparring for ya =)

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