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#131548 - 03/24/05 02:12 AM Playground Fight

Okay, so here it is.

It's lunchtime at school and we're having a game of "kill the dill with the pill". Just think of it as NFL with no teams. It's pretty much one versus everybody else.

Anyway, so i have the ball. Everybody is chasing me, i get ready for the hit and i get completely wiped out. Still sore and shaken, i take a while to get back on my feet. Some arrogant kid (also quite a bit taller than me) came up and said something along the lines of "stop crying you little b**ch", despite the fact that im clearly not crying.

Some time later, this big guy gets the ball and hes coming for me. I remember what he said before and snapped,i wiped the ground with his face. Still lying on the ground, i repeat what he said to me before.

I get go back to join the game, when this guy taps me on the shoulder so i turn around. He punches me straight in the gut, but i had time to sort of lean back, lessening the strength of his punch. I then send an arching punch into his chin ( i wanted to get his face, but remember im quite short), the punch connects and he spins around. He comes back at me with a slow punch that i easily ducked under, alowing me to come back with a punch to his solar plexus,then once more, then i grabbed his colar and pulled him down into an oncoming punch. The punch glances of his cheekbone not doing alot of damage. He gives me a violent shove backwards. He goes in for another hit, im not really quite sure where it landed, because a whole group of people rushed in between us and broke it up right after it.

This was a year ago. This guy has matured quite alot since and we get along now, which is good because im not sure if i could take one of his punches to my face!

The most important thing i think about this fight is that we quickly resolved our differences, rather than go on hating each other which would have ment more fights.

#131549 - 03/24/05 04:26 AM Re: Playground Fight

Member posted 03-24-2005 05:19 AM
Member posted 03-20-2005 09:23 AM
Like trolls, it is not wise to feed adolescents. Although most of us will respond with "don't fight", "there is no best technique", "tell an adult", etc, responding to these threads only perpetuates them.
As I side note, is there any way to incorporate "sticky" threads into these boards? If so, I would advocate for a "We aren't going to tell you how to whoop @ss" sticky to put an end to these threads.
kenposan (tired of these stupid "help me beat someone up" threads.

IP: Logge

Also , All these seemingly ultra tough,unstoppable internet teen thugs. Please stop feeding their bologna. Sounds like i've heard this one a million times. Although I'm sure it's not stretched,misleading,or completely fabricated at all.

Kids watch too much tv!

#131550 - 03/24/05 04:28 AM Re: Playground Fight

LOl sachine your owning it should become a moderator [IMG][/IMG]

#131551 - 03/24/05 08:47 PM Re: Playground Fight

I suppose you think im lying, right?

Well ok, i respect that. But please dont call me an "ultra tough,unstoppable internet teen thug", which is simply something that i'm not, and i resent the implacation that i am.

If you do not believe me, then be civiliased about it and keep it to yourself.

#131552 - 03/24/05 10:25 PM Re: Playground Fight

Yes, I think you are lying. Don't worry,I don't think you're tough. [IMG][/IMG]

#131553 - 03/24/05 11:16 PM Re: Playground Fight

It probably seems stupid, but i like analysing peoples encounters and how they resolved them.

When somebody elses posts a similiar thread, i like to ask myself what i would have done in that particular situation. I was hoping some people might do the same.

When or if you do post something similiar, i trust that everything you say is the exact truth. Because i know mine is.

[This message has been edited by Moby Joe (edited 03-25-2005).]

#131554 - 03/24/05 11:46 PM Re: Playground Fight

Read my profile and do a search in my name. I've never posted lies or ridiculous crap. I don't doubt youi got in a scuffle, I just think it's exaggerated and played out like a dramatic action movie. [IMG][/IMG]

#131555 - 03/26/05 11:52 PM Re: Playground Fight

Heh, thats true. What was he thinking trying to post a story about using martial arts in the Martial Arts Tales and stories section..... some posters...

#131556 - 03/27/05 01:12 AM Re: Playground Fight

Hahaha, I like that Bullfrog. Say Sanchin, isn't your first post the exact same thing you said to that samurai boy who got into a fight with a drunk guy? Sounds like you're doing a hell of a job not perpetuating these threads by not responding to them. Don't preach what you don't practice.

#131557 - 03/29/05 04:43 AM Re: Playground Fight

I seem to have misunderstood the point of this particular forum. My apologies.

Delete if nesescary.


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