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#131530 - 03/25/05 12:59 AM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

I don't know why everybody is picking on Samurai-ub, he didn't say anything so outrageous. He just bent a guy's arm behind his back. And he carried a rifle in a rural area where a lot of other people carry firearms and he had some throwing stars to play with which a lot of people who are into MA have and he carries a knife which a lot of people do, including me.

He just wanted to know if he handled the situation well. I think he was very level headed, especially after being knocked into cactus. Lots of people would have either pussed out or beat the crap out of the guy. He got the guy to leave him alone without really hurting him.

#131531 - 03/25/05 01:34 AM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience


Is not that clammy, you should see his other posts... he's a flame magnet. He is known for his outlandish claims.

samurai-ub: Tone it down dude.

Yours in the Spirit of the Warrior-Scholar,

Carlos M. Roman H.I., American Kenpo Karate Studios
Orlando, FL

#131532 - 03/25/05 03:16 PM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

outlandish claims huh I told you alreasy whitedragon I am a super duper ninja samurai thatcancut with three swords

nuh uh you are

#131533 - 03/25/05 07:46 PM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

Yeah. That about sums it up.

#131534 - 03/27/05 12:53 AM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

OK Usually I side with the forum police in these situations but this time I have to go with Samurai-ub. The way he wrote it did make it sound like outlandish claims but if you think about it everything is entirely possable. I'm guessing english isn't his first language or he just has really bad grammer but I don't think he's an idiot because he still managed to shove crap in all of your faces. His entire 3rd post can be convaied in the song "Get in the ring-Guns N' Roses". And after he posted it all Sanchin could do was sternly reinforce his point while offering no further evidence. In effect Sanchin is just as guilty as he thought Samurai was for making pointless posts. If my post is pointless then let the moderator delete it. Because I wont.

Anyways, I am 16 right now and I carry a switch blade whenever I have to walk anywhere over a half a mile alone in the dark. So him saying that he caries a knife is entirely believeable. If I was going to where people like to shoot off rifles and I wanted to shoot a rifle then yes, I'd bring a gun. I'm having trouble believeing and ninja throwing stars but it's still possable though. However, I don't care about that. I don't care weather he caried those weapons or not anyways because I'm not here to debate that. But I can believe every word in his story because of my past experiences.

Whenever I go paint balling there's usually some parent hollering at a teenager for shoothing their kid too close or something. (parents always seem to have this notion that every teenager is out to pick on the children) And I bet if they we're drunk they would deffinatly resort to punches. Now, in a redneck aera, like the aera he described, it wouldn't supprise me at all if some kid's dad was rip roarin drunk while his kid was biking. If you have a ability to think beyond the most basic princaples of abstract thought then you'll realize that his story is air tight.

Now I'm not saying this story is true. Truth be told I don't really believe it my self. But I'm defending him because you people have absolutly no proof that it's false. And sence he didn't say anything too farfetched then that gives you absolutly no reason to atack him. And what do you plan to accomplish by hollering at him anyway? Do you really think he's gonna delete his whole story because you think it's bull? Neither do I.

BSTONE, what the hell?

[This message has been edited by Dust N' Bones (edited 03-27-2005).]

#131535 - 03/27/05 12:24 PM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

dust n bones if everyone talked like that these forums would be a much better place

very honest I didnt think ANYONE would allow themselfs to speak there mind in here

and english IS my first I am just horrible at typing and useualy typing and eating tying my shoes at the same time

and like you said I realy dont care what you think about what happend to me itt is my life and my problems

on a side note to Jason larson if he is still browsing this site you are A DEAD MAN you like to beat up on girls huh? well thats your last mitake I told you I gave you a good warning now im gonna have to let holly and xylon loose on you when holly is through you will BEG me to hurt you

wowI hope he gets that or I will look nuts?

#131536 - 03/27/05 03:51 PM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

Some things are worth posting twice.
If you want to side with these immature teenage morons here,that's your business. Just don't expect me to believe these stupid made up stories.
samurai, who are you going to beat up now? Some kid that picks on girls? That's good. Don't tell us,just go do it.

#131537 - 03/27/05 06:52 PM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

thats right I m gonna get him with my superduper three sword backflip ninja drunken redneck cutting style

nuh uh you are

#131538 - 03/28/05 12:37 AM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

I knew you were a genius!

#131539 - 03/28/05 03:29 PM Re: Ok so here is my fight experience

as a matter of fact I was telling him he never joined this site but he browses alot and reads my posts and such

he just recently beat up his wife which just happensto be my sister

the reason I posted what I did so every time some one knocks on his door he will be ecpecting me and I cant do anything now he will ecpect that I am waiting for **** to settle down then poof no more tweeker piece of ****

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