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#131439 - 03/12/05 01:21 PM Weird experiences....

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto what actualy happened to me today. I was walking through the city centre to day with one of my friends, the place is crawling with people. litteraly you cant walk in a straight line its that busy . So as i was saying my friend and i were just walking, minding our own buisness when two guys, about two years older than me (im 15) came up to me, just me, and started hassling me like saying they were strong and that i wouldnt wanna mess with them. but i hadnt even seen them till the guy came up behind me in the first place and prodded me. They were obviously trying to start a fight and kept trying to stare me out, and trying to tell me how strong they were...(they looked quite weak but still). It just baffles me that some1 would try to start a fight with no provocation what so ever in a crowded place and the place was crawling with police. btw i didnt fight them i just walked off, which was defonately the right thing to do i hope....

#131440 - 03/12/05 07:03 PM Re: Weird experiences....

I certainly agree with what you did. Very good decision. [IMG][/IMG]

As to why they were doing it. What you have to understand is that there are all sorts of people out there and they could have any number of reasons for doing something which neither you or I could understand. Best thing is not to be surprised by it and not to think to much about it (as long as no harm was done).

#131441 - 03/14/05 11:22 AM Re: Weird experiences....

im very very sorry dryn. ive heard stuff like this before, unfortunately, it is never what it seems
those werent ordinary people, those were crazy scientists from area 51.
little do u know, u were bugged and pick-pocketed of your dna, and as we speak, your clones are roaming the face of this planet commiting horrendous deeds and suicide missions for the underground government.
never let these people touch you
stay in ur apartment from now on

bless you, and good luck

#131442 - 03/14/05 12:40 PM Re: Weird experiences....

lol thanks for the heads up, who ever you are hehe....though im probably a bit more worried now than i was before lol...


#131443 - 03/14/05 11:47 PM Re: Weird experiences....

Hey dryn i know exactly what you talking about. Last night i went to the city for moomba festival i was with 3 friends and 2. The place was packed with cops and people. Anyways we walking down to moomba untill 3 small black people come up to us and make us apologise to his friend for bumping him (even tho we dident) we apologised for no reason but the this guy we aplogised to (secound black guy) had like been punched the day before his lip was Huge i was like ouchies.
My friend told me how the day before the same 3 black people bottoled some other guy in the exact same place...

To tell you the truth i was kinda scared cause these guys looked like 18 or older bums and since i dont know the city so well i had no connection to help us out. But yeh i felt like a pussy afterwards cause my friends said i looked frighten ive been doing muay thai kickboing for 2 months before this confrontation and have been in may confrantation way worse then this... i dont know what these peopl are trying to prove

[This message has been edited by Squiggle (edited 03-18-2005).]

#131444 - 03/15/05 05:31 AM Re: Weird experiences....

its kinda funny you know how black people use to not have equal rights,
once they got it,
they abuse it and start harassing other colored people,
so it sometimes make some of us think why the white fought for them n yet most of them are not greatful

#131445 - 03/15/05 08:57 AM Re: Weird experiences....

oh pity!!!!
they claim another victim!!!!
my god have mercy on your souls!

#131446 - 04/02/05 10:14 PM Re: Weird experiences....


Coulden't help but notice your post.

"it[']s kinda funny you know how black people use[d] to not have equal rights,[but]
once they got it
they abuse it and start harassing other colored people,
so it sometimes make[s] some of us think why the white[s] fought for them [a]n[d] yet most of them are not greatful[.]"

So if i may be so bold as to attempt to read into your post, "black people" (although you start refering to them as "coloured people") should be grateful to the "whites" for giving them equal rights....

Lets give a paralell example using your reasoning:
"I am wandering around the streets with my newly aquired cellphone and trying out its funny little ringtones in an extreme effort to find the loudest and most obnoxious one. While having my little stroll a large man comes up to me and grabs my phone. *yoink*. I shout and run after the lummox while he makes a call to one of his friends.... A policeman notices and yells for us both to stop. After a few minutes of debate the policeman decides to believe me and makes the grunter hand my phone back." Now are you saying that I should fall down on my knees and thank this guy? "Thank you sooo much for giving me my phone that you stole from me back!" If I then decide to throw my phone away (lord knows why) I would be abusing the "right to having my phone back"

From my view both cases have a situation where someone was blatently in the wrong, was forced/decided to make up for it to rectify the situation and the underdog should be grateful!??!

Would love to hear ya thoughts on this YoungNLearnin'. You agree or have I made a mistake in my reasoning?

#131447 - 04/02/05 10:26 PM Re: Weird experiences....

[QUOTE]Originally posted by YoungNLearnin:
its kinda funny you know how black people use to not have equal rights,
once they got it,
they abuse it and start harassing other colored people,
so it sometimes make some of us think why the white fought for them n yet most of them are not greatful

That's pathetic,untrue,and racist!

That's a good analogy Bullfrog,but I doubt he'll understand it.

As for the original poster.You did the right thing.You were able to walk away without incident.It may have hurt your ego,but who cares.

#131448 - 04/03/05 05:41 AM Re: Weird experiences....

This is a funny thing to think about. Black people did not like sitting in the back of the bus in the slave period. They fighted for it. In 2005, a lot of them like sitting in the back.

Sorry I am not racist at all because I have a lot of african and black friends if you guys didn't think so.I had to read the post 3 times to understand it.

Look at this. It was the south who supported slavery, not the north. The north won. So let's say all white people today in the Us are heritage of people from the north and let's just say JUST IMAGINE the south died, almost all of them(as in the racist people). Now, black teenagers and older gangsters are usually the one who terrorize downtown or at school and stuff. Ok Ok I know that white people are usually the one on komo 4 news and CNN as the one who are serial killers but let's say you guys go to Seattle, or La, Or Queens, it's usually the black who make gang fights and black on black violence or the white and asians being harassed or the target when it comes to bullying someone. So it's not bullying the white guy who made you a slave in the first place, but it's bullying the white guy that had helped you or had nothing to do with you in the first place.

Also Dryn, nothing like that have ever happened to you before? It's weird because it had happened to me like more than 10 times and believe me, all of those groups were black(I am asian). They were just trying to be tough in front of their friends and they thought that you guys weren't going to do anything.

#131449 - 04/03/05 06:17 AM Re: Weird experiences....

A few idiots are not enough to stereotype a race. You still seem to give the impression that black people somehow "owe" America for their freedom moreso than other racial groups.
"[Black people are]bullying the white guy that had helped you[Black people I assume] or had nothing to do with you[again Black people] in the first place."

"They[Black people] fighted[fought] for it[sitting in the back of a bus]. In 2005, a lot of them like sitting in the back."

I think you must have missed the point of the whole movement.

(At this point I will say I am not from America so all my knoweledge in this area is from my memory of high school social studies.)

The problem wasn't that they didn't like to sit in the back of the bus. Do you really think Rosa Parks was willing to be put into jail because of bus seating preference?! It was because they were not treated equally. Again, if I may waste some time with an analogy (Sorry, I get a hard on for analogies [IMG][/IMG] ) :

You go to an ice cream parlour and because of [insert your race here] they say:
"You're only allowed to buy vanilla ice cream because it's the cheapest to make and we don't want to be givin' the fancy stuff to you, you [derogitory name for afforementioned race]!".
You protest and finally after a few years the government sees how stupid that was and lets you get whatever flavour you want. Now if I see you go into the store and grab yo'self a yummy vanilla icecream, I have no plans to shout at you and go
"Why the hell where you complaining?! If you where going to get vanilla icecream anyway you should have just shut up and let people deny you rights other people have".

Would you?

Do uou agree YoungNLearnin or again have I missed something with your statement?

On a side note I know what you mean, violent gangs **** , but not all black people are in violent gangs. You seem to be confusing the two.

BTW Dryn, i'm really sorry from dragging this topic so far away from your post and as a side not I think you did the right thing. Although its bloddy hard just to walk away when you know your going to lose face for it. I guess it shows you're comfortable enough not to get in a fight for no good reason.

Sorry for such a long post :P

#131450 - 04/03/05 06:53 AM Re: Weird experiences....

Bullfrog, He didn't get it last time and he won't this time either.Nice analogy again.
He obviously wants to be an ignorant racist.
I'm sure he'll get deleted here.

#131451 - 04/03/05 07:17 AM Re: Weird experiences....
Victor Smith Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/01/00
Posts: 3220
Loc: Derry, NH

I'm no longer discussing why, been there done that. When things are plain wrong they'll either be deleted or shut down.

Victor Smith

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