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#131226 - 01/17/05 03:29 PM My first (sadistic) instructor

Reading threads from some forum members about their colorful former instructors, I've often reminised about one of mine. goes: Back in the day (approxmately 1973, I was 18 years old at the time), a friend and I were freshemen in college and decided to join a karate school that had just opened for business. It was a Japanese style (I won't identify the specific style), and the instructor was a brown belt who was preparing to test for his shodan. He looked tough, talked tough and we were prepared to learn from what we thought was one of the best instructors, EVER. It was summer time, and we often trained barefoot in front of the dojo, on the (hot) asphalt parking lot. To learn to flow our ki, we stood in a line and kicked and punched each other as hard as we could, in the gut. All to toughen us up. As white belts, we practiced the standard beginner katas, sparred a little, and began to learn some takedowns and joint locks. Now, when the instructor was promoted to shodan, the real fun began. He'd spar with every student, and seemed to take great pleasure each time he'd knock us on our keister. We were sparring once and got into a clinch, and on the break, he threw a wicked reverse punch and bloodied my nose. He yelled at me to be ready at all times, keep my guard up and "don't you dare bleed on my floor!". OK, it was tough and we were verbally degraded but, never having studied in the martial arts we just thought it was part of the training. Later that summer, the instructor got a part-time job as a bouncer at a local disco (told you this was a long time ago!). He said we could use our school membershp cards to get into the disco free of charge, but we had to act as bouncers in exchange for the free admission. So one Friday night, my friend and I go down there, flash our dojo membership cards and, sure enough, they admit us for free. We're thinking, "This is sweet!". We went to the bar to get a beer and soon there was a commotion about ten feet away, near the dance floor. My friend and I looked at each other with some trepadation, and cautiously made our way toward the noise. There was our tough, fearless instructor, kicking the living crap out of some guy half is size who was too drunk to even stand up. The guy's grilfriend was begging the instructor to stop, that he didn't mean it, that the instructor was hurting him. The shodan kept reigning blows and kicks on the poor guy, laughing and joking with the other bouncers, it was unbelievable. My friend and I went up to the shodan, scared out of our minds, and as respectfully as we could, asked if he thought the drunk had had enough. Mercifully, sensei agreed and we carried the poor guy out of the bar, put him in his girlfriend's car and they left. It seemed that the drunk slammed into the sensei as he was dancing and spilled his drink, then just kept walking (more like staggering) and didn't apologize. Absolutely unforgivable. The next day, shaking in our boots, my friend and I went to the dojo, turned in our gi's and told the sensei we wouldn't be back. He challenged us to fight him, right then and there, but we left. He threatened to kick our a$$ if he ever saw us again, so we made ourselves pretty scarce for about a whole year. I got back into training about 16 years ago, different style, different instructors, and have stayed with it ever since. My former sensei? The guy now gives seminars on the national circuit; I've seen him pictured on some fliers and websites with famous martial artists like Bill (Superfoot) Wallace. Even saw him pictured in a couple of MA magazines. Wonder if he remembers me...?

#131227 - 01/17/05 08:16 PM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

that guy sounds like a total jerk(not sure about the language rules on this forum otherwise i would call him something alot diffrent). have you ever thought about sending him a letter or sending a letter to the organization he is under or trying to contact the magazines that featured him? i guess it might be kind of pointless though, since it was so long ago. anyway it is a very interesting story. thanks for sharing.

#131228 - 01/18/05 01:18 PM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

Good Story Gino. I hope that guy is not still like that.

#131229 - 01/22/05 05:07 PM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

Great story Gino. It is notable that you and your friend were able to recognize this guy's unhealthy attitude at such a young age. At 18 years old many young men would have jumped at a chance to not only use their fighting techniques, but to follow a violent leader who set an example.

Perhaps the former instructor has really learned what martial arts is about as evidenced by the fact that he is now keeping some very distinguished company.

In any case I am very glad that you were able to find instruction elsewhere and did not give up on martial arts. That, and your previous situation, says alot about you as a man.

As always I am enjoying your posts.


#131230 - 01/26/05 03:42 AM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

I think that learning the Martial arts itself ( the combat form ) is not enough to say that you are a martial artist as a title for ones self, the Philosophy and the 'Way' as it is known must also be studied.

I think that this Sensei either had some problems or daemons of his own and could only vent his frustration within what he knew and felt comfortable with, what he knew as 'Martial Arts'.

Its good to hear that you have taken it up again though, Im thinking about starting myself im just not sure which one to do and if i should learn under someone i respect or just take the classes and do as im told and learn the 'art' as its taught.

#131231 - 01/29/05 11:51 PM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

LOL o man that woulda been mad a crazy instructor teaching you karate and bashing you for no reason sounds fun

#131232 - 01/31/05 03:19 AM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

wow, cool story. My Ju-jitsu instructors a bit like that except he doesn't take it as far. We only get that guy once in a blue moon though. He's pretty sick-he was demonstrating a hip throw on a 6 year old kid and threw him REALLY hard about 5 times. The kid was dizzy and just about out of it then he said "Im gonna do that once more 'coz it feels great..." Then he slammed him. He often makes people cry but i try to ignore his abuse. One day honest students will rise and fight these corrupt instructors!!!

#131233 - 03/18/05 02:50 AM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

TO QUIT THAT DOJO (even tho i never been to
any martial art place AHAHA) but even i have
the common sense to leave
this is a message to the stupid guy who post
right before me

#131234 - 03/18/05 06:47 AM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

Several years ago my then 14 year old son took up kung fu, a northern style that I can't even remember. After several months the instructor decided to teach them some ground work. My son came home a showed me some of the things they were doing. I showed him a couple of moves, one of which he used on the instructor the following week causing him to tap out.

The next time the instructor spared with my son he blasted my son with a vicious kick to the solar plexus and laughed. After class I took the gentleman to the side and asked him a simple question. If I can teach a 14 year old kid to take you out with 15 minutes of training, what do you think I can do? I calmly told him that if he ever hit my kid like that again out of spite I would kill him.
My son stayed there for several more months and never had a repeat of the incident. I expected him to get hit/hurt as part of his training but never out of revenge.

#131235 - 03/18/05 05:31 PM Re: My first (sadistic) instructor

Instructors like this give MA a bad name. They put off students who would otherwise have been interested in MA. Punching each other in the gut to condition is kind of stupid if you ask me.

Not all MA have a "way" (denoted by the "do" in their name), but most MA promote self control and respect for others in their teaching. An instructor who lacks these qualities cannot show them to their students. I think it is these qualities which separate MA from fighting systems.

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