About 3 months ago.....

I was a new Red Belt at the time and was doing a move to my partner. She was suppose to come in with a rigde hand to my neck. I am already jumping to fall backwards when her hand gets so close I perpare 4 a real hit.

It comes it as I am saying Ke-yaa (SP?). I cugh instead. In my mind I am thinking, I wont to say ouch but I can't I have to say Ke-yaa. So I yell Ke-yaa and back slap out to the floor This is her only 2nd test and was so sorry that she was saying sorry to even to the jugdes.

At the time I could not figure out why everyone was laughing. Even my Sensei. I thought it was because of her reaction so I just grin look up and say I am okay and bid her to continue and do her finish.

At the end of Testing however was when I found out why everyone was laughing. I said Ke-ouch instead of ke-yaa. My mother told me that I sounded like a cat except I was saying ouch. My mom at first thought I did it on purpose and said that is why everyong laughed. I was somewhat emberessed when I went back, and I passed with flying colors.

Who knows it might of aided me in passing.
Hope it was wroth reading Julayne [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/biggrin.gif[/IMG]