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#131102 - 12/14/04 10:44 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)


my problem with your posts on this forum is that you dont read the posts, you put yourself into this post with out reading anything that was invloved with it and immediately started swearing at people.

as for name calling - well again you have misread and butted into somthing that doesn't involve you - you weren't the person i was communicating with

i made my point 3 times because you seemed to be unable to understand it, i then learned that you were lazy and were posting without understanding what anyone else was talking about - you were on your little crusade to protect streetfighters from the people who were judging them - regardless of wether anyone was actually attacking street fighters

"i didn't revert back to anything," i was reffering to your poor attitude, swearing and lack of basic comprehension in your intial post - wherupon you polished your next post with esoteric terms designed to impress us all - immediately after that post, you "reverted" to your original charming self basic grammar and swearing

as for my "pointless point" and your plea to stop replying to us, well i wont anymore, ive said my piece, tried to help people understand and fought off idiots (im more interested in chatting to people with basic comprehension and reading skills) as i finish though i will pose one question,

have you even got a point to make? at all?

mine are apparently useless - but youve never adressed the post at all, you just started a confrontation and have kept coming back for more

(remember, when you admit on the that you aren't reading the posts, you prove to all the other readers that you have very little credibility)

take care all

#131103 - 12/15/04 12:03 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)

i don't care if it's true or not, it's a cool story nonetheless, and i like underground fighting. it intrigues me. i like streetfighting, too. not to say that i think it's a good thing, i just enjoy fighting on any level. my own saying is "don't start sh*t, but don't take sh*t either". so i don't promote anything. and as far as fighting for money goes, you gotta do what you gotta do. if both fighters have consent than i see no real problem, they know what they're getting into, they don't need other people to determine it's moral importance or legal matters. and as far as true or false goes, i don't think that matters either, like he said, he's just posting what he says really happened. believe it or not it's there, and he wanted to share it as this is the forum for tales and stories. anywho, i was just steamed from seeing other threads all around this board about how bad streetfighting was, and then i read this and i read the top few lines of a post and i just had to type something out and it happened to be this thread. as for my bigger words, i have an extensive vocabulary, but i don't need to use it. i just need to talk at a level everyone knows, it's the point of communication, not to impress people with a knowledge of words, just to get your point across.

#131104 - 12/15/04 08:11 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)

Meanstreak, I really couldn't care less if someone gave me something that in their opinion was an insightful suggestion for improvement, but you just try and act like a smart a$$ but you really arn't that smart. You write these five page responses twice a day (its clear you have no life) in an attempt to piece together an insult. The reason you shouldn't comment on my topics is because personally, I don't like you. This being said, I shouldn't have to hear from your again.

#131105 - 12/15/04 03:55 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)
Kennethpo Offline

Registered: 03/14/04
Posts: 6
Loc: Dallas, TX, USA
GojuR… I think the first thing that should be addressed is the use of the term "streetfight".

What you describe would indeed be pretty brutal, but there are rules to follow. Even if they are as simple as no biting or groin shots. Also, you have the option of tapping out.

The term "streetfight" is generally used in reference to a real fight and this was miles away from a real fight regardless of how rough this competition may be.

I'm not saying this to diminish NHB or MMA competitions, but I just thought it needed to be clarified. Because it's much different to be squaring off with a guy hoping for a victory to earn some cash than it is to be fighting a person or persons because you don't want to die violently and immediately.

I'm not saying that your account is impossible, but surely you can appreciate why some of the facts presented don't seem to add up. If they are true then you could have addressed the doubts instead of attacking Meanstreak.

Here are some reasons you story seems doubtful. If there is a logical response, then give it. If not, then no big deal. This would be a chance for you to shut up the doubters, though. Most of all… If you choose to start insulting me instead of giving a reasonable answer as to why your account is believable then you will have a much harder time finding anyone who will believe you. (Other that your one fan, Steve.) That kind of defense is extremely transparent.

*Since only 23% of Canadians speak French as their first language and 90% of them live in Quebec… I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that English is your first language. If this is the case then why doesn't a 3rd year university student know how to spell the word "know"? I can understand something like "mansion" because it's not a word that you would use as often. Also it could have been a type-o. However, you repeatedly use "no" instead of "know" and it's not like you can really claim that you were abbreviating. Is English your first language? I realize that this doesn't disprove your account, but it puts a dent in your credibility, which is relevant.

*Your profile states you are a truck driver. Are we talking about long haul driving a big rig or are we talking about a local courier route in a pickup truck? Perhaps your profile isn't up to date? I ask because I'm amazed that you would have time to be a student, train extensively in karate and make long hauls at the same time if that's the case. It also raises further questions about the training schedule you went through.

*Just to cover the $4k purse, each spectator would have to dish out $200. That's assuming that the guy hosting the fight wants absolutely no profit for himself. If I was going to dish out that kind of money I would want to see a good fight. You got your butt ripped off and handed to you in a matter of seconds the last time you fought. That doesn't sound like the makings of a good fight... not even for an undercard fight.

If I was going to charge thousands of dollars to a group of people who want to see a fight, then I would be stupid to just expect that some guy that I don't know like the back of my hand won't chicken out, or get lost on his three hour trip to my house. You would need to be proven as trustworthy before I would place my reputation on you. I'm going to have a basement full of pissed off people if you don't show.

If you conveniently forgot to mention that you were just the undercard fight then that would make the admission price even more ridiculous.

*I have a hard time believing that a well trained martial artist would throw a roundhouse kick, miss and then suddenly fall over unless, of course, there was a banana peel involved. Especially a judo practitioner. And again… people are supposed to be paying hundreds per person to watch an obese judoka and you fight?

Meanstreak was pretty polite in his dealings with you, but your rudeness in return makes you look guilty of being full of it. Granted, you weren't as immature as WhyCan'tIBeSteve, but come on…

I have never seen any other posts by anyone on this forum, so I have no reason to take sides other than what I observe. Maybe after spending a little more time on the forums I'll decide that I think Meanstreak is a jerk, too. (Not that I currently do.) But even so, he seems to have a point. You don't seem to. If you were B.S.-ing us then it would be easier for you to save face by admitting it than by continuing as you have.

If you're telling the truth then try giving people a reason to believe you.


P.S. Lifting weights doesn't make you stronger until you let the muscles recover. True story or not… it would be a terrible idea to lift weights the day of your fight. The best you can hope for is that you won't wear yourself out too much.

#131106 - 12/15/04 04:44 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

Kenneth, to begin, I find it insulting that I have to go through this line of questioning just to assure that a group of random people to whome >>ASKED<< me to post an event in my life believe me; that being said, this will be that last response of explination I post in regards to this topic.

To begin, you do not have to show me statistics in order to prove your point, I proudly admit that english is my first language. However, after chatting on the internet for several years I tend to go fast and make a typo every now and then, or, I simply write the shortest version of a word to assure speed, this being because people still get the point and I am not concerned with exact english and the way I would write if I was handing in an exam (think of it as slang, and many could relate).

Also, I'm not a truck driver. I do not believe in giving away very specific information about myself over the internet, but since I am not allowed to register without something writen in that information box, I write whatever.

Finally, the men at my account not only pay at least a $200 cover charge (from what I hear, I never care to ask) but they also place HIGH risk bets. In regards to lifting weights, I did it as a warm up, which has be proven by Carper University to be an effective way of warming up muscles.

As I said before, this will be the last time that I tend to these insults of questions for an event that I was >>>ASKED<<< to post.


#131107 - 12/16/04 03:37 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)
Kennethpo Offline

Registered: 03/14/04
Posts: 6
Loc: Dallas, TX, USA
Well Goju, If you find it insulting then I'm OK with that. You've insulted the intelligence of many people with your posts. By all means, you have the right to post whatever, but that's a 2-way street. Your original post was not >>ASKED<< for, nor was it honest. You >>ASKED<< for advice (not that you really wanted it) about whether or not you should fight and stated that you had no interest in what anyone has to say about other ways to get money. Almost every single response said not to do it, but you did it. Of course, you can make your own decisions, but why ask for advice if you're going to ignore the overwhelming consensus to keep out of the fight. If you did that, though, I guess it would ruin your story. It's obvious that you were asking for advice only as an excuse to post your story.

I don't begrudge someone the right to make a type-o or spelling some words wrong. I'm not suggesting that it makes a person stupid to do so. The idea that this is your way of abbreviation is laughable. You don't abbreviate anything else (other than using contractions), but for some reason I'm supposed to believe that you chose "know" as the one and only word which you must abbreviate every time it comes up? I get the idea of web slang, but that sure doesn't look like it to me.

You know, it's kind of funny, but that occupation spot is blank in my profile. You also could have put "other" or "student". You obviously don't mind letting it be known on the net that you're a student. But you say you had to fill it in, huh? I guess the cosmos is conspiring against you.

As for the cover charge, thanks for helping me prove my point. "At least a $200 cover" along with the HIGH risk bets… and they put all that on the line for a rookie bare-knuckle fighter and some fat guy? OK, Let's pretend that makes sense and move on.
This "Carper University" is going against conventional wisdom if they recommend that you exhaust yourself before competition. You said that you spent 6 hours working out/stretching/etc. before your 3-hour trip to this place. 6 hours sounds like an excessive warm-up. I'd be willing to risk being wrong by saying that isn't smart. By the way, where is Carper University located? For some reason, I can't find any mention of it on the web, but I would like to read the report of their findings on this matter.

Another reason people may have >>>ASKED<<< for info was because your first story was much simpler and much more believable. If this story were a trilogy, I would expect that the next one would involve you walking into an abandoned missile base and having your retina or palm scanned to give you access to the arena located at the bottom of the silo. You just do what you have to do in order to pay for your best friend’s mother to have breast implants. Naturally, your next opponent will be a cyborg gorilla which is highly trained in Jun Fan Gong Fu. While executing the oh-so tricky reverse punch, this guy WILL slip on a banana peel and fall prone before you. You will mount him and beat him senseless. This time, no one stops the fight at all. They tell you that you must finish off the cyborg ape or you will both be killed. He weekly looks into your face with a tear and you decide you can't do it. You help him to his feet and the two of you fight your way through scores of leprechaun ninjas to escape the base and live out your days in a South American jungle. It's not worth a robotic primate's life to earn a quarter of a million dollars, after all.

It would obviously be unreasonable for anyone to question the validity of the story, though.

The fact remains that the questions brought up about your story were valid. Your reaction to them and the fact that you do what you can to avoid answering them pretty much says it all.

I don't care if you respond or not. I don't think you're going to suddenly sway the masses to your way of thinking.

#131108 - 01/01/05 02:42 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)

This story is bull. What kind of idiot trains for 6 hours the day of the fight AND lifts weights the day of the fight? I have fought underground probably around 20 times. I always knew who I was going to fight. I always knew what the purse was (normally would have a set purse and maybe a few side bets). I've never had a fight with over 10 spectators in a private residence, usually for fights that big nobody knows the location until an hour or so before the fight and a fight that large is usually fought in warehouses/out in the boonies. When you start talking about money around $4,000 there will be weight classes, who would pay to see a 6'4 adult man fight a 180 pound boy? I had my first underground fight when I was 16, I was 6'1 and 170 pounds. I wouldn't have fought a 6'4 heavy set man for nothing back then, reason being these are real criminals who came to see sport, if you don't put on a show, they'd rather watch your lifeless body be pulverized than handing over their money after 20 seconds of you being mauled by a much larger man. I don't have any problems talking about my misdoings because 1. I don't do it anymore and 2 it's not like you know who I am. My most recent fight was inside a heavy machinery garage in a gravel quarry. Around 50-60 spectators and 5 fights lined up, the spectators had to park a block away and walk so as not to attract attention. $10,000 purse (from what I understand the biggest one they've given out). I was 18, 6'2 and 180 pounds, my opponent was 24, 6'2 and 200 pounds (a bouncer with extensive Karate experience). I don't remember everything, but what ended it was him grabbing my left shoulder, me swinging my arm around locking his elbow joint, and throwing a heavy right haymaker into his nose. I left with my boss after collecting my money, and he gave me 5 Gs for winning him some money. Do you guys honestly think they would've let that 19 year old boy leave clear and clean with $4,000? I stuck close to my boss because I knew he was cool and wasn't going to let anything happen. He supposedly walked out by himself clean and clear. Hell if he's telling the truth and I had been there I would've robbed him in the parking lot at gun point, I win.

#131109 - 01/03/05 03:59 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)

OH MAN! I'm sorry I didn't read this earlier.
I love youe story about the robotic ape,that's imiginative. I'd believe it before I'd believe GOJUR's fantasy land story.LOL.
P.S. I am offended and ashamed he trains in GOJU.
All American Goju Karate

#131110 - 02/09/05 09:31 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)

i still cant beleive half of you think its bull. Gojur said nothing about whether he was the Only fighter, and he said he had bee training for a very long time. what would have been unrealistic would if he had said the fat guy did a jumping spin kick to his head, he responded with the matrix and then blew the guy up with a kamehamaeha wave from dbz. if you dont want to read what he said than dont slag eachother off. i thought this forum site was set up to help people improve with there ma, not cussing matches

#131111 - 02/12/05 02:07 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

Been reading this thread with great interest and amusement. Don't know the first thing about "fight clubs" (although I did see the movie, twice), but I gotta say that GojuR's story doesn't quite pass the smell test. Beginning his training seriously three weeks before a big fight? A teenager with no street cred fighting for such a big purse? And then, walking away unscathed with $4K from a crowd of crimnals? I just can't see it happening. On the other hand, Nevermiss presents a more realistic position, from what seems to be a first-hand perspective. Although I don't agree with this type of activity, I gotta agree with the others that Goju's story is fabricated. Very entertaining fiction, though.

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