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#131082 - 12/11/04 09:47 AM My Street Fight(2)

Hello all, continueing off of my last report, I'de like to share what I promised I would; that being my second fight in an attempt to win a fair bit of money and thus not be forced to drop out of my third year at university. I no its long, but please be patient and read all. Thanks!
PS: This story won't make any sence unless you've read the last story I've posted.

About three weeks ago, I had informed a man that I new threw my last fight that I had wished to fight again, he agreed and gave me a time, day and location. Three weeks before the fight, I had trained harder then I had ever trained before. I went to eight classes of karate a week, spent one and a half hours weight training five days a week, did a half hour a cardio (skip rope and/or tredmill) per day, 30 minutes of balance training and stretching, even tried some full contact fighting, and ate only the very best of foods, with absolutely NO junk food. On top of all that, every day before I left for work or school, my cousin would come over and we would train for 45-60 minutes on ground work (he happens to be an exceptional judo fighter).
When the time came, I stood at 6'1, and a proud 180 pounds of lean muscle. As I looked in the mirror I had relized how much my training had really paid off. The day of the fight I had spent more then six hours just training, streching, eating regular foods and energy bars, and even did some weights. My cousin was once again the person I chose to be in my corner. We looked at the address, it was a home adress which we found rather surprising. What really got on my nerves was the fact that it took us almost three hours to finally arrive at where the fight was to take place.
Now, on the directions it had said to park our car on the side of the garage, we had thought this was a mistake because what kind of garage was big enough to have a car park across it, but, when we finally found the number that we were looking for, it made perfect sence. The place was a MANTION, with six different doors of garages.
After we parked, we were greeted by a man who seemed very nice. He had explained - once again - some very basic rules and told be, to my surprise, that the paycheque for the winner of this fighter would be somewhere around four-grand!
We walked inside the house, went down stairs and saw some very nice padding placed in the middle of this enormous basement, obviously this is where the fight would take place. However, what I found shocking was the fact the there was maybe twenty people in the audience, and they all sat at some very nicely placed fold-out chair.
The guy I was fighting was sitting and talking with another man. This guy was BIG, about 6'4, and wide, but fat, like a sumo wrestler. He had no shirt on whereas I had my GI pants and a tank top. I had it on very good authority that this man was a judo fighter.
We were told to come into the center of the padding and the same man that greeted me as I came out of my cousin's car met us in the middle of the padded square. He had yelled out our names to all the men watching; there wasn't one women among the viewers. After giving a brief introduction to me and my apponenent, he had left the square and another man (the "ref") had entered. At this point, I felt very low, like I was putting my life on the line in order for another group of men to be entertained. I was nervous, and scared, and wondered if and why I should go through with this fight. The ref then told us to go into opposite corners, and asked if we were ready; we bother answered with a yes. The "ref" then yelled for us to fight.
Although it wasn't as bad as the last time, the viewers still yelled and taunted, but no one threw anything or really went over-boared in any way. I was thinking that I needed to end this quick, and at the same time my heart was beating OUT of my chest, and my hands were very, very sweaty.
My opponent made the first move by swinging his back leg in an attempt to give a low leg roundhouse kick, it had missed and I had charged him. He fell to the ground and tried to get up. I was still standing over top of him as he tried to get up, and with that, before he could get to his feet, I gave a very hard knee to the side of his head. The people viewing screamed and yelled but no one stopped the fight even though he wasn't moving very much. I looked at the "ref" who continued to look at me back and fourth with a look on his face that questioned why I wasn't still fighting. Even this man's corner wasn't stopping the fight.
With this, I ran over top and gave two stiff punches to this man's head. The ref then ran inbetween us and this man's corner now ran in and aided my opponent.
He was ok, just a little dizzy. I shook his hand, wished him the best of luck, and headed for the car. As I walked, I was given the amount of $4005.00! I was also given a name and phone number in case I had ever decided to fight again, but I don't think I'll EVER be needing that information. In regards to this type of fighting, consider me retired.
Thanks all for your previous advice!

#131083 - 12/11/04 11:58 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)

Where was this? Good job. I have a question about the purse, did you front some money? Or do they just give four thousand to anyone who steps up?

#131084 - 12/11/04 02:18 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

wise up guys,

illegal fighting?
illegal betting?

held at someones home adress? a mansion?

a blow by blow account of an illegal nhb match?

all told on a public forum?


i wouldn't think that anyone who actually participated in somthing like this would set it out on the net, this kid is a polite version of a troll, telling a false story and seeing who bites.

his first story was when he was 17, for one point no-one would put this trust in a 17 year old to keep quiet 2ndly it wouldn't be very interesting seeing a 17 year old fight, he wouln't have the musculature, savagery or fighting experience to make seeing him fight worth everyones time and risk for being involoved in this activity.

(with the timeline he'd probably be 19 now for this 2nd fight - still not worth it)

he mentions numbers such as 50 or more spectators, thats pretty big time, and as a result they would want their entertainment to be big as well.

to get involved with this GojuR would need to be involved with organised crime figures, any person who is actually involved with organised crime doesn't talk to people about it, at all in any circumstances, they dont feel the need to brag, they dont need advice from strangers over the net (if he was in any way unprepared - as he claimed to be he wouldn't be considered at all for this) and they dont feel the risk is worth doing any of these.

the sort of person that would be picked for this sort of thing would be older, most likely a bouncer or criminal, someone who had a proven record in causing pain, keeping his mouth shut and so forth.

if its true GojuR my apologies, but there are too many holes in your tale to take it seriously

better luck with your next story, i think somthing with robots in it would be good reading next time, cant be trapped in one area of fiction.

#131085 - 12/11/04 05:18 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

Meanstreak, I agree, it does sound really fishy. I'd like to think people have better things to do than make up storys for a few people on the internet that they'll never meet, but I dont know anymore. I find it hard to believe that you didnt know who you were fighting before you got there, and that they just give away 4 thousand to people they dont know, and to someone who fronts no money.

#131086 - 12/11/04 05:57 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)
Victor Smith Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/01/00
Posts: 3220
Loc: Derry, NH
But folks, the story has a happy ending, at least for the storyteller.

So it becomes urban legend, oral history, another tale to be kept for dimming campfires everywhere,

Victor Smith
bushi no te isshinryu

#131087 - 12/11/04 11:58 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

seriously **** off with the moral **** , "no underground fighting shmeh shmeh shmeh" blow it out your asses, if people need money they should do whatever they can, i've been in plenty of street fights, it's not stupid. there's more to it then "he said she said", it's about honor just the same as in the dojo, someone disrespects me for what i feel is disrespect i'm gonna set things straight, not saying i'll go in punching. but if they wanna keep it up and i feel disrespected, i'll hit someone. yea fighting like that is illegal, so what?

you guys wanna get all high and mighty with your dojotastic views and looking down on "street thugs" and whathaveyou. that's sad, really sad and makes you look like pompous, arrogant sob's. yea there are a lot of dumb people, but if someone's gotta do what they gotta do that's how they live, deal with it, that's life, you're not gonna change anything so shut up

#131088 - 12/12/04 03:41 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)


now in future if you want to sit at the big persons table and talk with them you really should read the posts, stop and think.

neither my post, nor the following posts by other members spoke against nhb or cage fighting. we didn't talk down against "street thugs"

ill try to write this so you can understand this better than my first post, but unlike yourself i don't normally use only 4 letter words

what we said was that we disbelived GojuR's post,

what he described was highly illegal (i dont care about the fact it was illegal) and set up in a professional way.

professional criminals aren't interested in 17-19 year olds fighting, they are interested in a good show and gambling.

they aren't interested in someone who is unprepared for a match, or someone who would tell all on a public medium. they are professionals and as a result deal with other professionals.

"that's sad, really sad and makes you look like pompous, arrogant sob's."

are you aware that misunderstanding the posts in such a major way, insulting members and one of the moderators makes you look like an infant?

why are you going on about honour? "but if they wanna keep it up and i feel disrespected, i'll hit someone."

is this some sort of threat? its weak if it is.

GojuR wasnt talking about honour, his "story" was about being short of money and triumphing all odds to keep in school.

good luck with basic comprehension, hope to see you at the adults table somtime

#131089 - 12/12/04 05:39 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

eh, au contrare ol' chum that post was more so an attack on every thread involving street fighters, i just decided to post it here because it involved one. And no i wasn't threatening anyone online, lol, that is weak. i was just stating in general that i don't like people instigating situations involving unjocose methods of socialization to belittle me or one of my colleagues without proper reasoning that detriments and hampers our ability to enjoy ourselves and ameliorating our moods, and uh oh i'm using more than 4 letter words....sorry.

#131090 - 12/13/04 05:15 AM Re: My Street Fight(2)


"eh, au contrare ol' chum that post was more so an attack on every thread involving street fighters,"

no, it wasn't,
my quote
"neither my post, nor the following posts by other members spoke against nhb or cage fighting. we didn't talk down against "street thugs"

"what we said was that we disbelived GojuR's post, " for a number of reasons.

"they aren't interested in someone who is unprepared for a match, or someone who would tell all on a public medium. they are professionals and as a result deal with other professionals."

i maintain that i believe that GojuR is telling a fantasy story - if you mistakenly think that this is an attack on street fighters - well then that is your failure in comprehension, the other posters who have responded in this forum have managed to understand it, why can't you? ive written the same post twice before, with this post repeating my points yet again. - i wont do it again because its getting quite old.

"and uh oh i'm using more than 4 letter words....sorry."

thats nice, good to see you have advanced beyond an opening line of

"seriously **** off with the moral **** , "no underground fighting shmeh shmeh shmeh" blow it out your asses,"

i hope you will be able to keep it up, however if you continue to misread/misunderstand posts and get emotional, all the time you spent huddled over your family's dictionary and thesarus will only be a waste.

#131091 - 12/13/04 03:24 PM Re: My Street Fight(2)

oh hey what's up, **** off, and uh, yea i did misunderstand for a bit, but i did post this cause of all the other threads where people talk down about street fighting. Yea i didn't read all the posts anyways, so you can shut up about your points, i don't really care about those, i don't care that you disbelieve him, i'm talkin about something different and i should've posted in another thread so quit talkin out yer ass, later.

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