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#130916 - 11/01/04 02:36 PM my MA journey.

Seeing as how most of the stories on this board are about some tremendous fight that changed thier life... I decided to change it up a bit and post how I got started in MA. Being a student for approximately six months, I look to anyone with MA experiance and try to draw from them. So, here is my story.

Ever since I was younger (probably about 6 or 7 I'd say) I saw a Jackie Chan movie or the Karate Kid or something, and thought, "I want to be able to do that." However, my mother was an overbearing one. Not allowed to play any "contact" sports, MA was certainly a no-no. So my dreams of wanting to take it up were pretty much crushed from the start. When I turned 18, my friend told me how she has been taking Shaolin-do for about 6 months and wanted me to come check it out. Due to my schedual at the time, it proved impossible to get to a class (taking college courses, not to mention the lack of money associated with college and unthrifty spending). About a year later, I took a semester off from school due to a much needed break. During this time off, I stopped in the class. On the first day I went, the instructor was gone (had to go to his daughter's graduation) so one of the highest ranked students taught for the day. I did some basic punch and kick combos and often find my eyes wandering to see what the other students were doing. It is really interesting to see chain whips whipping through the air, drunken spear forms, and pa qua. The following week, I was allowed to spar. Dan. A second degree black belt was my first opposition. (they make the newbies spar the black belts the first couple weeks that way the new students can get a grasp for the rules without in-advertantly hurting someone.) There stands Dan. Not a man, but a beast. Before I climb in, my friend tells me a quote from The Last Samuri. "Too many mind. Mind the sword, mind the people watching. Too many mind." I am standing before someone that looks like they could tear me from limb to limb, and eat me for dinner, raw. Despite his intimidating appearance, I found he is actually nice. Not only did he let me hit him a few times,(him letting me is the only way I would get an attack in edgewise) but he would tell me that I was leaving an opening, (and then proceeded to kick it.) I was hooked. for the following two weeks, I was searching for any and all information I could get. I rented more kung fu movies during that time than I care to count. I am pretty confident that I've seen every jet li movie ever made(jet being my favorite). And six months later, I am just as enthused(spelling?) as the first day I started. I even found myself scheduling college courses around kung fu. I know I have a lot to learn, and many experiances still to be had, and to tell the truth, I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to the time when I can do pa qua, and chain whip, and drunken forms. But until I can, I just want to be the best that I can, and learn as much as my brain will allow.

Hopefully you find my MA journy enjoyable, and if not, I appologize for wasting your time.

#130917 - 12/07/04 11:45 PM Re: my MA journey.

You posted this on 11-1-2004 and no one has commented; it is a shame really. You are right, people wants to hear 'life-changing' stories, not how wide-eyed you were in seeing those chin whips etc.

I am sure your story means a lot to you. Me, I saw chain whips etc. 40 or more years ago, can't even remember.

You said "Hopefully you find my MA journey enjoyable..." Sorry to correct you, but it should have been "Hopefully you find the BEGINNING of my MA journey enjoyable..." In fact that is still not correct, because you BEGIN only when you have learnt the chain whips, pa gua, drunken forms etc.; sorry, it is still not correct, you BEGIN only after you have mastered the chain whips, pa gua, drunken forms etc. You BEGIN your martial arts journey only after you BECOME a martial artist; something a lot of people equate with a couple of years of this and a few months of that. Put another way, you begin your journey as a mother only after you have given birth. Its the raising of the child that makes one a mother.

So I've not began yet. Welcome to the journey!

[This message has been edited by ButterflyPalm (edited 12-08-2004).]

[This message has been edited by ButterflyPalm (edited 12-08-2004).]

#130918 - 12/12/04 03:03 PM Re: my MA journey.

Boy, Butterfly, did you miss the message! This was a life changing event for coxne. Probably your introduction to martial arts was a life changing event as well. We all begin as soon as we walk in the door. And we begin again each day after that.

Coxne, I did enjoy your story. It also showed that you are far more the martial artist than the braggarts that feel that only if they "win" a fight are they true martial artists. I hope they take the advantage to learn from you.

#130919 - 12/13/04 09:05 PM Re: my MA journey.

I agree with everyone thus far. You have the makings yo be great. All the more power to ya!! [IMG][/IMG] Keep us posted when you reach the weapons, K?

Julayne [IMG][/IMG]

#130920 - 12/14/04 02:39 AM Re: my MA journey.

Coxne / no1uknow.

I am sure no1uknow is right. I am sure you will never be put off by the mumblings of an oldman.

My post was just to put another perspective to what a 'MA journey' means to someone who 'started' the journey so long ago and still have no idea how far more there is to go, if there is a 'journey's end' at all.

At my age, I of course am going for the 'softer' styles; the start of another 'journey'

As no1uknow puts it, walking into another door.

#130921 - 12/14/04 07:03 AM Re: my MA journey.

My appologies. This is the beginning of my martial arts journey, every journey begins with a single step. I would hope that when I am an experianced martial artist that I can remember my first step, and be interested in hearing about others. Despite being in a martial art for less than a year, I know there are more important things than trophies and how many fights a person has won. Control, respect, and honor to name a few. I've learned just because you know how to fight, doesn't mean you should, and there are ways out of every situation. I have learned that the belts before black are like kindergarden classes, and that black is like first grade. The journey does not end there, just another door that one must open to continue on. I've learned that I will never stop learning. I hope that when I am an experianced martial artist that my students are as enthused to learn as I am now. I hope that I can help them in the beginning of thier journey as the experianced artists help me now. I hope that I can listen to thier story with an open mind. Mostly, I hope that they can teach me something along the way.


#130922 - 12/14/04 08:09 PM Re: my MA journey.


Its good to see someone starting with an 'empty' cup. You see lots of people with 'full' cups all over the place here. They seem to get the idea that having a 'good' argument and 'winning' it, whether with the Moderators or another member, is the only way to learn anything.

In one of the threads, a member, after asking what are some of the most devastating moves in MA and after getting some sound advise from a moderator, said "Thank you very much for your advise, Sir" (or words to that effect) I commented that that piece of simple appreciation is the 'most devastating move' in MA; because you get to learn more devastating moves!

The moderators and other members are giving up their time, energy and above all experience, hoping to sincerely pass something useful on to other martial artists. You have no idea how lucky you guys are with this kind of forums where you have access to martial artists and their priceless store of knowledge and experience from around the world. During my time when I first started, I only had my master and no body else. Within the culture I grew up in, talking about MA with people you are not familiar with was impossible; you are always viewed with suspicion; because having some secret techniques or training methods means having an advantage whether in a fight or getting some commercial benefit.

So take a look at all the Moderators and members here. Most have 20-25 years of MA behind them and realize, to their surprise, that they still have things to learn.

The day you stop learning is the day you pack up and go to the great dojo in the sky. What you find there may be even more terrifying than anything you find here.

I've posted some basic training methods which are good foundation training for beginners; you can find most of them in the self-defence/street fighting, martial arts talk, threads.

Keep us posted of your JOURNEY.

[This message has been edited by ButterflyPalm (edited 12-14-2004).]


Moderator:  Ames, Cord, MattJ, McSensei, Reiki 

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