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#130879 - 10/26/04 12:18 PM Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor
schanne Offline
breaks things

Registered: 02/18/04
Posts: 4370
Loc: Woodbury NJ
Are you a girl?

Oh this flood control thing is way out of control!!!!

#130880 - 10/26/04 12:27 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor


Sorry to hear about your injury.

I did muay thai for about six months and the conditioning can be harsh. What kind of foot/ankle condition do you have?

Most of the hard contact kicking in muay thai is done with a reconditioned shin bone. If you are hurting your foot/ankle while contacting with the bag, thai pads, or another person, the problem could be your technique. If it hurts to push off of your foot to get momentum to initiate a kick, then problem is most likely not going to go away while continuing muay thai. If your gym has other exercises, such as swimming perhaps you could rehab your foot for a month or two before going back to muay thai. The conditioning required to harden the tissues surrounding the shins in muay thai can be quite painful which is why your instructor may think you are faking it. Perhaps he is not the most understanding individual in the world and teaches the only way he knows how.

All blabbering aside, my reccomendation is:
1) take a few days off to rehab the muscle
2)arrange a one on one for a session where you can work on your technique with him (sometimes slightly incoorect movements can be cause great muscle aggrevation - i had the same problem with my knees in muay thai until i realized i wasnt kicking right!)
3) If you still have this pain after lightly practicing your new and improved technique, chances are you will need a longer healing session of a couple months or more.

i'm not a doctor, and this only my opinion, but i hope it helps.


#130881 - 10/26/04 12:59 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor

Yes, I'm a girl.

Half the class is cardio; jumping jacks, hammers, running in place, alot of impact on the ankles. As for kicking and such, I am using proper technique, i.e shin contact not foot. However, it is necessary to pivot
on the ball of the foot to kick properly- or at least that's what I've learned. The class is difficult- there is no introduction offered and I was thrown into this from day one. I'm not complaining- I love it! It's the instructor who has a problem. It is not possible to train with him one on one. He only trains girls he has a chance of scoring with and I shot him down from the beginning- I think that's his problem with me. What now?

#130882 - 10/26/04 01:06 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor
1st Round KO Offline

Registered: 06/11/04
Posts: 1497
Loc: New York City, USA
i can understand to a degree where the instructor is coming from; muay thai can not be fully appreciated and its techniques learned while wearing shoes.

however, this guy sounds like an a$$ and you should talk to the ajhan/ head instructor. i would be very surprised if your ajhan or kru acted in this way.

anyone who truly loves muay thai, as an instructor should, would appreciate any and all students even someone like youself who is doing it for fitness, and they would not be verbally abusing you.

if this clown is your kru then you should ask for your money back and leave, if possible.


why on earth does he feel entitled to a DRs note??? sounds like you have a lawsuit on your could sue this clown for professional misconduct / tort infringement of the professional relationship between a client (you) and a paid professional (him).

#130883 - 10/26/04 01:15 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor

1st Round KO.
Thank You.

Please tell me more... any advice is appreciated.

By the way, this fool is not only the head instructor but the owner.

#130884 - 10/26/04 01:21 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor
1st Round KO Offline

Registered: 06/11/04
Posts: 1497
Loc: New York City, USA
i dont want to get into too much detail but technically, as your instructor, he has a fiduciary duty to maintain a level of professional conduct within the context of the services you are paying him for.
if he is hitting on students and asking for unwarranted information like doctors notes then he could be found in violation of his fiduciary duty and thus you have a tort case on your hands and you could sue him for the cost of your membership plus punitive damages. it also sounds like you could have him charged for sexual harrassment.

if he is the owner then i would leave bc he sounds like an idiot. is he an actual ajhan or just some fool who took muay thai for a few years and opened a gym ???

#130885 - 10/26/04 03:13 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor
senseilou Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 10/14/02
Posts: 2082
Loc: Glendale, Az.
Leave!!! Bottom line is that he isn't going to change, so you are going to have to adapt to his way, or leave. Whatever you paid in terms of dues, is the amount that its cost you to see what he was like and what you were getting into before you pay again. Chances are you are not going to stay after your dues are up, so cut your losses now and just leave. If nothing else, aside from learning, defending oneself, exercise etc, training needs to be enjoyable, something you love and is an intregal part of your like. You don't need a Instructor who does not have your best interest at heart and wants to help you achieve your goals. My opinion, cut your loses, find someone who cares!

#130886 - 10/26/04 08:12 PM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor
Victor Smith Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/01/00
Posts: 3220
Loc: Derry, NH
I agree with Senseilou,

Leave, being pushed in training is one thing, being abused by the instructor is totally wrong. Staying there is only allowing him to control you.

First write off what you've paid as a bad investment. Second contact a lawyer, not a chat group, and seek competent legal advice about the legality of the contract and whether you have redress to have your payment returned. Whether you do or don't depends on the lawyer, how vigerorously they pursue the case and the amount of money involved.

When an instructor proves they're an idiot, the only right answer is to do something else.

Take care of yourself first.

I wish you success,

Victor Smith
bushi no te isshinryu

#130887 - 10/27/04 07:25 AM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor
still wadowoman Offline
Improved beefier techno-prat

Registered: 04/10/04
Posts: 3420
Loc: Residence:UK- Heart:Md, USA
I concur with Senseilou and Mr Smith, LEAVE.

If you have lost the money, put it down it bad experience, if you can get it back then it's a bonus.

I am sorry you have had this bad experience, I hope you find a good instrucor soon.

If you post yourlocation (not exact address, obviously), someone here may be able to reccomend someone.

#130888 - 10/27/04 07:37 AM Re: Re: Need Advice RE: Bully Instructor

my earlier advice was based on your saying you wanted to stay at that gym....

but after reading your post in another section of the forum, and your additional reporting about the harrasment, i agree with the others. LEAVE. If you think you have a legitimate legal case, it may be worth trying to get your money back. If you think that would have reprocussions outside of this man's gym, i would just cut your losses and chalk it up to a learning experience. There are plenty of places you can get good instruction without being subject to unethical behavior.


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