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#130868 - 11/05/04 10:50 PM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....


I'm sorry, but I doubt you've seen a whole lot to make you emotionally the age of 16. I doubt that very seriously.

#130869 - 11/06/04 12:22 AM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

I didnt mean it like that. I didnt say I dealt with violence untill I was 16 years old. I said I dealt with it almost daily for 16 years of my life and am still dealing with it, that may not seem that long actually it isnt but that is alot to go through constantly with no end. to put it plainly I've seen more violence in a month then most people with the exception of cops bouncers and such who deal with it as a job, have seen in a lifetime.They get paid though, seeing violence constantly as well as being a victim of it and someone who was stupid enough to cause it; changes a person. I fortunatly left most of that part of my life behind and managed to move on,or try to atleast, but that emotional side of me was almost completly destroyed as a result. I'm sure their are people who dealt with more. I'm just telling the effect it has had on me. I tell people to avoid violence mainly so they dont end up like me. I've lost alot of those emotions compassion and remorse are almost dead in me. if you were to meet me you would see the effect of it instantly,people can see it in others as plain as day. It makes you cold, if you dont believe me that fine, if you believe me thats fine to,it doesnt change the facts.

#130870 - 11/06/04 02:00 PM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

Ah, it sounded to me like another 16 year-old suffering poet exaggerating his teenage angst. My apologies, please forgive my skepticism. Life hasn't made me "numb" yet, but it sure has made me cynical.

#130871 - 11/06/04 03:21 PM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

Yes,sadly when I see a teenager begin to go down that road it almost kills me because I know what the are in for. The ones who are concerned with becoming a expert streetfighter, or defeating as many as they can. I unfortunatly didnt have a choice in the matter. I really hope that most people turn around and try to avoid at all costs. for those of you reading these posts in hopes of becoming a expert streetfighter there is no such thing. The only result of this quest will be death, or alot of pain,trust me when I say you dont want to go there it will destroy your life.

#130872 - 11/06/04 07:25 PM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

No .. you don't quite understand the meaning of suffering yet. After you realise you've just put someone through incredible pain you do feel remorse. No matter how dead you are. I couldn't forgive myself for a long time after that. And if your telling me you've seen and or heard someones bones shatter without remorse your very poetically inclined. I'm not hugely emotional. But I'm also not completely cold. The look in the eyes of a man who has just aquired a level of pain that could not be explained is something a little different to beating your best mate up a bit and helping him back onto his feet.

#130873 - 11/06/04 09:31 PM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

No. you dont quite understand. I have had both my bones and have broken other peoples. I'm dead serious when I say I dont feel a damn thing and wouldnt feel a damn thing if ten secounds later they were choking to death in their own blood. I'm the type of person whos emotions(the ones still there) shut off completely in a violent situation I'm not talking about a fight with a friend or the local punk I'm talking about people who were as violent as me that didnt want me to walk away(catch my drift). simplely put I'm not there to win a fight I'm there to survive if I have to kill my attacker, oh well I could care less. Their life to me is meaningless, I could show them sympathy but is it were reversed they wouldnt. I may seem like a violent person I was and if nessasary can become so at any moment. I'm not lying when I say I am ice cold to people. you may not be emotional but like you said your not cold. I am. Simply put they dont want that level of pain or worse, then they shouldnt start $h!t they cant handle. Actually I like the sound of my attackers bones cracking and try to break bones if I can its more effective then most tactics.

[This message has been edited by AgenT (edited 11-07-2004).]

#130874 - 12/22/04 03:37 AM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

I truely feel sorry for u agent if u went through what I think u went through. I am glad though that u still have a small part of u that feels. Their is still hope 4 u to forget and move on.

Take Care of yourself man. Julayne

#130875 - 12/22/04 09:25 AM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....
schanne Offline
breaks things

Registered: 02/18/04
Posts: 4370
Loc: Woodbury NJ
Sounds like your consumed with rage & revenge, understandable but your mind has become unbalanced. Now that you have the advantage through all your training is it right to beat him like he did you......if so now you have become know better than him.

#130876 - 01/26/05 03:05 PM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

Thank you foolsgold for that little bit of sanity.

People that go on like that really get on my nerves. Chances are agent, you're a white, middle class mummy's boy trying to get people to believe your emotional (or emotionless depending on who you believe) sob story about how you love the sound of bones cracking from all the violence you've seen in your short, worthless life. Are you sure you don't just watch a lot of TV? "I know real pain because I can watch MTV"

Unless of course everything you say is true, in which case there's no point trying to say that you're not a sociopath because quite obviously (to anyone with half a brain) you really, really are. I suggest you seek help - preferably from a euthanasia clinic that will help rid you from the gene pool, thus preventing gormless idiots like you from ever having any say in life. If not then with a bit of luck you'll grow up to be a friendless recluse that lives in a cave alone.

(nearly finished)

"I have had both my bones and have broken other peoples." First off that makes no sense and secondly, with the "both" are you insinuating that you only have two bones? If so I suggest that you take a good, long, hard look at your body. You should notice many different limbs and extremities, and that most of them are solid and able to move independently of eachother. These are bones and before you ask, no, the penis is not a bone.

With that somewhat crude comment, I end my rant. Enjoy.

[This message has been edited by Demigod (edited 01-26-2005).]

#130877 - 01/27/05 01:48 AM Re: ever had a fight that changed you? I did....

Interesting rant,pointless, yet rather interesting. BTW yes at one point in my life I was diagnosed with extreme anti social disorder aka sociopathic personality, and PTSD and did get therapy which was a worthless waste of time. Friends in my experiance were backstabbers waiting for a opportunity, it wasnt if they'd turn on you its when. I dont need them, dont have to have them I'm fine by myself, they leave me the **** alone and dont hassle me, and I'll leave them the **** alone and we'll get along fine. If someone wants to rid me from the gene pool then by all means let them try, I could use target practice. Also I rarely watch tv and know plenty about the skeletol system of the body. As I said before if people believe me thats fine if they dont thats fine. One last thing I find sympathy rather pointless I never asked sympathy from posters and dont need it.

[This message has been edited by AgenT (edited 01-27-2005).]

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