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#130781 - 12/08/04 09:31 AM Re: My Street Fight

Thanks all for your advice. Ive been training VERY hard lately. I've done PLENTY of sparring, but lately, I've even tried a couple of lessons of full contact, where we can hit to the head, let it goto the ground, and just have an all out fight. I'm ready to fight, and I hope to win without injury, I'll post a new topic on the 10th to allow everyone to hear the good or bad news. Thanks again!

#130782 - 12/08/04 10:10 AM Re: My Street Fight

well it looks like you are intent on winning using Go ju ru style, I myself am a bit familiar with that style and I'm sure that at some point you've learned some sort of throw or joint lock, or at least various parries that would help, since there's not a lot (if any) ground techniques within that style I'd suggest using distance as a weapon, and parrying and counter attacking. you've seen those UFC fights so you should have some idea as to what strikes are most effective, such as kicks to the thigh and or knee which are practiced in just about all traditional karate style. I wish you the best of luck and hope you will keep us posted of the results of your fights

#130783 - 01/01/05 02:31 AM Re: My Street Fight

one must admire your determination. you lost badly the last time you went into this competition but you still wish to fight. Im sure regardless what your sensai has said to you that he is deep down proud of you too.

You have to remember the main reason why these eastern styles of fighting were developed was to... fight. Anyone can train in a style and say that they are a true martial artist but GojuR is taking it one step further and doing what many are too afraid to do.

although i do not condone any illegal fighting i am wishing you the best of luck in surviving your fight and hopefully you can make a few bucks on the side. [IMG][/IMG]

#130784 - 01/02/05 04:03 PM Re: My Street Fight

Drop out mate, its the easiest and prolly the best thing you can do. If its not meant to be then it isnt. But maybe, just maybe, you are trying too hard and I think that you, like me, are pushed by your parents and you expect that you have to finish college to prove something.

Been there, done that, got the badge. Fighting, drugs or suicide are not the ways to go. Yea I could go out and streetfight but why should I. You end up being completely screwed up and for what. Mohammed Ali anybody?! Gees, man, doing drugs is less dangerous.

I would take time out. Its a new year, time for a change. If you are stressed out and your family are quite poor (which from what it sounds, sounds like my situation was too) then take 6 months out. It will give you time to sort your problems out and have a think about the direction you are going.

I am sure that your college course can be done part time, and there are other routes to get where you wanna go.

Hope it works out for ya pal.

Best Wishes


#130785 - 01/12/05 11:51 PM Re: My Street Fight

Seems like you need a different perspective. Here is my point of view. I have been doing TKD fro about 5 years and am two gradings off my black belt. Part of our traingin is to NEVER involve yourself in a fight unless you absolutaley have to. This would include organised street fights, which in my point of view are petty and degrade martial arts to their lowest point.

As for your financial situation, mabey you should give up Karate for a while. An education is a much greater tool than a black belt in martial arts. Thankfully I have had the privellage to have supporting parents who were willing to aid me financialy throughout highschool and Uni. But getting your face kicked in for a few bucks does not sound like a rational decission. You can always start martial arts up again later.

#130786 - 01/27/05 12:20 AM Re: My Street Fight

all im saying is that if your getting grabbed by a tae kwon do guy and your losing to that then you need some serious work, if your even letting your opponent enter on you without letting your mind purely flow and letting your body do the same then you should not continue this. you seem like you are very proud and have something to prove. Well so are these other kids that fight ufc. im aware that you want to be a champion, but everyone is the novice at sometime in their life. also i believe in natural talent, which i have no idea if you have or not, but some people are warriors and some just arent. you do not sound like you are prepared enough for this, and just because you have watched every ufc doesnt mean your a ufc fighter. what's better losing the money and having your a$$ beat, or just saving yourself the cash and trying to find some way of student loans or something. use your wits instead of your pride.

#130787 - 02/05/05 08:33 AM Re: My Street Fight

Well, will the reward for winning be enough to cover bare knuckle boxing? You do know thats the REAL kind, where you break faces and get yours broken in return... but hey, I'm working and going to school. Feel you on the $ issue.

- Op. Skinny Ninja

#130788 - 02/07/05 07:17 PM Re: My Street Fight

Why don't you write a script about your situation? It sounds like an interesting story and you know all the moves to put in the fight scenes of the script. Minimum wage for a script is US $96,000 in the states, if you can get it sold.

#130789 - 02/14/05 06:43 PM Re: My Street Fight

Wow, that's the best idea I have heared, that would be a very interesting script, if made right. If you decide to fight good luck.

#130790 - 02/17/05 03:18 PM Re: My Street Fight

Yeah it would make a strange Rocky kind of flick.

I think that If you can trust someone to throw in the towel when needed, and there are enough rules to keep you relatively safe you should perhaps consider it. Foolish as it is you seem to be fighting for the right to education, which I guess, is something really worth fighting for.

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