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#130771 - 10/31/04 05:12 PM Re: My Street Fight
gojuwarrior1 Offline
tougher than you

Registered: 12/24/02
Posts: 1178
Loc: East Coast, USA
warrior_james,goju is not gear'd towards point fighting,it is a full contact style. GojuR,only you can make the dicision to fight or drop out.What is your first thought to do?......then that is the right thing to do,do not let anyone tell you different.If you will fight,trust youre training and do not think of winning,rather think that you do not have to lose...hmm,that sounds familure?

#130772 - 10/31/04 08:08 PM Re: My Street Fight

No offense, but if you had any training at all you'd knock his hand away first. I've been in countless street fights and I've never let anyone grab me as a first move. You need more training or sparring practice.

#130773 - 11/01/04 04:48 PM Re: My Street Fight
Isshinryukid4life Offline
Professional Injury causer

Registered: 12/07/03
Posts: 2455
Loc: Knoxville.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by WhyCantIbeSteve:
No offense, but if you had any training at all you'd knock his hand away first. I've been in countless street fights and I've never let anyone grab me as a first move. You need more training or sparring practice.[/QUOTE]


#130774 - 11/08/04 04:23 PM Re: My Street Fight

Can't you take one semester of to work?

Thank God I live in a country where you don't have to pay to get into College.

Best of luck!

#130775 - 11/09/04 03:04 PM Re: My Street Fight

I see your are from Winnipeg, MB. Hello fellow Manitobian. I was born in Brandon and have many friends in Winnipeg so I know my way around somewhat. Currently living in Alberta.

I don't think it is a good idea to fight and I don't think your instructor would approve of it either, if he/she is reputable. $2000 to the winner ... doesn't matter who wins a fight, win or loose you are going to hurt. Thank god Canada's Health Care is good ... you'll probably need it.

Dropping out of school is not so bad of an idea. If you are worried about not going back then how important is it really? They always say a good education is important but I know too many people that do have a good education and are doing something else that has nothing related with their training.

Weigh out all of your options carefully. Write them down and leave it alone for a while and come back to it when your mind is clearer. Maybe you will see things differently. If not, and you still decide to fight, kick ass and take no prisoners. Good luck in your decision.

Quote from Man On Fire: "You are either trained or untrained. Which are you?"

#130776 - 11/11/04 09:37 AM Re: My Street Fight

I refuse to drop out; Ive seen it too many times where people say that their going to drop out for a month, maybe two, or a year, and somehow never manage to getting around to going back to school. I WILL fight, and will win. Ive tried every single other possible option. Sounds stupid, I no, but last time was about as bad as it gets, and I'm willing to take that risk again for a good chance at gaining about 2000, maybe more. Ps: Nobody has ever died from doing this, at MOST, knocked out or maybe something got broken.

#130777 - 11/18/04 09:41 PM Re: My Street Fight

Heh. Well if you are not droping out I would like to know how your fight ends up. Be sure to post weather you win or lose.

#130778 - 11/30/04 04:36 PM Re: My Street Fight

Read this and take my advice it will help .Good luck man,take advice if you want to fight for money join ufc.Its a legal martial arts organation that consists of boxing,wrestling,karate,jujitsu,jeetkundo and ect......
Karate experts are good fighters especailly on feet.But that is the problem right there.They are great on feet but when you are tooken to the ground your history.I think you should join jujitsu it is a art made up of punching kicking grappling and submission.In jujitsu you cant go wrong in no holds barred you have advantage standing up fighting and on ground.Jujitsu fighters have the advantage when they are on bottom.YOu say your a brown belt right?Try giving youth karate lessons.Good luck wit the fight.Kep your distance keep giving strikes to wear him down.

#130779 - 12/02/04 08:23 PM Re: My Street Fight

JJkid, I respect your advice, and thank you. I no all about UFC, I've seen EVERY one, and every one that goes by I get more ashamed. One happend was, they ran out of champions, and started picking regular people. Also, they went national and had a bunch of stuck-up snobs that no nothing about the MA's make up needless rules and time limits that have fighters fighting against the rules instead of each other. Also, I have noticed that those who have fifty "black belts" in fifty different styles don't no one of those styles well enough to use in a fight. It takes a life time to scratch the surface of ONE art, what are the chances of "mastering" two, or three, or with some idiots, four or five or six or seven. I commit myself to ONE style. I enjoy being an master of one, instead of a knower of everything and master of nothing. Ps: I do some privates, but it takes away time that I could be spending at work, so it's kind of a wash.

#130780 - 12/07/04 12:12 PM Re: My Street Fight

id suggest looking for a job as a bouncer or a glorified security guard, but judging from your size and that last fight, i dont know if youll have much luck.

if i were in your place id fight. education is quite important to me, much more so than a few bruises. The fight may be illegal, but its far from as dangerous as it could be, the people sound like they have brains, and the fact that you can tap out or have a towel thrown in for you says it all.

do what you need to do, but i say schedule that fight as late as possible and get some sound training in. and SPAR, you seemed to have panicked, and you need to practice being in similar situations so you dont lock up so quick. did you not know what to do with him holding you? or you just froze. with my art, id love for someone to be foolish enough to touch me. practice combinations. with several moves in succession (spar with them to make sure they are practical) and drill these into your head. Ive found that for an inexperience fighter, just a few combinations are enough to win a fight. dont hesitate, and dont stop until the fight is called off. have fun

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